Episode 1 Review: Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

bscap0000So, Kill Me, Heal Me is here and it spread its wings in an unexpectedly pleasant way. And it has various elements that intend to make the overall scenery pretty complex. The fact itself that the main male lead has seven personalities is enough proof. Multiple personality disorder aside, there are many other elements, inheritance, family matters in various aspects, forthcoming romance, medical subjects and more specifically psychiatric ones, action, mystery are just a few pieces of the puzzle that shyly present themselves in order to climax at some point within the drama. But since i have a separate article when it comes to my overall first impressions i will dive straight into the first episode’s waters and inevitably i will express various thoughts throughout the review/recap.

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bscap0009I will skip the very first collage of events in order to relate it to the second episode at some point since i’ve reached a conclusion based at what i’ve observed. So, Do Hyun’s university years have been quite bizarre! He was something like, let’s say, the good Samaritan. Every college group wanted him to be a part of its purpose and since he couldn’t reply negatively to anyone, well, he must have become a member pretty much everywhere within the college’s walls! Sometimes it must had been fun, some other times quite overburdening, but since he couldn’t say the magic word “no” his course was preassigned! One day a colleague, Abby, asks Do Hyon to inform another college student, Jessica, about an event. She was absent for a long time and Do Hyon keeps pacing with his positive attitude and decides to pass by her house. It’s one of these times that his well-mannered attitude won’t have a good outcome since the unexpected takes place. By the time he enters her house Do Hyon witnesses an abhorrent act of domestic violence. Jessica is being hit by her father and once Do Hyon tries to help he becomes another victim of her father’s menace and gets hit as well. By that time memories from the past appear and a chemical reaction is taking place inside his body as his eye color feels different. Shortly after the police arrives and Jessica points the finger at Do Hyon as the offender. At first i thought that Jessica deserves the situation she’s in, she could had just ended it right away by telling the truth and Do Hyon would help her by testifying. But then again, i thought how fragile are such situations and the fear that overruns Jessica and any other person that could be in her position and i left behind all these negative thoughts.

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bscap0015Later on that night Do Hyon gets released from the police station and returns back home. Secretary Ahn is already informed of the situation and calls Do Hyon to inform him that he’ll keep it a secret from the family. Do Hyon examines his wounds and a crisis strikes him, the recent memories of the incident with Jessica and memories from the past appear again and he tries to reach his medicine to ease the tension, but he doesn’t succeed. Instantly his eyes turn violet once again. Finger tapping starts taking place and the morbid smile carved on his face unveils a different sense of energy flowing within. He’s no longer the same. Soon Jessica’s father will get what he deserves, he gets paid back in his own coin, if he’s man enough to inflict violence upon his daughter it’s about time he senses the grandeur of manhood as a lesson of what he should be avoiding from now own, domestic violence. It’s something that happens every day throughout the planet and it should be extinct for obvious reasons, Jessica’s thankful yet painful stare made me feel relieved. By the time he comes back to his real self he doesn’t recall what had happened, but he acknowledges the presence of another Do Hyun living inside and waiting eagerly to come to the surface, Shin Se Gi, the violent self.

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bscap0027After a personality surrenders to Do Hyun’s real self, amnesia of the recent events makes its appearance and Do Hyun finds himself at embarrassing or even dangerous situations when he encounters people he met during one personality’s presence. He pays a visit to a psychiatrist that feels promising when it comes to multiple personalities. Oh well, at least he said so. Do Hyun starts unveiling one after the other the people living inside his body, such as the violent Se Gi, the modern era urban grenadier Perry Park, the suicidal Yo Sub and until we get to know more personalities the doctor gives up and runs away in fear! If a psychiatrist feels afraid of a patient with such characteristics imagine what’s going on inside the patient’s mind! Well, i wouldn’t like to know and i guess you wouldn’t either. By the time he returns back home he finds Secretary Ahn waiting for him. Do Hyun’s grandmother wants him to return back to South Korea. Although Do Hyun’s not quite sure about it since his treatment isn’t over yet, he must somehow keep his multiple personality disorder a secret. Later on he wakes up to find himself on a plane where he’s having a slight discussion with Oh Ri On in order to find out about the plane’s direction. Soon he’ll be back in Korea! The video on his cellphone proves that the overall plan was Se Gi’s doing!

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bscap0051Oh Ri Jin arrives at the airport and… what a masterful one-way backwards parking! She’s pissed off, she’s definitely pissed off! The people on the phone mistaking her for the renowned writer Omega must be getting on her nerves! Once she finds Do Hyun accompanied by his grandmother’s men she’s getting even more pissed off, but it’s not because of Do Hyun, it’s because of the man hiding behind him, her brother, Oh Ri On! Do Hyun finds himself in the middle of the storm, but Oh Ri Jin manages to get a grab of her brother’s ear! I love her neurotic self! She’s about to reveal his secret, that he’s Omega, but her brother shuts her mouth and kidnaps her back to her car! Now that’s a brother-sister relationship worth cherishing in the world of dramas! They’re twins and the theory of twins during Joseon dynasty was pretty interesting about twins being a symbol of misfortune during that era. Although Oh Ri Jin wouldn’t enjoy it that much living in exile back then while Oh Ri On would be preparing himself as a Young Master!

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bscap0056As they arrive back at the hospital her smile once she notices a patient she already knows shows that’s something wrong, something’s so wrong! I love her quirky character and the more she unfolds herself the more i can’t wait to watch her progress! The patient’s not happy to see her, but nobody wonders why! Soon enough he starts a riot and Ri Jin tries to calm him down by promising him alcohol, it doesn’t work and he witnesses her special wrestling skills! Among all these men and personnel around the scene she was the only one brave enough to take care of the situation! Oh Ri On from a safe distance is pleased with his sister’s skills! Who wouldn’t be?! Once he returns back at the car a special article on a magazine gives birth to a mysterious smile on his face!

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bscap0017Isn’t that… humble house quite a masterpiece? Do Hyun arrives back home and the greeting is representative of the family’s grandeur. Mother and daughter in law are having a fierce dialogue, they must love each other so so much! The discussion’s around Do Hyun and it becomes more complex once the past emerges from its depths, but everything reaches an end once Do Hyun makes his appearance. The grandmother sets the rules of the game or at least she thinks so. Se Gi’s behind the arch proposal, but the grandmother herself has a strong and colder than ice personality. She doesn’t intend to let anything slide that easily. Do Hyun from now on will be the vice president of ID Entertainment, a pretty interesting beginning in his career since it’s a position that will show his worth when it comes to future goals. The grandmother doesn’t negotiate, period. If you get along with her pace, everything’s fine, if you don’t get along with it you should start reconsidering! Nobody would like to mess with her and Do Hyun and his mother have no other option but agree with her plan.

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bscap0088So, Do Hyun moves to his new apartment. Ahn Gook struggles to hide Do Hyun’s real identity, well, identities. Do Hyun must continue his treatment and he has to meet someone trustworthy, the doctor that made the diagnosis about his condition and was keeping an eye on him, Ho Pil. If someone were to find out what’s going on inside his body, Do Hyun would be in great disadvantage and there are many craving the fact that he’s the legal heir to the company’s throne. Talking about wolves, they’ve already started trying to find a way to diminish Do Hyun’s future power. Young Pyo and Ki Joon are about to set sail on a journey to find out Do Hyun’s weaknesses and use them against him.

bscap0102And we find ourselves back at the hospital! Ho Pil, Ri Jin and the rest of the medical team are about to visit a patient named Sook Hee that suffers from bipolar disorder and she’s delusional. Ri Jin informs Ho Pil about her condition and the treatment she receives, but by the time they reach her room she has already vanished! Paradise awaits her! And Paradise awaits Do Hyun where a party’s taking place about his return, but he mustn’t drink, so water will be just fine for him. Modern electronica shakes the dance floor of Paradise club and Do Hyun arrives at the special room where his cousin, Ki Joon and his colleagues await him! A surprise awaits him there, Chae Yeon, his first love. By the time she appears Do Hyun is stunned and how couldn’t he at the presence of an elegant foxy young lady! In the meantime, with the help of her brother, Oh Ri Jin spots Sook Hee’s mobile phone inside the hospital to find yet another letter! The destination’s only one and Paradise club it is!

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bscap0121Chae Yeon, Ki Joon and Do Hyon are having a discussion about a girl that liked Do Hyun, Ji Sun, a girl Do Hyun never approved simply because his eyes were always focused on Chae Yeon. The situation becomes quite stressing for Do Hyun once Chae Yeon asks him if there’s another girl he likes, but at that crucial moment some employees appear and invite them at the dance floor. Do Heyon’s watching from the first floor and while he’s staring at Chae Yeon memories blossom. He was so happy during the Xmas period when Chae Yeon called him and arranged a meeting. It was the day one of these embarrassing moments took place. Apparently the girl he had met as Se Gi wasn’t so happy that he couldn’t remember her and after throwing the water at him he considered it wise to hide himself from Chae Yeon who was already waiting for him at the same cafe. It must had been the appointment Chae Yeon had arranged for him to meet the girl that liked him, Ji Sun.


bscap0124As Do Hyun’s all alone by himself (and the other six personalities hiding inside) Sook Hee makes her grandiose appearance! Kim Seul Gi’s always adorable and i’m really glad she’s behind this role enriching it with her very own temperament! She starts talking to Do Hyun, she’s definitely delusional and presents herself as a psychiatrist, yet the diagnosis she makes on Do Hyun is quite spot on! In fact, she’s talking about herself, but her words must have hit a chord in Do Hyun’s internal world! By the time Ri Jin appears and Sook Hee notices her the storytelling mode keeps going on, she must secure her perimeter in order to escape and since she has convinced Do Hyun that she’s a psychiatrist it’s going to be easier once Ri Jin reaches them. Ri Jin’s smile once she’s nearby! It’s the smile of utter bliss! Sook Hee’s plan succeeds, Do Hyun considers Ri Jin a patient, well, her behavior points towards that direction! He tries to postpone her advance in order for Sook Hee to escape and supposedly call an ambulance. What he didn’t measure is Ri Jin’s fighting technique and soon Do Hyun has the same fate as the patient earlier at the hospital. He ends up on the floor, but the impact starts the internal vibrations.

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bscap0154Aware of the fact that one of his other personalities is about to take control of his body he rushes to the bathroom to calm down and get his medication. But once again he fails and the tattoo appears again along with the characteristic finger tapping. Se Gi’s here. Out of the WC he finds another guy’s jacket attractive and we all know by now that once Se Gi has a goal he must achieve it, at all costs! Once he leaves the bathroom his appearance is no longer the same. The spiked jacket is with him and so is the guy’s eyeliner, guyliner! Ki Joon notices him and he’s quite surprised! A discussion takes place with Chae Yeon and Ki Joon refers to Do Hyun as a well-behaved cat who was sexily shedding his fur! Now that’s some sexual preference misunderstanding and in the hands of the wrong people, such as Ki Joon, it could be an interesting weapon in the future.

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bscap0166The dude at the bathroom regains his senses and calls his friends to assist him, things are going to get complicated since they are not going to be friendly! Outside of the club Ri Jin has managed to capture Sook Hee and an ambulance is there to transfer her back at the hospital. Instead of following she stays back since she worries about Do Hyun who felt her fighting wrath and seemed quite hurt. He relieves her from the inconvenience of getting back into the club and meets her outside. Her worries don’t matter, the only thing he wants her to do is to remember. He holds her hand as her watch does the talking and along with it, Do Hyun. His stare is penetrating, her stare is confused, she can’t conceive what’s going on. It’s January 7th, 2015 at 10 o’clock on dot. “The time i fell for you”, he utters and her reaction is so Oh Ri Jin oriented! Her laughter is explosive and she tries to comprehend what’s going on by analyzing Se Gi’s psyche and… she’s quite spot on! And yes, he has that weird mentality indicating that he fell for her simply because she was the first woman to treat him so roughly! Her facial expressions in between her thoughts and Se Gi’s words are priceless!

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bscap0192She starts leaving, but she has to return back because the bathroom guy’s friends have arrived with their motorcycles and they are not friendly at all! The bathroom guy appears and demands his jacket back. Their discussion is being enriched by Ri Jin’s thoughts who’s wondering about the genre of the drama Se Gi and the bathroom guy are acting. Could it be romantic comedy? Action? Erotic?! Bromance? She tries to ease the tension but she’s unable to convince Se Gi to give back the jacket and… action it is! The party’s raging on inside of the club, but another party’s storming down the heavens on the outside as well. The fight choreography is pretty good, the South Korean pompous and exaggerating way and Se Gi manages to take care of everyone with his acrobatic virtuosity. The danger seems to have subsided, but the bathroom guy thinks otherwise and launches a final attack and hits Se Gi on the head with a wooden bludgeon. Se Gi starts steadily falling backwards with the angle between him and the floor lessening until he starts elevating himself anew and… booya!

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Guess who’s back! 


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