Episode 2 Review: Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

UntitledAnd what was left unfinished by the end of the first episode reaches completion at the beginning of the second one. Se Gi takes good care of the cowardly bathroom guy and everything gets back to normal once again. Approaching Ri Jin is a one-way road! His player self expands his territory in a try to get closer to her and his lines are countering hers, but her hysterical self once again finds a way out! Once he obeys her orders to turn around and stand still for a while i thought another personality took over his body. In the end it was a plan to follow her and her screams take over anew inside the taxi after the guyliner winking underneath Se Gi’s helmet!

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bscap0010By the time they reach hospital Se Gi wants Ri Jin to follow him, but as time passes by she gets more and more worried and doesn’t want to follow. Once she wonders whether he is a prison runaway or not Se Gi’s words are more than representative of the overall condition and it’s a line that probably reflectss all of the personalities’ thoughts living inside Do Hyun’s body. “It’s a place that is harder to escape than jail and is thousand times more cramped”. He insists that they should leave but she keeps resisting and she hits him accidentally. She manages to get him inside the hospital in order to treat his wounds. She asks him to take off his clothes and… voilà! A major scream soars throughout the hospital! In the meantime her colleagues are eavesdropping! Through the whole process he keeps staring at her, something that makes Ri Jin feel uncomfortable. Once she has finished treating his wounds he gets to save his number on her cell phone! “You have to remember my eyes” he utters, indicating that in case they meet again and he doesn’t recognize her he won’t be Se Gi and she will figure it out by staring at his eyes. He keeps following her and by the time she notices doctor Park she goes close to him, but as a senior he treats her in the renowned raging way, something that enrages Se Gi and grabs the doctor by the neck, it’s about time he becomes polite!

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bscap0036As Se Gi saves Ri Jin’s number a phone call makes the overall situation quite interesting for him. Se Gi pretends to be Do Hyun and Secretary Ahn informs him that he found doctor Ho Pil (doctor Scottfield) who is at the KangHan hospital which happens to be the one Se Gi currently is. In the meantime Ho Pil was revisiting Do Hyun’s mental case and he’s very happy to see him once again. This happiness is not bound to last for long once he realizes who really stands in front of him. Se Gi wants to be the one and only owner of this body and he wants Ho Pil to hypnotize Do Hyun, but Ho Pil’s answers are not quite pleasing and Se Gi nearly chokes him to death. Do Hyun manages to ruin Se Gi’s lethal plan by coming back to the surface. Ho Pil realizes that Se Gi’s personality has grown stronger and there’s something that fuels his fire for total control over Do Hyun’s body, the fact that he found his first love. It’s a complicated situation that reaches the boundaries of obsession. If Se Gi cannot have the person he loves chances are high that person’s life will be at risk once affection disguises itself under a vengeful veil of violence. Since Do Hyun has no memories of Se Gi’s words and/or actions he mistakes Chae Yeon for Se Gi’s person of interest and rushes to find her. On his way out Ri Jin waits for him, but he doesn’t recall their recent interaction since his last memory as Do Hyun involving Ri Jin is the one Sook Hee created, that’s she a patient at the hospital! Her slightly flirting mood changes and she can’t comprehend what’s going on as she gets frustrated mistaking his behavior for rejection! She will unleash her wrath upon her teeth with the toothbrush being the implement of torture!

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bscap0082Do Hyun wants to protect Chae Yeon at all costs. She doesn’t quite get what he means when he tells her that if some day she notices him behaving oddly and  that if he doesn’t look like his usual self she should run away and ask for help, if it gets dangerous she shouldn’t resist hitting him. As an addition he lets her know that her phone call during Christmas made him happier and warmer. You can sense the longing in his stare, a longing that breaks him inside. Ki Joon’s shout cracks their conversation and she’s heading back indoors. Ki Joon’s the typical man who wields power within the palm of his hands, he considers love a territorial fight between men and his shout was a typical act of claiming what he considers to be his own, Chae Yeon. Chae Yeon’s not innocent either, she’s got her own ambitions and she’s playing her own game pretty well simply by playing around with others’ feelings.


bscap0104In the meantime Do Hyun’s inside his car and through the mirror he confronts Se Gi. He should never touch his loved ones for they are people Do Hyun would die for and he lets him know that he wouldn’t resist from taking his own life in order to prevent Se Gi from hurting all those dear to Do Hyun’s heart. The struggle he’s going through is immense, but breaking down only makes him weaker, something that feeds Se Gi’s ambitions. Later on he meets Secretary Ahn and lets him know of his intention to stay and fight back Se Gi. If he leaves again, once Se Gi will take control of his body he’ll make him return back back to South Korea, so it’s going to be a circle without end. Staying behind and putting up a proper fight is the pathway he should walk upon, with one course, putting an end to Se Gi and the other personalities once and for all in order to find some peace of mind and treasure life the way he deserves. And as a matter of fact his apartment becomes a controlled environment, something like a secret base where he can try to hold back any personality trying to come to the surface on a journey to take total control of his body.

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bscap0114Ri Jin is at Sook Hee’s room and tries to find out what’s going on with her. Sook Hee’s confession feels quite humane, she gets sick of doctors, they are everywhere. Her parents are doctors and want to make her a doctor too, since they can’t make her a doctor she’s at the hospital where doctors try to cure her whereas the only thing she wants to do is dance and have a good time. If she takes her medication Ri Jin promises that she’s willing to follow her on a dancing journey. Sook Hee gets overexcited and that dance, that snaky Mata Hari dance is such a sight! And how would you expect Ri Jin to respond? Of course by screaming! Sook Hee’s EXO thoughts on her new look and her Husky nickname are priceless! Although the rumors of Ri Jin getting rejected by Se Gi have spread around the hospital and it’s not such a pleasant place to be! Everyone’s talking about it while making fun of her. She  can’t just stand and keep watching. She decides to make things right by encountering her colleagues face to face. She gets quite fierce, but things don’t seem to work, it’s not easy to silence the rumors! She throws away Se Gi’s jacket in the recycle bin in order to get rid of everything related to him since she accepts her rejection. In the meantime, Do Hyun steadily becomes a young meditating Buddha!

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bscap0149In the end she takes the jacket with her at home, why? Because it’s real leather, why? Because it’s made in Italy! And her father’s more than happy to consider the jacket as a present, a new ornament of pleasure for him! Even if it’s not a present, even if it’s not his size, it doesn’t really matter, he’s definitely enjoying the new jacket in his own perfect microcosm and his wife and daughter’s synchronized screaming are not enough to break his dream bubble! No wonder Ri Jin is her mother’s daughter. As they’re preparing the food her mother expresses her concerns about Ri On who’s having nightmares and can’t sleep at night, he’s taking too seriously the worlds he forges with his pen; or keyboard. She enters his room to announce that he should get ready for food, but he’s nowhere to be found and right before she makes an important discovery there he is! Behind the rolling door was lying Do Hyun’s photo from the magazine he had found in the car. And that’s the part where i will return back to the very first scene of the drama. There we witness someone gathering information around Do Hyun’s past and the tragic events around some of his family’s members and how lucky he was to survive the fire. All of these newspaper parts are being placed on a wall, it’s the wall in Ri On’s room behind the rolling door, he’s gathering information around Do Hyun, there’s something he finds intriguing around him and as a writer he’s willing to purchase his feeling.

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bscap0176Back at the food preparation, Ri Jin manages to crack her mother’s concerns with one meaningful idiom, “the beginning and end to the health of the mind is the happiness of the family” and she’s not wrong! Ri On concurs and suggests a public advertisement laugh! Ri Jin follows and shortly after their mother as well, now that’s a happy and beautiful family! And while the barbeque’s taking place outdoors the father fills four bottles with beer with his hipster mechanism, i guess it’s homemade beer at its finest! Gunbae! Later on that night Ri Jin is concerned about Ri On’s health and wants to make sure that he’ll be fine away from this nightmares and that he won’t be taking too seriously his own stories. He reassures her that everything will be fine and unfolds his thoughts around his threefold persona. Omega, the writer self, Oh Whee, the seduction self and Oh Ri On, the safe and free self. Once he refers to Jekyll and Hyde and analyzes it a bit, Ri Jin’s thoughts linger in Se Gi’s words that suddenly start making some sense, his eyes were different during the beginning and the ending of the hospital scene. All these personalities within Do Hyun could be defense mechanisms, one for a different event and Se Gi could be related to the scene that shows little Do Hyun on the floor unable to protect himself from someone willing to hurt him. A defense mechanism for when he was wishing he could stand up and stop this violence. As for the suicidal self, there must had been times Do Hyun wanted to harm his own self and instead of that he created a personality that had such thoughts instead of him. As for the bomber? I really don’t know! Maybe it has to do something with the fire from which he survived.

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bscap0224Grandmother Tae Im arrives at the company accompanied by her grandson Do Hyon and while they’re heading towards the elevator they meet the detestable duo Young Pyo and Ki Joon, the master and the apprentice of the fetid pit respectively. The dialogue between Young Pyo and Tae Im is fiercely civilized with one biting another gently yet full of poison, after all bscap0225the dirty business is in the background while pretense reigns supreme in the foreground. Tae Im wants Do Hyun to be careful because there are many people waiting in the corner for his first misdemeanor to stab him in the back. Her words speak the truth, after so many years she knows how to read others and if she knows her enemy her grandson should know him as well. And with so many personalities underneath the surface it’s going to get complicated for sure!


bscap0240Do Hyun’s mother, Hwa Ra is at the golf course and she’s talking on the phone whereas at the same time her sister in law is nearby with her friends, but manages to leave before Hwa Ra arrives on the spot, pretending she didn’t notice her. Although Do Hyun is foxy and follows her at the cafeteria. She doesn’t recognize her as her sister in law and the more the discussion goes on the more things get complicated and soon she will face Do Hyun’s wrath who grabs her from the hair, making her realize that she’s not joking! Not being recognized by the family doesn’t mean they can make fun of her every time she’s around! Meanwhile at the company Ki Joon announces the battle between them for the ownership of Seung Jin Group and Ki Joon’s willing to use any rightful or illegitimate means to achieve his goal; by hook or by crook. Do Hyun tries to find an excuse for his alternate dressing at the club, but Ki Joon shows his teeth wondering whether he did drugs or not while he was abroad. We all know how important is one’s reputation in South Korea and Ki Joon makes him aware of that, we can consider this as a last warning before the real battle begins.

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bscap0262In the meantime Ri Jin leaves her car at the parking lot and she’s glad knowing that her father’s so happy for his new jacket! Someone calls out her name and the scene moves forward to Do Hyun who receives a mysterious phone call. The bathroom guy has returned and he’s determined to get back his precious made in Italy spiked jacket! He has kidnapped bscap0263Oh Ri Jin and demands from Se Gi to bring it back, but at the current moment he’s talking to… Do Hyun who doesn’t know what to do. If he doesn’t do anything within the time given Ri Jin will end up dead, he definitely has to do something, but the meeting at the company is about to begin! He simply doesn’t care for the time being and he tries to find the jacket, but it’s nowhere to be found, no wonder! Se Gi must come to the surface in order to save Ri Jin’s life. Se Gi’s presence is strengthened when Do Hyun’s in a fragile condition and he asks Secretary Ahn to hit him. After a few futile tries he decides to hit him really hard and the transformation begins. Yet, the fingertips don’t tap on the floor. The eyes don’t become violet instantly, yellowish is the color and Se Gi’s not present. Surprise! Perry Park’s here and dementia was born!

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Explosions: coming soon to a storage near you!

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