Episode 15 Review: Mr. Back (2014)

bscap0392It’s been a wonderful ride so far with Mr. Back. Fifteen episodes that had their own purpose in the scenario’s pace and the fifteenth episode is only the prelude to the swansong of Mr. Back. And such episodes deserve a powerful place in a drama, they have to offer the last hints of the storyline before the final episode breaks in and leads the drama to an end, a wonderful one if possible. And that’s what the fifteenth episode does, it reaches the final point before the mountain’s top, all the side-stories are being pushed to their edge before reaching completion with everyone doing an exceptional work, behind and in front of the cameras following the scriptwriter’s pen, OK, or keyboard. You have to admit that Mr. Back paced really well with the Xmas spirit of the days and it was right on time for Xmas Eve and Xmas, enriching its character with the overall ambiance of the days.

bscap0000The penultimate 15th episode of Mr. Back begins at the crucial moment when the 14th one left us with the impression that the truth behind Shin Hyung’s real identity would be revealed to Ha Soo. The truth’s one phrase away from coming to the surface, but every time Go Bong tries to utter his real name the afterlife police in white suits that were craving bscap0001for his soul at the first episode appears again. Ha Soo tries to relate the fact that she was at the sinkhole accident alongside the late chairman Choi Go Bong to the fact that she’s always been helpful towards Shin Hyung’s health when a cardiac arrest was bringing Shin Hyung on the verge of dying. At the same time someone’s taking photographs of them at the sight of the accident, someone working for the detestable director Yi Gun. Go Bong is thankful towards Ha Soo, for everything she’s done for him and especially for holding his hand when the accident occurred, he tries once again to reveal his identity but the afterlife police makes its omnipotent presence once again and he tries to escape along with Ha Soo who thinks that he’s hallucinating. His fear is immense whereas Ha Soo’s worries arise. It’s almost time for Go Bong to return the payment, but why does the afterlife police appear again? Could it be that he’s at the sight of the accident or because he shouldn’t reveal his identity to Ha Soo? Could it be that he’s running out of time? Questions, questions. The answer could be a combination of the aforementioned assumptions.

bscap0002bscap0003 bscap0021

bscap0023After leaving the sinkhole accident sight Go Bong and Ha Soo find themselves at the same park where the artificial paper crane cherry blossoms took place. It’s a familiar place both for the koong koong da couple and the audience since that specific scene on the 14th episode was powerful and moving. Go Bong feels way better now that the afterlife police has vanished once again. He finds comfort at that familiar spot, especially when Ha Soo’s around. She doesn’t intend to leave behind the hallucinating incident, it’s a hint that Go Bong’s health worsens even more and she can’t stand still when she worries way too much to remain silent. Go Bong refers to a four-word phrase, “the unknown is panacea”, but the unknown is what hurts Ha Soo more than anything else, the fear of the unknown and what might happen to Go Bong. She’s got a four-word phrase as well, “try walking in my shoes” (Depeche Mode pun intended). Setting aside Go Bong’s critical condition, if only he could put himself in Ha Soo’s position even for a little while he’d lose himself in a torrent of distress and agony, fear and an ongoing emotional trial. His deepest concern is if he leaves, would he be able not to leave no scars on the souls of his most loved people? It’s never easy to leave this way without hurting anyone and he knows it. Both of them are going through an internal struggle through different prisms that reflect to each other. He promises her that he’ll do the surgery, we all know that he won’t proceed this way, but he wants to ease her tension, even if it lasts for a little while. Soon the tears of agony turn into tears of laughter, although the truth behind her tears lie somewhere in the middle, on the thin red line of hoping and collapsing and Go Bong’s stare at the end of the scene is quite representative.

bscap0064bscap0067 bscap0068bscap0069bscap0072bscap0075 bscap0077

bscap0079Conspiracies, plans and counter-plans. All the camps are steadily preparing themselves for the final battle of who will take control over Choi Go Bong’s company. The detestable prosecutor has found out that Shin Hyung’s fingerprints match 100% the late chairman’s fingerprints, but that’s impossible since all fingerprints are something like a person’s bscap0080unique identity on this planet, is it? Go Bong’s having an unpredictable meeting, the offer cannot be easily ignored and everything starts going according to plan. Dae Han and Ji Yoon are watching the videos from the area where the sinkhole accident took place, they must find solid evidence that Yi Gun framed the late chairman by placing the money at the back of bscap0081his vehicle. They find something odd while watching the video, the prosecutor was at the area before the accident took place. The accident could not be predicted since it was a natural disaster, so, what was he doing there that night? Of course he was informed about the money and he was waiting for Choi Go Bong’s car to pass by. Steadily the pieces reveal themselves. Yi Gun wants the prosecutor to interrogate Shin Hyung, but it can’t be done that easily, apart from the identical fingerprints he doesn’t have any solid proof that something’s wrong with him. At the same time, Go Bong’s plan processes, he meets with prosecutor Gu that seems to had been close to the late chairman. Another investigation is about to begin, from the opposing side this time, it’s about time to clean Choi Go Bong’s name and the evidence must be be given to the prosecutor. This task was assigned to Dae Han, a phone call though puts the overall plan in the ice for a while. A meeting is being arranged with the woman Go Bong was having a discussion a bit earlier. She’s the girl from the picture scandal who tried to frame Dae Han and Go Bong took responsibility of the overall situation. Yi Gun never paid her because the plan didn’t work out and she was displeased with him, she would never reject Go Bong’s offer. She hands all the information she has over to Dae Han and he’s more than happy to get his hands on this precious stick, from this point and on it won’t be easy for Yi Gun and prosecutor Yang, what goes around comes around!

bscap0100bscap0101 bscap0125bscap0158

bscap0159Yi Gun by the time he enters his office an unpleasant surprise awaits him. Of course i’m referring to Mi Hye who’s not satisfied after she read Yi Gun’s interview in which he announces his engagement with Ji Yoon. This turn of events makes Mi Hye’s world crumble since she’s exposed to all the dangers of being used by Yi Gun and being called to get bscap0160interrogated by prosecutor Yang. She’s of no use to Yi Gun anymore and the air she breathes is threatening. Ji Yoon wasn’t aware of Yi Gun’s announcement either and breaks into his office to ask for explanations. Whether his feelings towards Ji Yoon are true or not, i don’t really care anymore, he’s got more than two faces and the fact that he can’t keep any of his promises doesn’t help either. Ji Yoon has known him for a long time and she’s the only person willing to speak the truth in front of his face, even though he’s not the kindest person to begin with, she recognizes his good side and how hard he worked, but if the current truth hurts he must prepare for pain. It’s all about his inferiority complex that keeps burning deep inside, he has forgotten his ambitions which were shining brightly when he was helping the company become even greater with his skills. Shortly after Yi Gun plays squash to calm down, until Dae Han appears and a word n’ squash power play begins! Sometimes words are more powerful than the force you put on the squash racket! Yi Gun’s words are imposing, but they stand on flimsy foundations, Dae Han’s thoughts always appear more spot on and they hurt more due to their tranquil accuracy. Lee Joon’s facial expressions are always pacing perfectly every time he appears on a scene, “bitch please” stare incoming!

bscap0176 bscap0204bscap0205 bscap0219

bscap0642Ha Soo and Go Bong pace with the spirit of the days and they’re taking a walk among the Xmas decorations. A couple asks Go Bong to take a picture of them, he has become a cellphone master by now and he’s more than happy to fulfill their wish! The overall ambiance is playful and joyous, just like it should and the selfie stick has its own profound position! Although i have to admit that this huge snowman was kind of scary, for some weird reason it reminded me of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters! During the Xmas period there are always people and/or organizations that gather money for the less fortunate of this world and Ha Soo wants to contribute. Go Bong takes the upper hand of the situation, literally, he grabs the hand of the man with the bell and turns the overall scene into a passionate call to arms by moving it upside down. Passers by respond to the philanthropist call!


bscap0261Go Bong wanted to take his son somewhere special, the bathhouse! Dae Han can’t understand what’s so special about this place, although Go Bong has his own theory and he’s definitely enjoying himself while singing! Judging from our experience so far with Mr. Back when we find both of them together they always start fighting in their own playful way! bscap0262Water fighting is essential and that’s what they’re doing and not only that, Go Bong insists that he should scratch Dae Han’s back to make him feel cleaner than ever! His reactions while scratching his back are priceless along with the whole noodle bar story going on around the dirt factor! Dae Han’s suffering due to the intense scratching and it’s about time they switch positions! Scratching Go Bong’s back feels as if Dae Han discovered a new planet and he’s definitely enjoying it going rougher and rougher! It’s Go Bong’s turn to suffer! Payback time for all the scratch suffering! And we’re simply swimming in a sea of entertaining facial expressions for one more time! They’re definitely father and son, every single move they make while drying and fixing their hair is perfectly synchronized! Shortly after they’re relaxing while eating their snacks and Dae Han agrees that it was a great experience and that they should do that again, Go Bong’s stare proves once again how the forthcoming unknown future prevents him from organizing plans with his loved ones, even though he’d love to fill his daily program for a hundred years’ time ahead. That pink ass-heart though!

bscap0263bscap0265bscap0266bscap0267 bscap0268bscap0269bscap0270bscap0271 bscap0272bscap0273bscap0274bscap0275 bscap0276bscap0277 bscap0278bscap0279bscap0281bscap0282 bscap0284bscap0283 bscap0285bscap0286bscap0287bscap0289 bscap0290bscap0291 bscap0292bscap0293 bscap0296bscap0295 bscap0297bscap0301bscap0302bscap0303 bscap0304bscap0305 bscap0306bscap0307bscap0308bscap0309 bscap0310bscap0311  bscap0313bscap0314bscap0315bscap0316 bscap0317bscap0318bscap0319bscap0321 bscap0322bscap0323 bscap0324bscap0325 bscap0326bscap0328 bscap0329bscap0330 bscap0331bscap0332 bscap0333bscap0334 bscap0335bscap0336 bscap0337bscap0338 bscap0339bscap0340 bscap0341bscap0342bscap0343bscap0345 bscap0347bscap0348 bscap0350bscap0351 bscap0353bscap0352 bscap0354bscap0355

bscap0356Their bromance won’t end there, Go Bong still owes his son a paternal Christmas memory. It’s about time they decorate an Xmas tree together and… what an Xmas tree it is! Around four meters tall or even more! It’s one of these trees you’ll probably never see inside a house since it’s a square potential decoration tree, but the Gold House isn’t a common house and its wealth capacity is insuperable. It’s a beauteous tree, decorated graciously and adorned with memories since pictures are a part of it as well. Dae Han places the star upon the tree as high as he reaches and closes his eyes for a heartfelt wish. He starts wishing about how much he’d like his father to be around the next year and for many years ahead in order to decorate the Xmas tree together, soon he sees things differently and makes his wish more Go Bong oriented. Dae Han hands over to Go Bong the meteor keepsake his mother had given him and wishes for a miracle when it comes to his father. It might seem generic as a wish, but it’s sincere and let’s not forget that a miracle is always positive and it’s one of these times one would pray for a miracle to happen.Handing him over something so precious and personal makes his wish’s symbolism more powerful.

bscap0357bscap0358 bscap0359bscap0360 bscap0361bscap0362 bscap0363bscap0364 bscap0365bscap0366 bscap0367bscap0368 bscap0369bscap0370 bscap0371bscap0372bscap0373bscap0374 bscap0375bscap0376 bscap0377bscap0378 bscap0379bscap0380 bscap0381bscap0382 bscap0384bscap0385 bscap0386bscap0387 bscap0389

bscap0391Go Bong spends some time alone at his room writing letters or Xmas cards and later on he goes once again at the living room and recalls doctor Kim’s words about the weird elixir he found in Africa. Gyung Bae comes to see him. It’s not a discussion between a chairman and his right hand, it’s a discussion between friends. Go Bong’s willing to let him go to his bscap0392wife and children and make things right, he’s grateful towards him for the thirty years they’ve spent together, for all the help he has offered to him and for having to bear all the assignments he had given him. If we witnessed a few months of Go Bong and Gyung Bae’s relationship during Mr. Back, imagine what he’s been through in thirty years’ bscap0393time under Go Bong’s instructions, personally, i wouldn’t like to even think about it! But it wasn’t all that bad, it wasn’t at all, the mutual trust and sincerity they forged throughout the years and the middle-aged bromance they share is something beautiful and declares a true friendship. Gyung Bae doesn’t intend to leave Go Bong’s side, especially not this time since the following days will be crucial. He tries to convince him to have the surgery and eventually he bursts into tears and embraces Go Bong. Dae Han’s witnessing the heartrending moment between the two men and suffers in silence on his own. Dae Han and Gyung Bae meet each other to find a solution for Go Bong’s situation, they are both worried and if they have to, they will force him to have the surgery as a last attempt to save his life.

bscap0394bscap0395 bscap0396bscap0397bscap0398bscap0399 bscap0400111b bscap0402bscap0403 bscap0404bscap0405 bscap0406bscap0407 bscap0408bscap0409 bscap0410bscap0411 bscap0412bscap0413bscap0414bscap0415 bscap0416bscap0417 bscap0418bscap0419 bscap0420bscap0421 bscap0422bscap0423bscap0425bscap0426 bscap0427bscap0428bscap0429bscap0430 bscap0431bscap0432 bscap0433bscap0434 bscap0435bscap0436 bscap0437bscap0438bscap0440bscap0439 bscap0441bscap0442 bscap0443bscap0444 bscap0445bscap0446 bscap0448bscap0449 bscap0450bscap0452 bscap0453bscap0454 bscap0455bscap0456 bscap0457bscap0458bscap0459bscap0460 bscap0461bscap0462 bscap0463bscap0464 bscap0465bscap0466 bscap0467bscap0468

bscap0469Ki Chan and Nan Hee are having one of these honey-dropping moments with Ki Chan steadily falling in her love-trap while Nan Hee’s melting at his very presence! The honey stops falling once Woo Young and Ha Soo appear and refer to the rumors they heard. Ki Chan says that the rumors about the employees are true if the resort gets sold to foreigners. They bscap0470just can’t stand still and wait for the ominous future to become present, a petition is a bout to begin for their rights and the resort! Young Dal gets a call from the prosecutor, Mi Hye arrives at his office and says that she received a call as well. She reveals to him everything In Ja was doing behind his back all this time by transferring funds to her family in Germany. Dae Han appears as a heaven sent savior and asks them to cooperate with him if they want to survive! The wolves would do anything in order to survive, especially since Dae Han is part of the family and since family’s willing to help them in exchange for their cooperation… of course they’d proceed! Dae Han and Ji Yoon pay a visit to prosecutor Gu bringing with them all the evidence they have against Yi Gun in order to clean the late chairman’s name. Dae Han wouldn’t have gone so far without Ji Yoon’s precious help and unconditional love, it’s something he recognizes and he’s more than thankful towards her face who’s shining as she receives at least 1% of the feelings she has for Dae Han who’s definitely trying to move on with his own feelings when it comes to Ji Yoon.

bscap0471bscap0472 bscap0474bscap0475 bscap0476bscap0477 bscap0478bscap0479 bscap0480bscap0481 bscap0482bscap0483 bscap0484bscap0485 bscap0486bscap0487 bscap0488bscap0489 bscap0490bscap0491 bscap0492bscap0493bscap0494bscap0495 bscap0496bscap0497 bscap0498bscap0499 bscap0500bscap0501 bscap0502bscap0503bscap0504bscap0505 bscap0506bscap0507 bscap0508bscap0509 bscap0510bscap0511 bscap0512bscap0513bscap0514bscap0515 bscap0516bscap0517 bscap0518bscap0519 bscap0520bscap0521 bscap0522bscap0523bscap0524bscap0525 bscap0526bscap0527 bscap0528bscap0529

Tbscap0531he next morning a pleasant surprise wakes up Go Bong, it’s a message from Ha Soo wishing him Merry Xmas! He’s glad for the message and replies back with his own wishes! The smile fades away from his face as soon as he realizes that it’s one day before Xmas Eve and he has only one day in front of him before the unknown spreads its wings above him. At the bscap0532company Dae Han wants Ha Soo to work on an appreciation plaque for the late chairman, a plaque that Shin Hyung will receive on behalf of… himself. He worked really hard and he didn’t deserve the blackmail he received during the last days of his life and it’s a humble payback time for Choi Go Bong. Young Dal, Mi Hye and In Ja are in a difficult situation, the bscap0535prosecutor’s investigation wasn’t the most pleasant experience in their lives. Go Bong’s willing to help them, if they help him back alongside Dae Han. Of course, coming back to their senses and behaving properly from now on is one of the terms if they want Go Bong to help them. Prosecutor Yang meets with Yi Gun and informs him that nothing’s going well. Everyone brought evidence in order to prove bscap0537their innocence, although Yi Gun doesn’t intend to stop even now that prosecutor Gu’s after him with proper evidence. Stepping back now would prove him guilty immediately. The employees’ petition is going well, the support is immense. Go Bong’s passing by and witnesses the petition, he’s glad to see that the employees support his son and want him to remain as the resort’s chairman. Go Bong offers his own signature as well and asks Ha Soo if she’s free in the evening, the nighttime belongs to them! In the meantime, Yi Gun’s office feels like a volcano ready to erupt and… it erupts. His empire starts to crumble and he’s standing on its frail remains.

bscap0538bscap0539 bscap0540bscap0542 bscap0543bscap0544 bscap0545bscap0546 bscap0547bscap0548 bscap0549bscap0550 bscap0551bscap0552 bscap0553bscap0554 bscap0555bscap0556 bscap0557bscap0558 bscap0559bscap0560 bscap0561bscap0562 bscap0563bscap0564bscap0565bscap0566 bscap0567bscap0568 bscap0569bscap0570 bscap0571bscap0572 bscap0573bscap0574bscap0575bscap0576 bscap0577bscap0578 bscap0580bscap0581 bscap0582bscap0583 bscap0584bscap0585 bscap0586bscap0587 bscap0588bscap0589bscap0590bscap0591 bscap0592bscap0593 bscap0596bscap0597 bscap0598bscap0599bscap0600bscap0601

bscap0602Dae Han and Ji Yoon are on their way to meet with the main foreign investor of the resort. Yi Gun starts following them, but Gyung Bae’s ever-watching stare notices it. Yi Gun’s about to follow them with his car, but another car blocks his way. It’s about time for a face to face battle with Go Bong himself. It appears that it was Go Bong on the phone when he started bscap0603following Ji Yoon and Dae Han in the first place by telling him that he can’t meet him. He starts talking to Yi Gun in first person about the past, how he took care of him and how much he trusted and supported him along the way with his studies and his work at the company making Yi Gun wonder who he really is. Had he known he’d turn out this way he’d treat him differently. Instead of creating a successful businessman, Yi Gun turned into Go Bong’s most menacing shadow and he finally speaks the truth. Yi Gun utters that in the end he wasn’t even Go Bong’s son and his inferiority complex comes to the surface, the one Ji Yoon had diagnosed earlier. Yi Gun, you could never be Dae Han, deal with it. Yi Joon and Dae Han’s meeting with the investor seems to be flowing well, he’s being informed of the overall situation and the future seems bright, the company must remain in Dae Han’s hands. In the meantime, Woo Youg has taken Ha Soo at a cosmetics store. Ha Soo’s birthday is a day for presents and that’s what Woo Young intends to do!

bscap0604bscap0605 bscap0606bscap0607 bscap0608bscap0609bscap0610bscap0611 bscap0612bscap0613bscap0615bscap0616 bscap0617bscap0618 bscap0619bscap0620 bscap0621bscap0622 bscap0623bscap0624 bscap0625bscap0626 bscap0627bscap0628 bscap0629bscap0630 bscap0631bscap0632 bscap0634bscap0635bscap0636bscap0637 bscap0638bscap0639bscap0640bscap0641 bscap0642bscap0643 bscap0644bscap0645 bscap0646bscap0647 bscap0649bscap0650 bscap0651bscap0652  bscap0654bscap0653bscap0655bscap0656 bscap0657bscap0658 bscap0659bscap0660 bscap0661

bscap0677Festivals end as festivals should and this night belongs to Ha Soo 100%. It incorporates everything, from celestial beauty to utter devastation, there are no mediocre pathways for such a special couple to walk upon, only the edges of the arrows that point towards every direction, everything must be felt to the core, everything but hate, it never found its way between them, between heaven and the mouth of the abyss. It’s a night that belongs to the Koong Koong Da couple and the 20 minutes of the scene do exceptional justice to their beauteous relationship. It’s an ode to the Milky Way, Eun Ha Soo, a tribute flowing from every part of Go Bong’s very soul and the scene must be cherished as such.

bscap0662By the time Ha Soo walks into the living room she can’t believe her eyes, the sight is elegant and beautiful, the Xmas tree attracts her attention. Soon Go Bong appears with her birthday cake and she blows out the candles. The most powerful part is about to begin. Go Bong has composed his own hand puppet operetta to tell a story. He had to find a way to bscap0663tell his story in a unique way for Ha Soo’s precious eyes and so it unfolds. About how he “lived” in the past and what he was missing, how he found himself at the verge of dying and how the angel held his hand and brought him back to life. Ha Soo’s facial expressions to every part of the story are heartfelt, the more the story processes the more she dives emotionally into it bscap0664 and the crucial part is when the name of the angel is being revealed, it’s Eun Ha Soo who’s celebrating her birthday. The hand puppet show was the most creative way he could think of in order to say farewell to Ha Soo directly in an indirect way, through the dialogue of the puppets. The Go Bong puppet tells everything he wishes as a farewell to the angel puppet and the angel repeats his words. He wants her to take care of herself by not skipping meals, he wants her to always be the winner when she eats ddukbokki. All these small things that make the difference to one’s eyes. Whenever she doesn’t feel well, she should never forget the phrase she taught him, “koong koong da”, she should always make people happy and create beautiful memories for them. She wants her to live happily and always remember that someone like him was thankful that she was born. Ha Soo’s final wish flows straight from the heart, they will never be apart, it’s the most sincere promise she can make. And that straight forward face to face “i love you” among tears was so alive, kissing never felt so blissful and mourning at the same time.

bscap0665bscap0666 bscap0667bscap0668 bscap0669bscap0672  bscap0674bscap0673 bscap0675bscap0676 bscap0678bscap0679bscap0680bscap0681 bscap0683bscap0686bscap0687bscap0688 bscap0689bscap0690 bscap0691bscap0692 bscap0695bscap0696 bscap0697bscap0698 bscap0699bscap0700 bscap0701bscap0703bscap0704bscap0705 bscap0706bscap0708bscap0709bscap0710 bscap0712bscap0713 bscap0714bscap0715 bscap0716bscap0717 bscap0718bscap0719 bscap0720bscap0721 bscap0722bscap0723 bscap0724bscap0725 bscap0726bscap0728 bscap0729bscap0730bscap0731bscap0732 bscap0733bscap0734 bscap0735bscap0736 bscap0737bscap0738 bscap0739bscap0741bscap0742bscap0743 bscap0746bscap0747 bscap0749bscap0750 bscap0751bscap0752 bscap0756bscap0757 bscap0758bscap0759bscap0760bscap0761 bscap0762bscap0763 bscap0764bscap0775 bscap0776bscap0777 bscap0779bscap0778bscap0780bscap0781 bscap0782bscap0783 bscap0784bscap0785 bscap0786bscap0787 bscap0788bscap0789 bscap0791bscap0790 bscap0792bscap0793 bscap0794bscap0795 bscap0796bscap0797bscap0798bscap0799bscap0800bscap0801 bscap0802bscap0803 bscap0805

bscap0807The last seconds of the 24th of December, 2014, are leaving their final breath on time’s merciless highway. Go Bong’s final day begins and Merry Xmas is not the most appropriate phrase for the occasion. The final message arrives and Go Bong’s distress is breathing in the room’s heavy air. It’s time for Mr. Back’s final episode to start unfolding its tale, the hourglass of life starts drifting among the sands of time.

bscap0808bscap0809 bscap0810bscap0153bscap0814

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