Episode 11 Review: Mr. Back (2014)

1The 11th episode can be divided in two parts of equally airing time with affiliating characteristics that naturally glue together. It’s all about love’s delicate playground that often turns into a star-crossed battlefield and how it affects the figures’ lives. The overall scenery floats around Go Bong and Ha Soo’s love boat and how their mutual feelings interact with each other but also with others’ feelings as well. The second most important aspect of the episode’s background derives from its main core. It’s about how malicious people take advantage of others’ lives and try to make the circumstances turn to their own benefit. Τhe wolves that are after Go Bong’s inheritance try to complex the overall star-crossed universe of unrequited and mutual lovers in order to pave their own path towards wealth and power. There was always a fragile emotional balance on thin ice and one crack could possibly turn things upside down. Go Bong’s health stands in the middle of everything going on, especially now that the days start passing by faster and we’ll get to know how he intends to keep going on and how he’s going to deal with people around him to another level.

bscap0017The episode opens up with Go Bong and Ha Soo’s mutual thoughts for each other and their feelings echo all over the place. That’s how the eleventh episode relates itself to its predecessor and marches forward from the point Ha Soo and Go Bong left the beautifully decorated room in which they watched “Christine”. Gyung Bae prevents Ji Yoon from interrupting their beautiful moments and then comes her turn to prevent Dae Han who’s searching for Ha Soo from getting hurt by seeing Go Bong and Ha Soo together! Taking into consideration the background of the film and his seemingly limited remaining time on earth Go Bong wonders whether forever can really exist or not. Ha Soo’s more optimistic on the subject and portrays pretty well a blissful and ideal continuous flow of events by cherishing every single moment. Summing up the moments would count as forever. It’s in the way you define it, not its actual meaning.

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bscap0026In the meantime, Nan Hee is searching for Ki Chan to inform him about tomorrow morning’s intern meeting, yet by the moment she enters his room he’s changing his shirt. It’s one of these moments when Nan Hee drools all over the place since her lust sniper has locked in its sight Ki Chan’s taut muscles and a philosophical theory was born!

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bscap0047Ji Yoon and Dae Han are having a discussion. She’s pretty much aware of Ha Soo’s relationship with Go Bong and she doesn’t want Dae Han to get hurt. One-sided love can be troublesome for one’s feelings and she knows it in the first place. Dae Han is aware of what’s going, but Ji Yoon doesn’t intend to remain silent. She keeps on informing him on the one-sided love matters to the point the whole discussion turns into a grandiose misinterpretation of words and meanings that cause an emotional outburst of Ji Yoon when it comes to her feelings towards Dae Han and she reveals everything believing that he already knew about it, the thing is… he didn’t. An awkward moment was born and the scene ends just like it began, in reverse! Dae Han’s surprise is immense whereas at the same time Ji Yoon’s facial expressions were so representative of the overall awkwardness she gives you the impression she’d wish she could just disappear all of a sudden!

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bscap0089Go Bong and Ha Soo invest on each other’s company and they relax nearby the lantern pool. Ha Soo proposes a game. They must talk to each other with phrases that consist of five words. Time flows playfully for them and they reveal pieces of their hearts to each other. Shortly after Ha Soo intends to find out Go Bong’s lantern wish, although Go Bong will prevent the sweet intruder of his thoughts to achieve her goal! Their chemistry is omnipresent and whenever they share moments together the ambiance is always bright and warm, the ever-flowing tranquility their interaction evokes makes them gently transparent to the outside world. And the surrounding scenery caresses them once again and enriches the magic of the moment.

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bscap0127Go Bong’s overwhelmed by the time he treasures with Ha Soo, he’s almost at loss for words and the uncertainty in combination with the grandeur of emotion is painted on his face. The only thing he can utter are his sincere thoughts that the amount of his happiness reaches the point of fear, fear of the unknown, fear of the near future, that he might be cherishing his last days on earth. Gyung Bae’s always by his side trying to ease his darkness, even though he’s worrying almost as much as Go Bong. Later on that night Go Bong keeps recalling Ha Soo’s words while Ha Soo undresses her thoughts in her diary and keeps her receipt as a beautiful reminder.

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bscap0158During the next morning Dae Han’s working with Ji Yoon, he can’t help but stare at her in fear due to her thoughts the previous evening. Once she notices him the awkward moments keep up their pace and cheap excuses come to the surface, until they start talking about work. He’s got a plan when it comes to the bscap0159hotel’s target group and he gathers all the interns to show them his master plan. A folk dance lesson is about to take place and Dae Han will be in charge with Ji Yoon as his partner in crime! He must have made her day, dancing with Dae Han whom she craves so deeply must have felt like a dream! Everyone’s following Dae Han’s lead and Go Bong notices what’s going on, he’s pleased to see his son taking charge of the situation, but he’s more than glad to see Ha Soo dancing! He’s dancing on his own like an ecstatic elf! After all, he’s the mastermind behind the Choi Go Bong dance! After the dancing lesson Go Bong makes Dae Han’s plan more specific and reveals his thoughts to Ji Yoon. Although switching to Meditel would require lots of money and they can’t afford it at the moment, yet, opening the hotel’s facilities to the public and make the elderly, who are the hotel’s target group, feel as if they were attending a cultural event they will earn their trust. Go Bong intends to let Dae Han take charge of the Meditel plan, Ji Yoon’s happiness is more than apparent.

 bscap0161bscap0160 bscap0162bscap0163 bscap0164bscap0165 bscap0166bscap0167 bscap0168bscap0169 bscap0170bscap0171 bscap0172bscap0173 bscap0174bscap0175 bscap0176bscap0177 bscap0178bscap0179 bscap0180bscap0181 bscap0182bscap0183 bscap0184bscap0185 bscap0186bscap0187 bscap0193bscap0204 bscap0215bscap0228bscap0233bscap0239bscap0241bscap0243bscap0264bscap0265bscap0266bscap0267bscap0268bscap0269bscap0270bscap0271bscap0272bscap0273bscap0274bscap0277bscap0278bscap0279 bscap0281

bscap0283Yi Gun and the wolves start worrying about the Seohae Hotel’s revival by Dae Han and Go Bong. They’re also aware that Dae Han would never be able to work on the revival on his own and they’re pretty sure that Go Bong’s behind the overall plan and they’re not wrong. They intend to use one of their strongest, if not the strongest, cards. Using Ha Soo to divide Dae Han and Go Bong in two camps won’t be difficult, all they have to do is throw a bit more oil in the fire and the process will come naturally. Mr. Back has never failed me when it comes to humorous scenes. The first strike came with Go Bong’s dance earlier on the episode. It’s the wolves’ turn with their hallucinating thoughts as they imagine Ha Soo as a fortune hunter who came to work at the company on purpose. Dae Han’s reactions are priceless as he’s being under Ha Soo’s spell since the harsher she becomes towards him the more charmed he feels! Needless to say that even the secondary figures on the scene did a really good work, especially Nan Hee with the water falling out of her mouth at Dae Han’s presence!

bscap0284bscap0285 bscap0286bscap0288bscap0289bscap0290 bscap0291bscap0292 bscap0293bscap0294 bscap0295bscap0296bscap0297bscap0298 bscap0299bscap0300 bscap0301bscap0302 bscap0303bscap0304 bscap0305bscap0306bscap0307bscap0308 bscap0309bscap0310 bscap0311bscap0312 bscap0313bscap0314 bscap0315bscap0316bscap0317bscap0319 bscap0327bscap0329 bscap0330bscap0331 bscap0332bscap0333 bscap0334bscap0335bscap0336bscap0337 bscap0338bscap0339 bscap0340bscap0341 bscap0342bscap0343 bscap0344bscap0345 bscap0346

bscap0347As they were leaving the Seohae Hotel Dae Han finally had a chance to find Ha Soo. Being sincere to her is the only thing he can do, he doesn’t only want to thank her, he also expresses his feelings to a wider extent, the fragile barrier of 1% has already been surpassed and he’s worried if his feelings reach 100% capacity one day. Ha Soo’s sincere towards her feelings as well and expresses her love for Shin Hyung, although she’s being quite harsh by referring to herself as a nobody, but she’s being way too harsh and selfish towards Dae Han by telling him to take into consideration the other person’s feelings. All she does is rejecting him, at least she could have been a bit kinder, especially when he stares at her with that bittersweet and full of affection smile embodied on the surface of his face. It’s the same facial expression that is painted all over his face when he talks about his mother, but he answered in the most representative way simply by using her own words. “When reality doesn’t go along with your feelings, you canbscap0348 make reality work for you,” and Dae Han’s utterly aware of the overall situation and all he can do is try to make it work for his feelings, leaving her speechless. As expected, the air floating all over the bus is awkward, Ha Soo is into an emotional shock, Dae Han is lost in his thoughts and Go Bong even though he tries his classic hungry trick he doesn’t get the chance to make the climate more blooming.

bscap0350bscap0351 bscap0352bscap0353 bscap0354bscap0355bscap0357bscap0358 bscap0359bscap0360 bscap0361bscap0362 bscap0364bscap0365bscap0366bscap0367 bscap0368bscap0369 bscap0370bscap0371 bscap0372bscap0373 bscap0374bscap0375bscap0376bscap0377 bscap0378bscap0379 bscap0380bscap0381

bscap0384The next morning Go Bong receives his first assignment from Ha Soo and it’s about going fishing! In the meantime Dae Han tries to imagine how would it feel to live at the same house with Go Bong and Ha Soo after they’ve gotten married! The scene is utterly funny and hyper-expressive, for Go Bong and Ha Soo of course, the only thing Dae Han can do is get crazy and goggle his eyes at the sight of this hell on earth! Go Bong appears and Dae Han stops hallucinating, it’s about time for him to relax, but it’s not going to last for long since he witnesses that Go Bong carries his fishing equipment! Where is he going?!

bscap0385bscap0386 bscap0388bscap0389 bscap0390bscap0391 bscap0392bscap0393 bscap0394bscap0395bscap0396bscap0397 bscap0398bscap0399 bscap0400bscap0401 bscap0402bscap0405 bscap0408bscap0437bscap0441bscap0442 bscap0443bscap0444 bscap0445bscap0446 bscap0447bscap0448

bscap0449Ha Soo and Go Bong are relaxing by the shore and they’re waiting for the fishing pole to to move. Ha Soo wanted to go fishing because it brings back memories of her father since they were going fishing together. Suddenly Dae Han starts wondering in Go Bong’s mind’s corridors. And not only. You shouldn’t have thought of him, Go Bong, if you wanted a perfect date! Dae Han appears and he offers wholeheartedly the “bitch please” smile! Once the fishing pole starts moving Go Bong and Dae Han rush in order not to lose the fish. Shortly after they catch it they start fighting about who really caught it and Ha Soo takes advantage of the situation and steals all the glory! It’s about time for food! They start eating and eating and eating until only two pieces are left, Go Bong stares at Dae Han, Dae Han stares back and a fish fight begins! Who would take advantage of the situation and eat both of the remaining pieces? Ha Soo!

bscap0450bscap0451 bscap0452bscap0453 bscap0454bscap0456 bscap0457bscap0458 bscap0459bscap0460bscap0461bscap0462 bscap0463bscap0464 bscap0465bscap0466 bscap0467bscap0468 bscap0469bscap0470bscap0471bscap0472 bscap0473bscap0474 bscap0475bscap0476 bscap0477bscap0478 bscap0479bscap0480bscap0481bscap0482 bscap0483bscap0485 bscap0486bscap0487 bscap0488bscap0489 bscap0490bscap0491 bscap0492bscap0493 bscap0494bscap0501 bscap0503bscap0505 bscap0508bscap0509 bscap0510bscap0511

bscap0513The wolves start progressing their plans although Yi Gun doesn’t quite agree with them. Dae Han goes to his office to find out Go Bong has occupied his desk. Gyung Bae tries to calm down Dae Han, although it feels like the calm before the storm since the news are not by their side when it comes to Seohae Hotel. Dae Han rushes to Yi Gun’s office and the tension rises. Yi Gun reassures him that it wasn’t his fault and it’s Ji Yoon’s turn to calm him down. Go Bong’s blood pressure rises and he orders Gyung Bae to follow them, all of them!

bscap0515bscap0516 bscap0517bscap0518 bscap0519bscap0520bscap0521bscap0522 bscap0523bscap0524 bscap0525bscap0527 bscap0528bscap0530 bscap0531bscap0532bscap0538bscap0539 bscap0540bscap0541 bscap0542bscap0543bscap0544bscap0545 bscap0546bscap0547 bscap0548bscap0549 bscap0550bscap0551 bscap0552bscap0553bscap0554bscap0555

bscap0556Gyung Bae follows Go Bong’s order and follows In Ja and Mi Hye. After they leave from the fortune teller he goes there in search of answers. And what a figure he is! Dressed in green he looks like a neurotic Xmas pixie! Although the fortune teller doesn’t intend to give him any information when it comes to his customers. Gyung Bae tells him Go Bong’s name and his birth date, but the fortune teller gets enraged as he was given a dead man’s identity! He throws rice at Gyung Bae, but by the time he witnesses the rice shapes on the table he looks as if he got possessed by a spirit and starts delivering information that has to do with Go Bong’s condition! Go Bong must find a rock from the universe in order to become an old man again after the days pass and he’ll die naturally when his time comes. If he doesn’t do anything he will die in his current body when the countdown ends. Shortly after the fortune teller’s real self takes control of his body once again and he doesn’t recall what had just happened, all he cares about is throwinbscap0557g Gyung Bae out of his store! He tries to inform Go Bong about what the fortune teller told him, but he’s not interested, all he cares about is Dae Han taking charge of the situation in order to be independent and ready to fight on his own in the ruthless world of business. Go Bong’s realization in the end of the scene is breathtaking, no matter how simple it may seem as a thought.

bscap0558bscap0559 bscap0560bscap0561 bscap0562bscap0563bscap0564bscap0565 bscap0566bscap0567 bscap0568bscap0569 bscap0570bscap0571 bscap0572bscap0573bscap0574bscap0575 bscap0576bscap0577 bscap0578bscap0579bscap0580bscap0581 bscap0582bscap0583bscap0584bscap0585 bscap0586bscap0587 bscap0588bscap0589 bscap0590bscap0591 bscap0592bscap0593bscap0594bscap0596 bscap0597bscap0598 bscap0599bscap0600 bscap0601bscap0602 bscap0603bscap0604bscap0605bscap0606 bscap0607bscap0609

bscap0610In the meantime, Ji Yoon’s aware that things don’t go as planned and the situation only worsens. She pays a visit to Yi Gun’s office and asks him to help them. She even offers herself to do everything he wants to, that’s how unconditional her love towards Dae Han’s face is, she’d sacrifice everything so as not to see him ruined. Although this is the first time we witness Yi Gun’s clean stare, it has depth when he stares at Ji Yoon and he’s showing feelings of remorse deep inside towards his previous decisions. He can’t harm Ji Yoon and it’s written all over his face. Late at night Go Bong can’t remain calm, another message appears at his mobile phone and after he takes off the battery another one appears and terrifies him even more. Go Bong’s wondering the same thing as me and big part of the audience, who the hell is sending those messages?

bscap0611bscap0612 bscap0613bscap0614 bscap0615bscap0616 bscap0617bscap0618 bscap0619bscap0621 bscap0622

bscap0623Go Bong’s morning doesn’t seem that cheerful either. As soon as he receives a message from Ha Soo everything changes! It’s about time he gets out for his second assignment, all he has to do is follow her around her favorite restaurants! The spice rice cake is not just spicy, it’s a volcano! And Go Bong’s reactions are representative! Another customer starts running in fear as his mouth is burning! This restaurant has a special event going on, if you manage to eat your portion within three minutes you won’t have to pay! It’s not the first Ha Soo achieves this and this time she makes a new record! The owner takes a photo of them as a memento of Ha Soo’s grandiose victory and places it at the restaurant’s pantheon! It’s not over yet! They have to visit the cafe where her brother’s working! To stop burning from the volcano rice cakes they have to drink something sweet, everything’s flowing well until Ha Soo starts a chocolate war and the cafe turns into a playground while her brother, Myung Soo, can’t withstand all this sweetness floating in the air!

bscap0624bscap0625 bscap0626bscap0627 bscap0628bscap0629 bscap0630bscap0631bscap0632bscap0633 bscap0634bscap0635 bscap0636bscap0637 bscap0638bscap0640 bscap0641bscap0642 bscap0643bscap0644 bscap0645bscap0646 bscap0647bscap0648 bscap0649bscap0650 bscap0651bscap0652 bscap0653bscap0654

bscap0655Tomorrow’s Dae Han’s birthday, something he had forgotten due to the immense stress of the previous days. His guardian angel, Ji Yoon, who’s always by his side reminds him and informs him that she had cancelled his schedule so as to cherish his birthday. He doesn’t wants presents, it’s beautiful enough that she always remembers his birthday; and how couldn’t she? The Xmas tree evokes memories of the deep past. In fact, there was once, just once, that he had decorated a tree with his father. The following years Go Bong never even bothered to check the Xmas tree Dae Han had decorated with his mother. Ji Yoon once again tries to ease the burden and lends some light of understanding upon Go Bong’s figure, he had to care both for his family and the people working for him, too many responsibilities for so many people on his shoulders.

bscap0656bscap0657 bscap0658bscap0659 bscap0660bscap0662 bscap0663bscap0664 bscap0665bscap0666 bscap0667bscap0668bscap0669bscap0670 bscap0671bscap0672 bscap0673bscap0674 bscap0675

bscap0676Dae Han’s birthday arrives and seaweed soup awaits him! Go Bong is unaware of Dae Han’s birthday and it feels like just another ordinary day. Dae Han calls Ha Soo who’s at a beauty shop with Woo Young and invites her at the Gold House for his birthday, although she’s hesitant Dae Han manages to disarm her with his words, it wasn’t easy for him to call her! Ha Soo calls Go Bong to inform him, but he promises that he won’t have any problem is she comes, in the end he’ll get to see her and that’s more than enough for him!

bscap0677bscap0678 bscap0679bscap0680bscap0681bscap0682 bscap0683bscap0684 bscap0685bscap0686 bscap0687bscap0688bscap0689bscap0690 bscap0691bscap0692 bscap0693bscap0694 bscap0695bscap0696 bscap0697bscap0698bscap0699bscap0700 bscap0701bscap0702bscap0703bscap0704

bscap0705Ha Soo arrives and the awkwardness floats all over the place. At least it seemed so, because if it was awkward up to that moment it turned into a disaster once Young Dal, Mi Hye and In Ja appeared. Everything was going according to their plan, all that was needed was for them to fuel the fire. Their words towards Ha Soo were harsh and full of social discrimination. Go Bong and Dae Han won’t tolerate this and Go Bong makes the first move, he intends to leave with Ha Soo, but Dae Han gets enraged. Ha Soo is his guest and it’s his birthday. The crack underneath their feet on the thin ice they were standing for so long starts to broaden. Dae Han leaves with Ha Soo and Go Bong unleashes his wrath towards the wolves. Dae Han apologizes on behalf of his family and she leaves.

bscap0706bscap0707 bscap0708bscap0709 bscap0710bscap0711 bscap0712bscap0713 bscap0714bscap0716 bscap0717bscap0718 bscap0719bscap0720 bscap0721bscap0722 bscap0723bscap0725bscap0726bscap0727 bscap0728bscap0729 bscap0730bscap0731 bscap0732bscap0733 bscap0734bscap0735bscap0736bscap0737 bscap0738bscap0739 bscap0740bscap0741 bscap0743bscap0744 bscap0745bscap0746bscap0747bscap0748 bscap0750bscap0751 bscap0752bscap0753 bscap0754bscap0755 bscap0757bscap0758 bscap0759bscap0760

bscap0761Ha Soo’s losing herself in her thoughts and even though Woo Young stands by her side she doesn’t seem to understand the growth of the problem. Ha Soo can no longer stand between two brothers, especially now that they started getting along with each other. And it’s the first time she realizes that Dae Han had been sincere with her from the very beginning. He’s not the pervert she thought he was, even though his smile and some misunderstandings were pointing towards that direction!

bscap0762bscap0763bscap0764bscap0765 bscap0766bscap0767 bscap0768bscap0769bscap0770bscap0771 bscap0772bscap0773bscap0774bscap0775 bscap0776bscap0777 bscap0778

bscap0779Dae Han wasn’t really impressed by the seaweed soup and he gives some instructions to the Gold House personnel in order to make it better next time. It’s the moment they tell him that Go Bong made it early in the morning for him leaving him speechless. At the same time Go Bong and Ha Soo meet outside while Dae Han goes at Go Bong’s room and finds the dreams he was writing down so as to accomplish them. Soon enough he finds out wishes related to him with Go Bong referring to him as his son, the shock is shaking Dae Han’s logic’s foundations.

bscap0780bscap0781 bscap0782bscap0783bscap0784bscap0785 bscap0786bscap0787bscap0800bscap0801bscap0802bscap0803 bscap0804bscap0805 bscap0806bscap0807bscap0808bscap0810bscap0812

bscap0789It’s not something that appeared all of a sudden due to Go Bong’s family’s words, it was something you could sense in the air from the moment they left the Seohae Hotel. The thoughts that were tormenting Ha Soo’s mind now come to the surface, she doesn’t want to stand between the two brothers, especially now that they got closer. It’s not an easy decision since we all know how she feels about Go Bong, but she can’t think otherwise at the moment but tell him to stop seeing each other. Being together is not an option. It wasn’t an easy decision for her and it’s not easy for Go Bong to comprehend it as well. Ha Soo starts leaving, Go Bong follows and back hugs her offering a heartfelt confession and intensifies the dramatic and devastating tone of the moment.

bscap0790bscap0791 bscap0792bscap0793 bscap0794bscap0795 bscap0796bscap0797 bscap0798bscap0799bscap0813bscap0815 bscap0816bscap0817bscap0818bscap0819 bscap0820bscap0821bscap0822bscap0823 bscap0824bscap0825 bscap0826bscap0830 bscap0832bscap0834 bscap0835bscap0837bscap0840bscap0842 bscap0843bscap0844 bscap0845

The eleventh episode left many of our main figures broken on barren soil, especially Dae Han after reading Go Bong’s thoughts. Dae Han received many birthday presents with each one of them feeling more bitter than the previous one. In addition, the scenario starts getting more complicated and the acting remains exceptional. I like the ternary balance of Mr. Back, it’s all about humor, intensity and emotion.

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Kwon Sang Seung

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