A few thoughts on ” The Greatest Wedding ” ep 11


I wasn’t expecting , much from The Greatest Marriage ep 11.

Since the preview ,I knew we were gonna get a transitional episode.

Unfortunately I wasn’t wrong.

Episode 11 was not very impressive. Gi Young‘s struggles more , as her son grows older.Her job isn’t promising and also she can’t keep up , to the pressure of a single working mother.That’s why she turns to Eun Cha , who has a stable career now and his next goal is to get elected.Eun Chan’s character hasn’t progressed at all.He is still the same , selfish person , who would anything just to reach his own goals.Tae Yeon doesn’t appear , except from the ending of the episode. He was out of Korea , travelling around the world.We didn’t get to see what happened after the hunting accident.Maybe we’ll find out in the next episode or never, who knows? Mung Yi , who now lives with her in-laws is the biggest disappointment to me. Although she could develop , into an interesting character , little by little she turns into the typical evil korean drama role.I liked how they were developing her story , showing how she struggles to survive and she could only find hope through Tae Yeon. But I’m guessing they’re gonna ruin that.

My greatest fear for this drama , is that it has a lot of potential but its in the edge of becoming a soap opera and the preview makes that fear stronger.I think the story will be more interesting , if they focus on the characters emotions and avoid the cliche unrealistic dramatic events.We’ll have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts?

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    I’m just reading recaps for this show for fun….and this show is insane….I mean…everybody is bad except the main heroine…

    • November 26, 2014 at 7:27 pm — Reply

      Yeah I think it’s subject is edgy to begin with.But it’s something they can do a good work on , although I don’t feel it a lot in the last episodes : / About the characters , I agree with you , they gave potential even to the bad ones at the beginning , but they slowly turning them into cliche evil types , it’s a bit disappointing.I’m hoping , they’ll go back to how good the drama was in the first episodes.Its worth watching though ; )

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