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Episode 5 Review: Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

Dear production, broadcast network, director, screenwriter, actresses, actors, staff and unforgiving ahjussi in the portrait,

bscap0002having watched the fifth episode i feel threatened. It was a crime against humanity, well, at least the part of it that watches South Korean dramas. The only thing i remember was someone shouting “fire in the hole” and then there was nothing; and then there was everything. I really wonder and the more i wonder the more i lean towards only one direction. What exactly was this episode about? A direct threat against our lives? Where exactly did you find all these weapons of mass destruction? Are you trying to kills us? With feels and laughter? Feelaughter until i cannot feel anymore ever after? Well, ladies and gents in the overall production, i feel graciously abused, devoutly executed and amazingly immobilized. And you know what? I don’t care, i don’t care at all, i enjoyed every second of this divine torture, every single second of this delirious magnificence! If you want to found a new religion, please let me know beforehand and i will become a martyr of the new faith willingly. I don’t mind if you Kill Me countless times. However, for all these nearly choking amounts of laughter, electrifying feels, braincell-exploding plot-twists and mind-confusing background stories, i expect you to Heal Me in the end. Because i don’t know how i will be able to survive in this vicious world of dramas after Kill Me, Heal Me reaches the end if i take into consideration that only a single episode had such a multifaceted impact upon me. And i don’t even want to think what will happen from now on, especially since i was already worshiping the first four episodes. In the end, everyone that watched this drama will have more than one personality. One will be the nostalgic one, another one will be the re-watcher, some other will be the suicidal one “why did it have to end?”, another one will be the obsessive/threatening real life ahjussi/ahjumma/noona/hyung/oppa/agasshi/chingu trying to communicate unsuccessfully with Perry Park to go out for explosive drinks, some other will be the partially deaf one, finding bliss in Oh Ri Jin’s howling symphonies and i could go on forever. And i started this drama just because of Hwang Jung Eum…

Drama-tically yours,

Kwon Sang Seung in co-consciousness with some developing personality.

PS. We want a special episode after the drama ends.

bscap0004Inside hospitals the vilest and most antibiotic-resistant microbes are the most special visitors. And the villainous Don Juan, Shin Se Gi, wrist-grabs and takes Ri Jin with him in the outside world. The sudden tête-à-tête still was powerful, you have to admit it! His renting time on this body might be limited for the time being, so he doesn’t intend to waste it. Although he lets Ri Jin know that sometime in the future he may become the major one and only personality, henceforth this vehicle of seven drivers will become his own once and for all! For the time being Do Hyun’s asleep inside his prison of mirrors and Se Gi uses a violent argument, if Ri Jin doesn’t want Do Hyun to get hurt, she has to follow him no matter what. It’s a race against time and sanity!

bscap0003  bscap0006bscap0005   bscap0010bscap0009

bscap0011The car’s maneuvering violently on the highway among cars and lanes and our lovely Ri Jin’s screaming, she screams as if there’s no tomorrow! She conducts her own symphony of disharmony and her facial expressions are priceless, the ultimate presence of fear is painted all over her face! No matter how much she tries to tell him to slow down, no matter how much her voices’ decibels rise viciously inside the car’s limited space, Se Gi’s soundproof ears don’t seem to get bothered, he’s as calm as a tranquilized tiger at the zoo and of course, he only follows his consciousness’ voice. Trying to contact Ho Pil or anyone else? Prohibited! Eventually the cellphone will fly out of the window into the open skies.

 bscap0013bscap0012 bscap0014

Doctor Ho Pil’s worried about Ri Jin’s safety and shortly after secretary Ahn arrives at his office. He knows that she left with Do Hyun and what worries him the most is the fact that he thinks it was Se Gi at that time. Ahn Gook doesn’t want to inform the police because it would ruin Do Hyun’s secret, although Ho Pil can’t stand still, he can’t let Ri Jin on her own in this dangerous situation. The bomb incident she was involved with Perry Park that was deriving from Se Gi’s actions is pretty recent. Ahn Gook asks him to lend him some time to deal with the overall situation in his own shady way.


bscap0018The place where Se Gi and Ri Jin arrived doesn’t please her, it doesn’t please her at all and she doesn’t intend to stay. Although Se Gi has his own method to keep her by his side, if she leaves, Do Hyun dies. How? Along with Se Gi of course! ‘Mors Sola’, together till death. If she wants to cooperate and give him a chance, everything’s fine, if she doesn’t want to it’s going to be a seven souls one body funeral since Se Gi will slit his throat right away. It’s like decimating a whole family! He urges her to follow him on the inside to find out what might happen between a villainous lover and a psychotic psychiatrist, it’s an interesting combo, don’t you agree?

bscap0019bscap0020bscap0023bscap0022 bscap0024bscap0025bscap0230

bscap0026Ahn Gook’s plan already marches on in an attempt to locate Ri Jin and Se Gi/Do Hyun/whoever and his undercover team’s working hard. Through informants and his credit card they have located Se Gi’s car and the expedition begins! Ri Jin’s protection is the most important factor, then they should restrain Se Gi without harming him or else things are going to get awry!

bscap0000Se Gi takes her to a uniquely decorated apartment! By the time she examines the house, her first impression gifts us with a priceless grandiose what the effing eff face, she’s like a squirrel who witnessed her favorite peanut being eaten by her rival squirrel! I never thought a gigantic stuffed bear would give birth to such an oddly astonished face! And the dialogue between them from this moment and on is hilarious. It embeds Se Gi’s extravagant yet innocent tries to please her whereas an army of quirky and highly expressive faces parades in front of our very eyes thanks to Ri Jin’s reactions to every single presentation on Se Gi’s behalf! Through the overall scene i couldn’t stop laughing and there were times where the phenomenon was climaxing and i nearly choked myself to death! What is this household kindergarten?! Se Gi’s deadly serious about this attempt and his tranquility through inconvenient and odd surprises in order to please Ri Jin’s eyes fail one after the other and fireworks of laughter emerge through their unique interaction, the one between Se Gi, Ri Jin and the surprises as well!

Peanuts? Where? WHERE?

peanuts1bscap0027bscap0029bscap0030bscap0032  bscap0034bscap0033bscap0035bscap0036

And a Beauty and the Beast reference, like on Mr. Back!

bscap0037bscap0038 bscap0039bscap0040 bscap0041bscap0042 bscap0044bscap0045

The box-emerging hug bear!


The monkeys adorned with rose petals?!

bscap0047bscap0048 bscap0049bscap0050bscap0051bscap0052 bscap0053bscap0054

bscap0055The drug-addict possessed dancing monkey?! Ri Jin’s face and like-minded clap & dance cracked something inside of me, i will never be the same again, i’m in a state of post-traumatic laughter nirvana or something. I don’t know how they did that, but they must have recorded the scene countless times, Ji Sung’s so serious through the wonderfully ridiculous ambiance he simply adds to the laughter factor! He’s like a door-to-door salesperson with a convincing face and hypnotizing stare, but at wrong customer’s place!

bscap0057bscap0058bscap0056bscap0061 bscap0062bscap0063 bscap0064bscap0065 bscap0066bscap0067 bscap0068bscap0069 bscap0070bscap0071bscap0072

The diamond lollipop rings?!

bscap0075bscap0073bscap0076bscap0077 bscap0078bscap0079 bscap0083bscap0080 bscap0084bscap0086

bscap0089Okay, the reason he’s doing all this is to convince her to choose him over Do Hyun. When he doesn’t smash one’s face or bones, when he’s not trying to choke someone, when he’s not trying to make sweet sweet love with his stare to the woman who stole his heart, he’s taking her to the… dating house, a place were space and time get a new meaning. He still wants her to choose between him and Do Hyun, once she refers to the fact that they are two different people using the same body she emphasizes on the different people factor in order not to make things awkward, much more awkward, i mean. Okay, it’s not only Do Hyun who’s Batman, Se Gi’s Batman as well and through his super hero cloak he transforms into a glamorous form of Do Hyun simply by changing his hair in a Do Hyun vein. And this was magnificent, even though his hair have changed, the look on his face is still Se Gi oriented, that’s how impersonating someone while remaining authentic is being delivered flawlessly, dear actors! Ji Sung is shining in his overall presence, he should really get paid for many roles!

bscap0090 bscap0091bscap0093 bscap0094bscap0095 bscap0096

bscap0097And the time has arrived for outdoors activities! What’s this all about? Ri Jin wonders if this has to do with the unification of South and North Korea. I think it does because Kim Jong Un secretly watches Kill Me, Heal Me from his drama hideout. It’s cold out there and Se Gi doesn’t possess the nicest customer of the year attitude. Eventually he manages to get two couple coats for both of them and the journey goes on! Ri Jin indicates that Se Gi just spends money, plays around and causes trouble whereas Do Hyun has to work hard to make money and clean up all the mess Se Gi creates in his absence. Ri Jin, does Se Gi look like a person that would be embarrassed over that? It’s the only reason he keeps Do Hyun roaming around! Se Gi’s intermittent “shut up” must be his new characteristic! He was the one to deal with all of Do Hyun’s pain and suffering and that’s pretty much the reason Do Hyun created this personality.

bscap0098bscap0099  bscap0101bscap0100 bscap0102

bscap0103And an overflow of feels is about to begin in the most representative way, it’s the right time for Se Gi to start unveiling his caring side by protecting her from the cold with utter sweetness. Judging from the fact he didn’t only cover Ri Jin’s mouth, but his own as well, it was an attempt to put an end to this meaningless discussion, time is precious for bscap0110Se Gi and he doesn’t intend to keep on wasting it talking about Do Hyun. He’s sitting inside an aglow Xmas chariot and doesn’t talk to her, by the time Ri Jin says that “even personalities can get mad” his stare is priceless! Eventually she enters the chariot as well and Se Gi points out that her wish to watch the fireworks will be fulfilled, a wish from a long time ago, i’m really curious about when they actually met for the first time. Haha, a reference to Winter Sonata and Ri Jin asks him whether she looks like his dead first love or not, but Se Gi points out that his first love’s pretty much alive and kicking! The fireworks emerge on the alight horizon and Se Gi asks her if she’d like “this” to go on forever, meaning them being together forever. She thinks he refers to the fireworks and she’s positive, but then the truth appears before her very eyes and the proposal Do Hyun had asked her about in the past comes to life. Se Gi wants her to put Do Hyun to everlasting sleep so that they’ll be together forever. He wouldn’t have to worry about suddenly disappearing when he’s with her. Ri Jin can’t do it, but Se Gi thinks that she will, he’ll make her do it.

bscap0106bscap0108bscap0109  bscap0111bscap0112 bscap0113 bscap0115bscap0114bscap0116 bscap0117bscap0118  bscap0122bscap0120bscap0121   bscap0124bscap0125  bscap0127 bscap0128bscap0129 bscap0130

bscap0131And the haunting first song of the OST makes its appearance to makes us aware that it’s raining feels, hallelujah! Steadily, he’s taking his time approaching Ri Jin’s face, even if his time is limited at this very moment nothing else really matter. He treasure every single forward step he makes before the most fragile impact, he captures every single part of her face to create an alive memory for when he’ll be absent. Their lips entwine in a highly affectionate moment and Se Gi’s flowing tears that all his longing was finally emotionally rewarded and/or maybe he realizes that…

 bscap0132bscap0133 bscap0134bscap0135 bscap0136bscap0137 bscap0138bscap0139 bscap0140bscap0141 bscap0142bscap0143 bscap0144bscap0145 bscap0146bscap0147

bscap0148…Do Hyun’s trying to come to the surface. The tattoo starts fading and that was so twisted, unexpected and even more brain-crashing since from the preview of the fourth episode we thought that Do Hyun was kissing Ri Jin whereas in fact it was the Do Hyun looking Se Gi! Do Hyun’s surprise is immense, what a timing to awaken from internal slumber! He wants to find out what’s going on and he becomes enraged due to Ri Jin’s actions because he had already warned her that he won’t be contacting her back as Do Hyun. He enrages because he cares. The scene reaches an end once Ahn Gook’s men get him and they eventually release him when Ahn Gook’s certain that he’s Do Hyun. In the meantime Ri Jin visits Ho Pil to inform him of the overall situation, without the candy moments of course! Things just got complicated! She can’t just avoid Se Gi, the more she’ll be avoiding him the more his obsession will be growing and after the heartfelt scene between them his love engines must be about to explode! Ri Jin’s thoughts are a total mess, she can’t believe what she just did and her heart pounds differently than before in a vicious yet elegant tone that makes even more confused, even “frightened”! Do Hyun’s not in a better condition either, he appeared in the middle of a kiss and his lips remember as in front of the broken mirror he tries to measure the weight of the events.

bscap0149bscap0151  bscap0153bscap0154  bscap0156bscap0155  bscap0158bscap0157 bscap0159bscap0160  bscap0162bscap0161  bscap0164bscap0163 bscap0165bscap0166 bscap0167

bscap0168Do Hyun needs help, some serious help to handle the overall situation. Meeting Ho Pil secretly makes them look like two men in love and the passers by’s stares point towards that direction! Do Hyun lets him know that Ri Jin must be Se Gi’s first love, we don’t know yet when and how they met, but at some point they did meet and bscap0169Se Gi kept that memory alive until he met her again at the bar. It could be related to Ri Jin’s dream with the faceless boy that became Se Gi. Do Hyun has realized that Se Gi’s not like his usual self, there are changes underneath the surface. The personality change, mainly from Do Hyun to Se Gi, always takes place whenever Ri Jin is around, she must have been the key point to have triggered this rapid transformation in Do Hyun’s condition. The co-consciousness sign points towards that direction, especially since the co-conscious Se Gi appears whenever Ri Jin is around, like at the hospital through the glass. Or because Se Gi wants to see Ri Jin, like at the apartment, through the crack in the mirror. And of course, we shouldn’t forget the new personality steadily developing. Se Gi’s already grown stronger and the stronger he becomes the more difficult it will be to handle him, Do Hyun must open up his heart and see behind the veils of truth, not only for his own good, but for the people around him too.

bscap0170Do Hyun returns back at work, it was about time to work a bit so that Se Gi will have money to spend! And what an assignment Ki Joon asked him to accomplish! He’s already started making his moves in order to bring down Do Hyun and the reason behind this time-consuming task of no importance is that Ki Joon doesn’t know who Do Hyun really is. bscap0171Henceforth he can’t trust him. Okay, Ki Joon, he’ll call you president at work, if this arouses your manhood and ego. For everyone that works with Ki Joon, a major investigation takes place before any possible cooperation begins so as to find out even the last place he had to pee in the open in the absence of WC. And Ki Joon doesn’t trust Do Hyun, he’s pretty certain he hides something and the direction points towards the psychiatric area. He has nothing else to do but go through all these files! He’ll be having company on the way back home since the gigantic stuffed bear Se Gi got for Ri Jin lies on the backseat of the car!

bscap0172bscap0173 bscap0174bscap0175

bscap0176Ri Jin has taken the day off work to relax and remain safe from any possible appearance of Se Gi. Strange visions the prophets couldn’t foresee appear inside her soup, it’s the smiling face of Do Hyun, then it’s the kinky face of Se Gi! What is this?! The Se Gi/Do Hyun equivalent of a Jesus commercial? Eat, this is my body, drink, this is my blood?! And then Se Gi appears in front of her and starts talking to her, then Do Hyun as well! Are you thinking about Se Gi and you can’t eat, Ri Jin? Or Do Hyun’s the one occupying your mind? Hallucinations! And the Oh-some family members appear in front of her, Daddy Oh and brother Oh! Ri On tries to prevent himself from doing housework, but the Oh-minous mother’s rage makes the Oh males of the family stand up and get to work!

bscap0177bscap0178 bscap0179bscap0180 bscap0181bscap0183 bscap0184bscap0185 bscap0186bscap0187 bscap0188bscap0190 bscap0191

bscap0192Do Hyun would never trust Se Gi, he’s searching inside the gigantic bear to find out whether Se Gi has hidden drugs or not, haha! He’s not a part-time drug-dealer, Do Hyun, but it’s not impossible to be honest! That’s why you should work harder to get money so that he won’t have to deal with illegal money making! Inside the box lie the coat and the toys Se Gi had presented to Ri Jin! But what’s wrong with him? Why is his heart racing so much? Could it be a co-consciousness moment with Se Gi that makes the body’s heart beat once Do Hyun saw the toys or could it be some blossoming feelings related to Ri Jin? He starts closing the wardrobe’s sliding door, this moment you see him…

bscap0194bscap0195 bscap0196bscap0197 bscap0198bscap0199 bscap0200

…then you don’t. Perry Park’s in the house! Euyi! Euyi! And that music is so Perry Park oriented, that careless playful tune paces perfectly with Perry Park’s one of a kind character who dances around the room! And he’s so fond of himself! He wants to cleave that and…

bscap0201bscap0202 bscap0203bscap0204 bscap0206bscap0207 bscap0208bscap0209

bscap0210…Ri Jin as a mother Teressa reincarnation chops the wood in half whereas the troubadour side of Ri On reveals itself while playing the guitar. Some words of wisdom were spoken that night, “the best thing to get over enteritis is to make some firewood”, effing doctors, what do they know? Ri Jin feels the desire for somek (beer & soju) and this line was carved upon my liver:

Somek is a mixture of God’s tears and the Devil’s pee.

 bscap0211bscap0212 bscap0213

bscap0214Perry Park has some unique parking abilities, the way he parks the car is in the same way he was dancing in front of the wardrobe, conclusion? Perry Park can hardly park! But as soon as he roams around the city without getting hurt everything’s fine! And he’s so happy to have found the right place, it might not be happening all the time! After the euyi euyi of bliss the ba-dum ba-dum (tss) of his pounding heart shows how pleasant and happy he is to be back to the surface! However, poor Perry, someone’s dragging him inside again, he struggles step by step to move forward and get rid of that feeling, his disappointment is that of a little child getting out to play and shortly after getting called back home by his mother! More airing time for Perry Park to either demolish something or simply drink & dance! He passes out and once he wakes up he stares at is clothes, Do Hyun notices that it was Perry Park’s appearance and gladly not the all things bingo Se Gi! In the meantime Ri Jin and Ri On return with their alcoholic goodies and they notice a car shaking near the sidewalk. Ri On’s delirious and Ri Jin’s frightened at the thought of a couple doing naughty lovey dovey acrobatic maneuvers inside that suspiciously bouncing car to the rhythm of all things bedroom; or elsewhere! They steadily approach the window to find out that… Do Hyun’s changing his clothes in his own unique kangaroo style! But, Ri On refers to him as Perry Park judging from the clothing!

bscap0216bscap0217 bscap0218bscap0219  bscap0220bscap0221 bscap0222bscap0224 bscap0225bscap0226  bscap0228bscap0229 bscap0238bscap0239 bscap0240bscap0241 bscap0242bscap0243 bscap0244bscap0245 bscap0246bscap0247

bscap0249It’s time to lead him inside the Oh-some house and meet the Oh couple! It’s about time Ri On explains how he met Perry, that’s how he was introduced to the parents because since Ri On knew him as Perry Park. Ri Jin didn’t mention anything about his real Do Hyun personality/identity. They have some prehistory together at the plane before they arrived at the airport where Ri Jin’s attack took place! Perry Park’s relaxing attitude had a huge impact on Ri On! Especially the fact that he was recording a video message referring to… himself, well, the other self. Every time Ri On doesn’t feel well he records a video to himself to ease the tension. Oh yeah, Perry Park is a narcissist, in the gentlest kindest way; when he’s not a bomber. The father’s questions are hilarious trying to figure out more and more about Perry Park! And the scene were Perry tries to steal the tempting bottle of wine to quench the thirst within! But Ri On noticed him and that was the beginning of a very special friendship! Wine, shots, even the way he mixes his shots is explosive, throwing it all over the place! I wonder what Perry Park might had told him back at the plane while he was under the alcohol’s influence!

bscap0250bscap0251 bscap0253bscap0254 bscap0231bscap0232 bscap0233bscap0234 bscap0235bscap0236 bscap0255bscap0256 bscap0257bscap0259 bscap0260

bscap0261Do Hyun’s pretty lost and he doesn’t know what to do at the Oh-table trying to be Perry Park while he’s not at the moment and at the same time trying to look like a decent person, something he is. It’s just that he found himself in this awkward meeting all of a sudden! After all the introductions, the time feels right for the chief of the Oh family to treat “Perry Park” his own alcoholic masterpiece! Bubbles sent by God! Am i the only one who feels like drinking after this description? I want this basement along with its alcohol and i want it now! Ri Jin goes to bring some alcohol whereas Ri On has to finish some parts of his novel to send them to his editor. As for “Perry”? He’s left all alone with the parents! And awkwardness goes on. Ri Jin sends a message on his cellphone and asks him to get to get out pretending he wants to use the restroom, although daddy Oh is a fox! He knows all her techniques! He pretty much knew what she told him and lets him go, with one condition, to leave behind his cellphone! Ri Jin tells him that Ri On isn’t aware of his multiple personality disorder, but i’m sure he knows much more than we can imagine. For a while she wishes he came all this way to see her, but the truth falls like a rocket on her head. It was Perry Park who came just to meet his buddy, Ri On! Pissed off Ri Jin owns, she always betrays her feelings! Do Hyun pulls off the wood from the basement’s door and now they’re trapped because the door has an issue. There’s no way out unless someone notices them. No cellphone on the horizon either. In the meantime, the Oh parents are impressed by “Perry Park” and his manners and it was easily noticeable for them, especially by the father, when it comes to Ri Jin’s feelings.

bscap0262bscap0263bscap0264bscap0265bscap0266 bscap0267bscap0268

bscap0269Do Hyun’s mother, Hwa Ran and his grandmother, Tae Im, are having a rather peaceful discussion! Tae Im’s pretty much aware that she’s visiting her son at the nursery and she wants Hwa Ran to stop talking about her hidden card that has yet to be revealed. Hwa Ran thinks she’s frightened of the truth in case it bscap0270revealed itself, but Tae Im has a different opinion about the whole story. That secret who seems advantageous to Hwa Ran’s eyes, to Tae Im’s eyes is a deathblow. The conversation reaches an end leaving all of our questions unanswered, yet growing the curiosity to find out that tremendous secret that appears to be a matter of life or death, differentiating its reflection from person to person. As Tae Im’s staring at her husband’s portrait we get a flashback of events once again and the discussion that takes place at that point is between Young Pyo and his wife, Ja Kyung. They’re having a discussion on past events and rumors in the overly complicated past and family relations. A special reference is upon Min Seo Yeon and a rumor of another child in the family. Nobody had seen the child and there’s a mystery behind the fire in the past and the fact that afterwards all the personnel was changed. The crossroad points towards two directions, the child is either Ri On or Ri Jin for different reasons and it’s one of the screenwriter’s strong plot-twist cards.

 bscap0272bscap0271  bscap0274bscap0273bscap0275bscap0237

bscap0276In the meantime, while Do Hyun was trying to open the door, Ri Jin was warming up her liver with bubbles sent by God! And alcohol talks! She categorized two of the people living in the body in front of him, the kind Mr. Cha and the rough Mr. Shin! Through her drunken eyes she can’t recognize who stands in front of her at times and she mistakes Do Hyun for Se Gi. There are many phobias in the mental world, but Ri Jin doesn’t have anyone of the renowned ones, but basements and fire are her weaknesses. Do Hyun recognizes similarities to his traumatic past. Going to the basement and do anything her father was asking her to do was a direct way to fight her phobia face to face. Sometimes she managed to get Ri On with her on the basement expeditions and she states that he’s afraid of the basement too. Oh yeah, Ri Jin, twins are twins, but who are the twins?! Ri Jin falls behind and Do Hyun helps her, at that point as they stare at each other’s eyes their hearts start beating. Do Hyun can’t believe that this is happening, Ri Jin wonders for whom her heart’s beating for! She wonders whether Se Gi or Do Hyun stands in front of her once again and Do Hyun will deal with the misunderstanding his own way! Feels alert, feels alert, incoming! Do Hyun approaches slowly just like Se Gi, treasuring the moment, but the episode reaches the end before the crucial moment of the tender impact. Feels chopped in half. He probably wants to let her know him through his kiss, the way Do Hyun kisses. Just like he and Se Gi introduced themselves to her through their stare that gets different whenever each one of them is at the surface, having felt Se Gi’s kiss, at this point she will get to know Do Hyun through his own kiss.

 bscap0279bscap0278  bscap0281bscap0280 bscap0282bscap0283 bscap0284bscap0285 bscap0286bscap0287  bscap0289bscap0288  bscap0292bscap0291 bscap0293 bscap0294bscap0295  bscap0297

At this point i have to admit that the previews of episodes who are not totally representative of what will happen on the next episode are really intriguing. You start expecting something, but not everything appears, perplexing in an interesting way the storyline.

I’m really curious about when Se Gi met Ri Jin. It must relate to her dream with the faceless boy that eventually turned into Se Gi and asked her to play with him. This led me to an odd assumption, that Se Gi is the main owner of the body that had to deal with all the events in his traumatic past and eventually he wanted to forget everything. So, he made up Do Hyun, the one to build his life anew, free of the past’s pain and took the main role of the body, believing in the end that he’s the real owner. And Se Gi met Ri Jin when they were little kids. Do Hyun gained control of the body and appears as the main figure, something that didn’t cause him many problems since the other personalities were not appearing much. Until he saw Ri Jin at the club and it triggered Se Gi’s first Love. At this point, Se Gi wanted to come to the surface even more, especially when Ri Jin was nearby. This urge made him stronger and that’s what led to the co-consciousness state of personalities, so that Se Gi will be able to feel Ri Jin once she was around.

About Nana. When Do Hyun disappeared and later on woke up at the cellar of his grandmother’s house, that cellar is the same room someone was trying to hit him in the past. I think it’s the grandmother behind the violent figure because the shade feels feminine with the hair feeling as if they were in a ponytail. Back to my arch point, all this time he was absent, we don’t know what he actually did, it wasn’t presented and of course, Do Hyun to the post-personality amnesia doesn’t recall anything. Back to my sickening point that Se Gi is the main personality. Since he “met that child first”, after he was separated from Ri Jin, apart from Do Hyun, the pure self without painful memories, he formed Nana, an imaginary female friend to resemble Ri Jin in her absence. But this is just an assumption just like Se Gi being the main figure point of view and Do Hyun the immune to pain personality due to the lack of harmful memories that eventually became the main personality of the body due to his healthy mental structure.

I’m really curious about Oh Ri On and Oh Ri Jin’s parents. There must be some connection with the chairman’s family. One of the children is theirs, the other one relates to the rumor Young Pyo was discussing with Ja Kyung. It could be that the families were close in the early years. One of the two “twins” was Oh family’s real child, the other child was the one from the rumor and Se Gi/Do Hyun was the chairman’s grandson. After the fire Do Hyun/Se Gi was saved, but the other child somehow got rescued and vanished. It could be that the Oh family saved it or found it wondering or came to a silent adoption with Do Hyun/Se Gi’s grandmother. I’m also rather curious who the father of the other child is, Seo Yeon is definitely mother, is she? Are the car accident and the fire incident really accidents? If not, who set them up and for what purposes?

The child of the rumor could be Ri Jin, she’s afraid of basements and fire, something Do Hyun/Se Gi is afraid of too. She doesn’t recall much from the past, it could be due to post-traumatic amnesia after the fire incident. But the child of the rumor could be Ri On. Did he go to America incidentally or for whatever reason? Or he went to find out information about Do Hyun? Could it be that he had found out something that referred to him being adopted and that Cha Do Hyun was his brother? And he didn’t spot him in America, but luck made them meet at the plane back to Korea? He’s also afraid of basements, probably of fire too, it wasn’t clear, because Ri Jin said that her brother is afraid of them too? Them = basements? Or could it be basements and fire? And the fact that they are afraid of the same thing/things leads me to my arch assumption, that all three of them, Ri Jin, Ri On, Do Hyun/Se Gi knew each other when they were children and have common experiences/fears from the fire incident. One thing is for certain, Ri On knows a lot of things and it’s not only just for a new novel.


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-


  1. January 22, 2015 at 10:41 pm — Reply

    Peanuts? WHERE?? :’D
    Just, thank you for this oh so accurate review. Thank you for existing!
    This show has really got me confused but hey at least it isn’t the likes of My Heart Twinkle Twinkle. I believed in you SBS!!! *angry “why I ought’a” fist in the air*
    Anyway, please keep up the brutally honest and hilarous updates! The good stuff. ^^

    • January 22, 2015 at 10:48 pm — Reply

      Hahahaha! Thanks a lot for the amounts love and feedback! The rich family’s background still confuses me too, it could be subs at some parts that aren’t helping, but anyway we’re always thankful to subbers for their effort 😀
      MHTT is the family drama i decided to watch, i’m really curious how it will flow, so far i’m on the neutral camp and i found a new love, Soon Soo lol
      “i believed in you SBS” XD
      Thanks a lot once again!!! 😀

      • January 22, 2015 at 11:00 pm — Reply

        Oh tell me about it…but hey, we’re only a few episodes in. Plus it’s so worth sticking around to find out what stalker Oh Rin is upto? But you’re so right. I either stream off dramacool or gooddrama and they are both really slacking off since Pinocchio ended. However, I also realize how much work it must be and look at it as a chance to fine-tune my Korean (read: lol I am crying through every episode).
        I just couldn’t handle Woon Tak’s haircut any longer. I’m sorry!!! But I hope it gets better for you. (+:

        • January 22, 2015 at 11:06 pm — Reply

          Yeah, we must know what he knows and what he wants to do! I want a brain injection to make me fluent Korean-speaking in a single second to watch RAW and feel rawer than a shark attack xD
          Yeah, hope they change this haircut, it’s like an anchor for popeye’s sake! Hope so too 😀

          • January 22, 2015 at 11:19 pm

            Thank you for the pro-tip! I’ll go look it up right after I send this. What is sleep? Is it a new drama? No?? Then who cares! I am currently on school break so this is the life I live. I’ll watch enough for the two of us, don’t you worry. 😛
            Shark attack. That’s pretty raw xD Just try study a little Korean for 10 minutes a day. (No, watching drama’s doesn’t count!) It’s pretty slow pace but it helps.

          • January 22, 2015 at 11:36 pm

            Hahahaha! Piss off sleep, when you want it to come it doesn’t, when you don’t want it, it appears -.-
            Watch all the dramas in the world 😀 Someone must make the days lengthier and the lives bigger, more drama time, they didn’t take it into consideration when they were making a day 24 hours.
            Yeah, watching dramas usually ends in chugulle, micheoso, aish, kwenchana, gomawo etc 😛

      • January 22, 2015 at 11:00 pm — Reply

        Oh and no no, thank YOU. ♡

  2. January 22, 2015 at 10:44 pm — Reply

    *cough* Honorary mention to Heart To Heart though. Go show!!! *cough*

    • January 22, 2015 at 10:51 pm — Reply

      Hahaha! I’ve watched the first two, but to reviewcap it too i will need anti-sleeping pills or something that makes you like the internet Hulk Hogan for 24 hours non stop!
      But it attracts you with its realistic air and down to earth cinematography, at least for the two eps i’ve watched, it’s in my list for a full review or a midway and final thoughts reviews or something.

      • January 22, 2015 at 11:03 pm — Reply

        Hahahaha, oh come on…it got a lot better after episode 3. I promise. :]
        Hang in there if you can. Though if you’re swamped with life and dramas, it’s definitely not one you can’t live without.
        Also I meant to ask, do you have a favorite KMHM personality so far?
        (The mental illness aspect really reeled me in here. Much like It’s Okay, That’s Love which was gooood.)

        • January 22, 2015 at 11:12 pm — Reply

          It’s OK, That’s Love was exceptional and refreshing, i liked how it depicted such cases like humans among humans and that treatment is required and that people like In Sung’s char, like the main lead’s friend’s wife, the duderino from the bromance with the psychiatrist can live like normal people among normal people because they are normal, they are just have an illness that needs treatment like anyone else goes to the doctor for coughing, fever and other problems. Loved this drama!

          My fav personality is Perry Park so far, i wanna get knocked down by amounts of alcohol by shots he’d make lol!
          It’s in my marathon list, i’ll be steadily watching to keep track! Life will crush my dramalife soon because some exams appear at the end of the month so after the weekend up to the middle of Feb i will be writing only a few. But then i’ll be on turmoil to catch up with what i missed 😛

          • January 22, 2015 at 11:26 pm

            Are you the greatest person alive or what??? These are my views to a T! It was so real and din’t play on the ususal drama troupes at all. I honestly think I cried through every episode after episode 6. I loved this drama so much. Definitely in the top 5 for sure.
            I hope it made as big of an impact on how Korea is known to view mental disorders as it was meant to. The award shows definitely thought so..
            And that soundtrack(!!!)…but anyway. Let’s not get into it.

            XD YES. 100%
            Perry Park is just so much fun. Hoping he get’s more time to play in the future. And his boat, of course!
            All the best with your exams chum. (: I’ll keep sending good vibes your way. Keep your head up, okay? Even our hardest days are only 24 hours. You can do it!

          • January 22, 2015 at 11:32 pm

            I’m just someone that realized that i’m hungry after i wondered why i was hungry and then remembered that i had forgotten to eat after the reviewcap lol! I even said goodnight to myself after that specific radio program in the end lol!

            Same here, i felt sad while he was trying to hold on to this body lol
            Thanks a lot! Good vibes are always welcome, i’ll be needing them 😀

          • January 22, 2015 at 11:43 pm

            You are the beeeeest! Please keep being you oppa! 알았어? ^^

          • January 22, 2015 at 11:48 pm

            Arigato ne! I’ll do my best! 😀

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