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HanaKimi91 here : D First of all , I’m sorry , I haven’t been uploading lately , but I was too busy.I hope all of you , had a great time at Christmas and now I wish for a GREAT NEW YEAR.Finally I had some time to myself and I finally finished “Greatest Marriage” episodes 14 and 15.

-contains spoilers-

I am the same person , that few weeks was writing about The Greatest Marriage , turning into a soap opera.But after watching the last two episodes , it seems to me I get why the writers decided to exaggerate things and somehow I feel , I got closer to their point of view.

Showing the hypocrisy of the community , how corrupted people getting their things done , just because they have money and power. It can only be described through a dramatic main lead and tragic events.

The injustice Gi Young has to face , it’s an issue , happening everywhere in real life too , but people don’t get to understand or take notice of it.

Also I think a great issue , the writers tried to deliver in these episodes .Is that a “good image” , can be a huge lie.Gi Young , may be a single mother , but she has more ethics and dignity than , a so called a “model family” like Tae Yeon’s.A family who is corrupted to the bone , but leaves an illusion that they are the good of the world.

Jo Eun Cha , better later than never , realises how unethical are the things he does , just to get the career he wants and decides to join to Gi Young’s side. Even a scumbag like himself , who has done hideous things , gets what a disgusting family , Park Taeyeon’s family is. In Eun Cha’s face I find , some hope in humanity at this drama . If Jo Eun Cha , is our hope , imagine what a messed up society , we ‘re talking about .But you know , this is reality.The relationship , growing between Gi Young and him , seems only logical to me.Sure she was mad , when she found out his lies.But at least he had , the courage to admit , his actions and stay by her side.In this life Gi Young has to face , I so much choose Eun Cha as her partner , rather than  immature Tae Yeon.

I’m so over , trying to understand Tae Yeon‘s place.Unfortunately , he has been raised under a family , who taught him , that he can get what he wants.But since he can’t have Gi Young’s love , he is even capable of stepping on his child happiness , just to get his revenge.That’s how mature Tae Yeon is.

Myung Yi , I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning her anymore. She has turned into the evil bitch of a kdrama.She would do anything to stay in the corrupted family, ANYTHING . On the other hand , she is the only one , that fully gets Tae Yeon and tells him the truth , in his face .

I’m really interested , on what will happen in the last episode. Gi Young not only has to face  the wrong decision of Judges and lawyers , who would stain their reputation anytime just by being bribed. She must also face , Tae Yeon who makes a shocking announcement , saying he is gonna give her everything back.’

p.s  Sun Nyeo and Bae Du Ro are having a baby ? In the world of “Greatest Marriage” , isn’t there a thing called “condom” ? It’s weird , but I ship them , so I’m looking forward , to how this is gonna turn out.

~ Maybe I’ll be able to write before  new year , but since then I’ll leave you ,with one of my favourites kpop song.EXO’s “Miracles in December”.Let’s hope for some miracles before , December leaves ;).Until then have a great time.

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