Episode 8 Review: Pinocchio (2014)

bscap0011There are various types of episodes when it comes to the world of dramas. Of course it depends on the drama and what the very essence of the episode will be. However, there are some distinctive types of episode. There are the episodes that slow down the pace, episodes that complete the previous one or will reflect their meaning after the following one will air. There are episodes that move in the background and episodes that deliver answers to name just a few categories. And there are these episodes that no matter how you look at them, no matter from which angle, through which prism and from what perspective you look at them, they feel complete. And by saying complete i mean they caress perfection’s tender surface.


bscap0002The eight episode continues from where the seventh one stopped, the meeting of the two brothers after so many years. On Dae Han’s behalf it’s an emotionally fortified scene that tears him apart at the same time. He imagined this moment countless times throughout the years and countless times he thought he would burst into fountains of tears as soon as he’d come across his brother. Instead, an immense fear overwhelmed him. In one hand, a glaring ray of light surrounded him. On the other hand, shades started to grow around the scenery that was supposed to be blissful. The fear of offering your hand willingly into the unknown. His brother’s phone number was in the list of the ex manager’s contacts and there’s the container fire incident with the two murdered ex workers of the burnt down factory. And that fearful suspicion made him protect his brother from Chan Soo’s presence around. Instead of opening his heart to Jae Myung, silence alongside numerous questions overburden him. Questions whose answers could be terrifying and unbearable. And everything starts from the very simple question in Dal Po’s mind, is his brother behind the murders? A question that divides itself in thousands of branches full of questions whose answers feel like forbidden fruits for the time being. That’s why he never told him thebscap0003 whole truth and that’s why he never told him that he recently started working as a reporter. The first time he calls him brother he’s entering a state of blissful nirvana and the fact that they look pretty much alike shatters him inside when he thinks of what could be hiding behind Jae Myung. After they part ways Dal Po follows him and finds out where he lives. Dal Po’s thoughts are representative of his devoured peace of mind.

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bscap0054Dal Po returns back to the office where Hyun Gyu and Won Goo await for him, the air doesn’t feel pleasant for Dal Po’s appearance, it’s going to be tough for him, or not? Of course not, he’s clever enough in the reporting field to turn an event to his own measures and avoid getting caught in an awful situation! He uses the previous meeting with his brother as a meeting with a suspect and Hyun Gyu and Won Goo’s reactions are more than positive! They forgot all the harsh words and they’re ready for the next big thing in the world of exclusive news! Although, it was just a speculation on Dal Po’s behalf and he leaves the field unharmed, like a boss! Gents, you’ve been fooled! Young Tak agrees and his sharp eyes witnesses that Dal Po’s going to be a great reporter someday, he’s got potential!

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bscap0083Men’s toilet is a specific place, women’s toilet as well, MSC channel’s toilets is a connected universe when it comes to acoustics! The communication system between the toilets is not even close to 1% soundproof. And of course, you don’t know who may be hiding inside a toilet room! Bum Jo and Il Joo are having a discussion at the outskirts of men’s toilets and when they refer to Gong Joo his voice echos from behind a closed door! Of course he sweeps his hand up Il Joo’s jacket and tries to get his arm over Bum Jo’s shoulders, for obvious reasons he can’t proceed! The discussion moves towards In Ha and whether she’s got the potential to become a proper reporter on her own. Cha Ok is reason enough for In Ha’s connections and she’s using her as an advertisement for MSC channel in order to raise its credibility. In Ha’s at women’s toilet and overhears the overall discussion, her facial expressions are priceless! She finds Cha Ok washing her hands there. As they’re leaving she asks her mother to tell Gong Joo that everything he said was wrong and she pretty much wants the same treatment as the rest of the people working for the channel. Once she calls her “mother” Cha Ok’s blood pressure automatically rises, “Manager Sung” is the appropriate way to refer to her while they are at work. Like she can call her mother any other time of the day… Her words towards In Ha are harsh, she doesn’t consider her strong enough to become a reporter and even though she’s the one that asked her to work for the channel, shbscap0084e still considers that she’s got connections and that the treatment others receive shouldn’t apply to her as well. Il Joo, Gong Joo and Bum Jo are eavesdropping their conversation and Il Joo’s words are more than true when he says that Cha Ok hired In Ha just to abuse her! In Ha deserves a better treatment from her mother, at least once for Korean BBQ’s sake!

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bscap0113Gyo Dong used all his police connections to find Dal Po’s brother’s phone number. The thing is, he’s afraid to give it to Dal Po because he’ll be overly enthusiastic and emotional and everyone will witness it at their working place. He imagines the scene and he doesn’t want to go through this awkward situation in reality! She calls Yoo Rae and asks her to give the paper to Dal Po, although Dal Po’s reactions are common, as if he offered him a cigarette or even less than that! A simplistic “thank you” floats in the air and Gyo Dong definitely didn’t expect that. He follows him to the elevator to find out why Dal Po behaved like that, the answer is simple. Dal Po doesn’t proceed in details, but he expresses the fear of how his brother would be after thirteen years of absence in his life, the fear of the unknown and the menace of the unexpected that surrounded him at his first meeting with Jae Myung.

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bscap0139In Ha’s wandering alone under a snowy sky as her mother’s harsh words still echo in her mind. She finds Dal Po eating at a restaurant and even though she starts leaving he texts her that they’ll just eat, he doesn’t want to put her in an awkward state of mind, she already seems troubled. By the time she enters the restaurant Dal Po had already ordered one of the portions she enjoys. You have to love how much they know each other, he gladly receives the egg yolk from her since she doesn’t like it and he gives her the white part of the egg which she enjoys a lot. In Ha finds out that Dal Po’s girlfriend, the one who’s smart and cute and has a nice voice, was his navigation system all this time. After eating they’re going out for a walk and In Ha expresses all her concerns and how the magic picture of her mother she was forming for years now was lying burnt down on the floor, she wasn’t how she expected her to be. Dal Po utterly understands her, he’s in a like-minded situation with his brother, but he can’t reveal the truth, it’s a dark secret he must keep, at least for the time being. He can humbly tell In Ha that he understands how she feels and that’s all, no further explanation. In Ha wonders if it would be easy for them to return back to their old relationship, the niece-uncle one. Dal Po can’t hold back anymore, he can’t revisit a situation that was in the past and was shattered by their mutual emotions, the ones In Ha couldn’t hide, the ones Dal Po’s been hiding for a long time. He can’t go back. In Ha says that she can do that, but her hiccuping prevents her from keeping this little lie wandering around. Dabscap0140l Po makes his move, In Ha places her palm in front of her mouth and what a beautiful and affectionate moment! He kisses her palm and disarms her lips. Caressed by bright Xmas light their lips entwine and they treasure the moment deep inside, an expressive beautiful kiss scene full of emotion, with both of them losing themselves in each other’s soulful embrace, Shin Hye and Jong Suk’s chemistry made it happen!

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bscap0189For the most part of the rest of the episode the story flows with In Ha, Bum Jo, Dal Po and Yoo Rae’s duties as young reporters and how they interact with people close to them or colleagues and superiors from their workplace. A pretty interesting part of the story since it actually portrays a young reporter’s life and the problems he encounters bscap0190both on the road and at the office. The snowy period has taken over and the next assignment will be around the immense frost. The mission is about taking pictures of falling pedestrians on the slippery ground and our reporters have to cover the story! Gyo Dong sends Yoo Rae and Dal Po while Gong Joo wants In Ha to cover the story as the main bscap0191reporter accompanied by Bum Jo. He’s got a plan, he wants to prove Cha Ok that a Pinocchio young lady like In Ha can actually become a reporter! Once Il Joo informs In Ha she’s swimming in oceans of happiness! She can’t believe that her first report will finally take place so soon and the other reporters can’t believe it either! Her reactions are brightly vivid and she’s all over the place dancing, jumping and offering cute grimaces! Bum Jo offers his palm for a high five collaboration and feels in the first place In Ha’s overpowered enthusiasm! In the meantime, Chan Soo meets with Dal Po at the police station, both of them were aware of each other’s presence at the place where Dal Po met Jae Myung, what Dal Po’s unaware of is the fact that Chan Soo actually saw him and knows that Dal Po lied to him about where he really was. Chan Soo’s information that the culprit was at the same square that night doesn’t help Dal Po’s mind to think positively, everything leans towards the direction he wants to discard from his life.

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bscap0249Dal Po’s lost in his thoughts again, he can’t believe that his brother could be behind the murders. In Ha finds him and she tells him the news, all she wants is Dal Po’s caring support, but still, he’s too lost in the corners of his mind. He takes her in his arms and congratulates her, all he wants to hear from her lips is that everything’s going to be OK, no matter what, in the future. Inside her soothing arms he doesn’t feel lost, it’s his newborn safe heaven. In Ha understands that something is wrong and wants to find out what’s troubling him. He can’t tell her the truth and he says that he’s sick again and makes fun of her by saying that it’s his jealousy due to her first official report that makes his stomach ache. The lip-grab is essential at that moment and their chemistry shines once again, like always!

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bscap0278Everybody knows that the police station is not heaven on earth. In Ha stinks and she has to get ready for her first report. She wants to wash her hair but soon enough she notices that the water has been shut off. She can’t do the report with shampoo on her hair, she stares at the toilet and the toilet stares back at her. It was love at first fright. To tell the truth, this toilet can do wonders, it’s a spaceship toilet, remember when she was sick and she slept there with the toilet producing warm air? All these buttons must have an application to pretty much anything! I want that toilet to experiment on whatever! Yoo Rae’s impressed by In Ha fresh hair, but still, she wonders how she managed to wash them if the water had been shut off, it’s a reporter’s secret on the road to success!

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bscap0291Dal Peng and almighty grandpa Gong Pil are on their way to the police station to provide In Ha with everything she asked for! Dal Peng states that it’s not such a big deal that she’s going to be on the TV, but as soon as they reach the police station everyone he asks for information about where they can find In Ha, you know, suddenly she becomes the reporter who broke all records and she’s going to appear faster than anyone else on the TV! As soon as they reach the press room Bum Jo greets them as father and grandfather! They are not impressed by what they see, it’s nothing impressive anyway, but how could the record-breaking reporter In Ha sleep there? Especially when Dal Po sleeps there as well and Dal Peng’s greatest fears are about to turn to life until Bum Jo stops the other reporter’s informative rant about Dal Po’s preference towards In Ha. From now on, Yoo Rae is the girl Dal Po likes! Yoo Rae’s at loss for words, grandpa Gong Pil scans Yoo Rae from head to toe and he concurs! He looks like an old perv to be honest, but we all know how happy he is for his other bromance half, Dal Po! Yoo Rae starts recalling moments when Dal Po was nice to her and everything starts making sense! How didn’t she notice it earlier?! Because such feelings never existed, but it doesn’t matter! She lectures Dal Po on how he should behave from now on in order for everything to flow well for them as friends/colleagues, after all she doesnbscap0294‘t like him as a man, because she’s already in love, with… Super Junior’s Hee Chul who’s on the background of her cellphone! After she made things clear, she walks away like a boss! OK, Lee Yoo Bi is divine, i bow gently. Shortly after Bum Jo lets Dal Po know that he was the one who spread the rumor about him and Yoo Rae. Dal Po’s about to explode, but Bum Jo’s reasons are disarming.

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bscap0352Dal Peng and Gong Pil are overenthusiastic about In Ha’s achievement, soon enough though she has to leave with Bum Jo! Bum Jo refers to them once again as father and grandfather, their smiles say everything! As they’re walking down the stairs they witness Bum Jo and In Ha talking to Robin Hood dressed as a beaver this time, her hats kill me! She provides them with earmuffs to avoid the cold while Dal Peng and Gong Pil are doing their investigation by asking another reporter some questions. Once Dal Peng knows that Bum Jo is the son of the beaver who’s the owner of a department store his smile reaches his ears like Joker! Dal Po and Yoo Rae have already left, Joo Ho’s still waiting for In Ha and Bum Jo and he’s quite pissed off. He gives her an official MSC jacket and she’s so impressed! Everything MSC-oriented makes her happy abscap0353nd she wows with pretty much anything, something that disturbs Joo Ho even more and Bum Jo has to shut her mouth! Although she calms him down by presenting the hot spots for falling pedestrians. It’s inside information she got from Dal Peng who’s in real estate! Dal Po’s prepared as well, having worked as a taxi driver for years he knows the hot spots as well! Jae Hwan’s proud of her reporter! The slippery spot battle for the best shot is about to begin!

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bscap0394Jae Hwan’s team is already working and she wants someone to scan the area for another spot, Yoo Rae offers herself, although Dal Po takes her place! He’s following the instructions of a grandmother and soon he reaches his brother’s house he’s trying to open his truck, but it’s locked. Jae Myung returns back home and witnesses Dal Po’s actions, the grandmother refers to Dal Po as a reporter and Jae Myung finds out he’s one of them! Things are not going to flow well! Joo Ho’s team has found a great spot thanks to In Ha’s information! Although it won’t be easy to get a good shot since In Ha starts hiccuping every time someone is about to fall if she won’t do anything to help. Truth be told, it’s a dangerous spot with big stairs and if someone falls chances are high the accident is going to be quite harmful. Bum Jo’s aware of her hiccuping and makes the first move to help the students and In Ha follows. After all, if she can’t stop hiccuping she won’t be able to report the news. Il Joo thinks that it’s going to be easy for In Ha, although Cha Ok’s opinion seems to differ, she was aware that something like that would occur. As predicted Joo Ho’s team didn’t manage to get many good shots. That’s why Cha Ok had already sent another team to work on this, although Doo Young seems to be quite pissed off and wonders whether In Ha can be a reporter or not.

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bscap0443In Ha and Bum Jo must be taught a lesson from their superiors, but Il Joo doesn’t think Gong Joo can really shout at anyone. Bum Jo and In Ha return and the unexpected spreads its wings. Gong Joo’s yelling at them! They try to support their actions, Gong Joo’s disarming though, he has a proper argument for every philanthropic statement they make and he’s right in terms of working as a reporter. He’s spot on, if they want to help others they can become volunteers and quit being reporters. The work of a reporter is to notice the wrong-doings and problems of societies and make the officials watch the news to make things right. He’s exaggerating of course, but if they can’t accomplish this simple task they won’t be able to work on more serious cases, so he’s being as harsh as he can to make them understand the importance of a reporter’s work. Gong Joo left everyone speechless! Shortly after, In Ha informs him that this time everything will be fine because she understands the rbscap0444easons behind her report, the hiccuping has stopped, it’s about time they find good spots once again! Cha Ok lets it slide this time, but if she fails again she won’t have another chance, but Gong Joo has faith in In Ha, he notices she’s got the sparkle to be a reporter, she just needed a mind-awakening moment. Hoo Jo’s pissed off at In Ha and Bum Jo, but this time they promise him that everything will be fine.

bscap0446bscap0447bscap0448bscap0449 bscap0450bscap0451bscap0452bscap0453 bscap0454bscap0455bscap0456bscap0457bscap0458bscap0459 bscap0460bscap0461 bscap0462bscap0463 bscap0464bscap0465 bscap0466bscap0467bscap0468bscap0469 bscap0470bscap0471 bscap0472bscap0473 bscap0474bscap0475 bscap0476bscap0477bscap0478bscap0479 bscap0480bscap0481 bscap0482bscap0483 bscap0484bscap0485 bscap0486bscap0487bscap0488bscap0490 bscap0491bscap0492 bscap0493bscap0494 bscap0495bscap0496 bscap0497bscap0498bscap0499bscap0500bscap0501bscap0502bscap0503bscap0504bscap0505bscap0506bscap0507bscap0508bscap0509bscap0510 bscap0511bscap0512 bscap0513

bscap0515In the meantime, Jae Hwan’s team arrives back at the station, Yoo Rae falls but she won’t let Dal Po help her, she was pretty clear when she told him her views on the subject earlier! Jae Myung’s wandering around the station’s building and his appearance there can only be threatening. Joo Ho calls Gong Joo and informs him that everything’s flowing well with In Ja and Bum Jo and that he shouldn’t worry. Once they stop talking on the phone he pretends to keep talking and he’s quite loud as he moves towards Cha Ok. She doesn’t seem to like his words and she takes an offensively defensive position, Gong Joo’s words though speak the truth, In Ha wasn’t the only one that was taught a lesson, Gong Joo was taught a few things as well by In Ha, pondering over the events before shooting the news is essential and that’s what makes them news in the end. He concludes that she should compliment In Ha once in a while if she deserves it. Well done, Gong Joo! Someone should stand in front of her and speak the truth! She can’t harass In Ha all the time!

bscap0516bscap0517 bscap0518bscap0519 bscap0520bscap0521bscap0522bscap0523 bscap0524bscap0525 bscap0526bscap0527 bscap0528bscap0529 bscap0530bscap0531 bscap0532bscap0533bscap0534bscap0535 bscap0536bscap0537 bscap0538bscap0539 bscap0540bscap0541 bscap0543bscap0544bscap0545bscap0546 bscap0547bscap0548 bscap0549bscap0550 bscap0551bscap0552 bscap0553bscap0554 bscap0555bscap0556

bscap0557Nighttime arrives and Dal Po with Yoo Rae are about to go back to the police station, Yoo Rae feels uncomfortable though and she suggests they go separately. She’s like a desperate cute puppy during that scene! Dal Po agrees and waits for another taxi, yet fear makes its appearance along with Jae Myung. Dal Po gets questioned about Dal Po’s presence at his house and his truck and while he tries to explain Jae Myung grabs him by the clothes and pushes him against a tree. Jae Myung’s reaction is raging and his blurred stare paces well with his thoughts when it comes to reporters, his opinion doesn’t differ from the one Dal Po had for years. Staying away from Jae Myung would be wise and that’s what he suggests to Dal Po, needless to say that calling him hyung should stop, otherwise no-one knows what could happen. Dal Po’s devastated, he can’t hold back his tears, reality’s the opposite of the dreamy moment he had imagined when he’d meet his brother once again.

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bscap0591A drunkard driver escapes from a police checkpoint and runs like crazy with his truck on the slippery roads. A pursuit takes place! At the same time Joo Ho’s team awaits for a few more shots of falling pedestrians. A child walking on crutches appears trying to cross the street. Jae Myung’s on the spot with his truck waiting for the traffic light. The drunkard driver’s in the distance and runs like crazy, the child tries to walk faster, but falls on the street! Joo Ho’s camera records everything, it’s a huge chance for a powerful exclusive. The truck sideswipes the road and starts sliding towards the child who looks like Ha Myung to Jae Myung’s eyes! He can’t stand there watching and runs towards the sliding truck and breaks into it preventing it from harming the child. Jae Myung comes out of his truck trembling, he’s hurt and he’s bleeding, all he cares about is… Ha Myung, as soon as he knows that he’s fine he faints on the child’s shoulders.

bscap0594bscap0595 bscap0596bscap0598 bscap0599bscap0600 bscap0601bscap0602bscap0604bscap0605 bscap0606bscap0607 bscap0608bscap0609 bscap0610bscap0611 bscap0613bscap0614bscap0615bscap0616 bscap0617bscap0618 bscap0619bscap0620bscap0621bscap0622 bscap0623

Pinocchio’s eighth episode is the one the audience’s been craving for, with the drama reaching another climax and pointing towards the directions the series will walk upon in the future. It’s one of these episodes whose side-stories are taking place in specific groups of figures and one way or another they relate to each other. If they don’t at the present, you can always expect them to interact in the near or far future.


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