Episode 6 Review: Mr. Back (2014)

bscap1234You can call me Bruce Printscreen from now on. I could easily blame Mr. Back for presenting all these beautiful visuals and expressive close-ups. I could blame the actors for depicting their roles in such an utterly representative way. I could blame the scriptwriter for the humorous and emotionally charged lines that reflect on the actors and actresses’ faces as vivid and breathing as they should. But i can also blame myself for being unable to resist in keeping alive the still of the moment in a single picture or a flow of pictures. I will take the blame and keep Mr. Back free of charge simply because of its multifaceted process and captivating aura.

bscap1271Changes in life are not something you can always understand, withstand, prevent, predict or even accept. You wake up every day and you don’t know where it may lead you, nothing should be taken for granted, but also not everything’s to be cherished. Mr. Back’s 6th episode continues from the point the 5th one ended. There’s a flow in Choi Go Bong’s life so far, there are no middle stages, everything happening to him is from the one edge to the other. His life flows like the sand inside an hourglass with the events in his life taking always the upper hand. It’s the events and the magic or misfortune of the moment that set him on course from the top to the bottom and vice versa and then all over again the same course in different aspects, almost in everything he does. He was 70 years old on the verge of dying and he came back as 34 years old man. From a poor man he built a colossus out of nothing and he became the chairman of his highly successful company. Then, he became an unknown fugitive of his own self and then he became anew the chairman of the company to find himself homeless in the end. From a person unable to trust and love he turned into a caring person and signs of love electrify his inner world. From someone who was only aware of money-making and company-growing, now he sees his past mistakes and the burden is more than he can bear. There’s no middle ground for men like Choi Go Bong, he’s either on the top of the highest mountain or you’ll find him trying to swim and breathe in the deepest trench of the ocean where no light can blossom. Yet, these are the edges that make men like Choi Go Bong learn to move upwards and cherish every step, but also walk through the moving downwards moments step by step if the slope is gentle. Understanding every level of your own personal elevator makes you the owner of the building that is no other but yourself. And Choi Go Bong is a figure steadily recognizing the parts in between.

bscap0007One could say that Mr. Back follows a simplistic formula of intense humor and lighthearted conspiracies in the world of business families and the way they relate to a worker’s life with all the interactions among the characters. Well, Mr. Back’s much more than that and so far i can support it with my point of view and i really do hope the series itself will help me keep supporting it until it finishes its course by simply remaining stunning. I’m a bit late this time with my reviews/recaps, but a good friend was here and the world of beers and measured nightlife took over my drama process. Let’s dive into Mr. Back’s pluralistic world of episode 6!

bscap0000After the devastation of being locked out of his own house and being kicked out of the company he had built with so many sacrifices to the extent of living only for this, alcohol may not be a good consultant, but you know it’s going to be there for you in the most unconditional way. The price you have to pay are your thoughts during the process and the hangover the next day. And Go Bong’s cherishing his soju with the shots flowing inwards the one right after the other, just like the river of his thoughts. Ha Soo is probably the only person that truly cares for him under the Shin Hyung moniker, she doesn’t know who he really is, but she cares about the person she’s getting to know step by step and she wants to help him out after he lost everything. At this current situation, the other person that truly cares for him and knows his real identbscap0001ity is Gyung Bae. As Go Bong keeps on drinking intense symptoms of a cardiac arrest make their unwelcome visit and Ha Soo rushes to help him. They’ve got a healing chemistry and the pendant that follows a mysterious circle of owners from Dae Han to Ha Soo and then to Go Bong and then all over again in the same circular way plays its part. It’s not a simple pendant and we’ll find out more in the future about its powers.

       bscap0002 bscap0003bscap0004bscap0005bscap0006bscap0008bscap0009bscap0010 bscap0011bscap0012

bscap0013In the meantime at the Gold House the wolves are celebrating over the dislocated limbs of Shin Hyung’s reign and try to befriend Dae Han who’s aware of their unaffected by blood relations violent nature. He can read people like them and respond back the way they deserve it because nothing’s more disgusting than listening to a larger extent their hypocritical words. They can do whatever they want to, but at least they could shut their mouth for a while, trying to convince someone that you are not elephant while being one is more than apparent, this i cannot accept.

bscap0014bscap0015 bscap0016bscap0017

bscap0018Back at the local restaurant, Ha Soo has eased Go Bong’s physical burden and due to the alcohol running a marathon in his veins he overreacts in ecstasy! The scenes are hilarious and unleash tones of laughter! Ha Soo’s in a state of discontentment whereas the discussion about the moon and the clouds comes back to the surface!

bscap0019bscap0032bscap0033bscap0034 bscap0035bscap0036 bscap0037bscap0038 bscap0039bscap0040bscap0041bscap0042 bscap0043bscap0044 bscap0045bscap0046  bscap0048bscap0047

bscap0021After Go Bong’s playground reached its end, she took care of his wounded arm at the tailor shop. She’s aware of his condition and asks him to stay at her place, but his old-fashioned mind and pride won’t let him reach Ha Soo’s helpful hand and he’s wandering in the streets without money and even if even if the food connects spiritually to his stomach his wallet doesn’t seem to agree!

bscap0024bscap0026 bscap0028bscap0029 bscap0030bscap0031bscap0049bscap0050

He falls asleep at the park and he dreams of Ha Soo’s proposal to stay at her place, the dream is more than hilarious and i shed tears of laughter, tears i would never regret! Such scenes are an immense donation of happiness! But Go Bong, dreams don’t last forever! He wakes up and finds himself at the park once again instead of a super soft bed, a hyper relaxing sofa and a more than refreshing bathtub!

bscap0051bscap0052 bscap0053bscap0054 bscap0055bscap0056  bscap0058bscap0057 bscap0059bscap0060bscap0061bscap0063 bscap0062bscap0064bscap0065bscap0066

bscap0067It’s cold at night and he’s starving, luckily enough he finds a forgotten sausage. Well, he wouldn’t even touch it in any other occasion, but given the circumstances, some energy from food is required and he proceeds on a sausage journey! The sausage discovery feels like as if he invented something great for humanity! A small sausage in the park, a huge smile for his stomach and he treasures every inch of it!

bscap0068bscap0069 bscap0070bscap0071 bscap0072bscap0073 bscap0074bscap0075 bscap0076

bscap0078Of course he’s not alone out there. Other homeless people approach him and demand explanations for not sharing the food he had just found. The way one of them introduces themselves for some reason it sounded quite heroic, as if a secret organization of super heroes introducing themselves, “we are The Homeless!” And Go Bong should be prepared to face the consequences because sharing is caring! Οnce again he’s lucky enough to survive because of an intellectual homeless hipster’s appearance that feels like the spiritual leader of this park’s homeless people. This odd figure is being depicted successfully by Kim Roe Ha (if you haven’t watched Comrades yet i’d suggest you proceed without fear, but with passion).

bscap0000bscap0001bscap0077bscap0080 bscap0079bscap0082bscap0083bscap0084 bscap0085bscap0086 bscap0087bscap0088 bscap0089

bscap0090The cat food he had just eaten was the first shock, the next day he wakes up with newspapers all over him, that’s the second shock. Roe Ha’s character tries to acclimate him in the overall situation, well, at least he tries to make him see the overall situation in a spherical way and that sooner or later he’ll get used to it. A brilliant deus ex machina figure that saves the situation and tries to be helpful out of nowhere and succeeds in it, like in ancient tragedies in a hero’s dark moment.

bscap0091bscap0092 bscap0093bscap0094bscap0095bscap0096 bscap0097bscap0098 bscap0099

bscap0100Back at the Gold House, Ji Yoon tries to convince the most difficult person in the world when it comes to inheritance and chairman succession matters, Dae Han. He changes the subject and starts talking about love, leaving Ji Yoon wondering if he was talking about her. She’s melting at Dae Han’s presence and she always takes care of him, i like the way Park Ye Jin performs her role, she’s an elegant woman and she gets quite serious when it comes to business, but when it comes to Dae Han you can feel the deep longing in her stare, even the agony whenever Ha Soo’s between her and Dae Han. She’s so fragile and lovable when she wonders if he was talking about her, even at the thought of the possibility!

bscap0101bscap0102 bscap0103bscap0104bscap0105bscap0106 bscap0107bscap0108 bscap0109bscap0110 bscap0111

At the company, Dae Han meets Ha Soo and wants to meet her later on, Ji Yoon’s mind starts playing tricks on her!

bscap0113bscap0114 bscap0115bscap0116

Τhe park isn’t an easy place for Go Bong and a bizarre surprise awaits him! The homeless people are performing the Choi Go Bong dance as their morning exercise! One more funny scene that completes itself after a while!

bscap0117bscap0118 bscap0119bscap0120  bscap0121bscap0122 bscap0123bscap0124

bscap0125Dae Han doesn’t seem interested in anything that has to do with the company and he doesn’t listen to Ji Yoon’s words, but she’s got a plan! She will try to convince the board directors to achieve Ha Soo’s advertisement plan if he goes on charity to make his image better to the public. Ha Soo appears at the office and Dae Han asks gently, but not in the most pleasant way, Ji Yoon to leave!

bscap0126bscap0127 bscap0128bscap0129 bscap0130bscap0131

Because no one does it better than the master of Choi Go Bong dance himself! It’s about time to teach them the real thing from the dance warlord himself!

bscap0132bscap0133 bscap0134bscap0135bscap0136bscap0137 bscap0139bscap0140 bscap0141

Back at the office, the discussion moves towards Shin Hyung, but Dae Han doesn’t intend to keep talking about him while Ha Soo seems quite worried about his situation. The Red Day proposal is about to be come to the surface.

bscap0142bscap0143 bscap0144

Dae Han follows Ji  Yoon’s orders in order to make Ha Soo’s proposal turn to life and the charity food offering takes place at the park. Everyone’s there, Ji Yoon, Dae Han, Gyung Bae, Ha Soo, Woo Young, Nan Hee and the reporters of course! I’m referring to the same park in which Go Bong has found shelter and lives with the other homeless people who are excited about the food charity. Both sides are unaware of each other’s presence and when Dae Han sees Go Bong taking food all hell breaks loose! Everyone’s surprised with this turn of events and the media forge the news’ next big thing. In the meantime a discussion’s taking place between Go Bong and the homeless hipster chief who counters Go Bong’s unreasonable reasons for the homeless situation they would never really to live in.

bscap0145bscap0146 bscap0147bscap0148 bscap0149bscap0150bscap0151bscap0152 bscap0153bscap0154bscap0155bscap0156 bscap0157bscap0158bscap0159bscap0160

On their way back, Dae Han and Ji Yoon have a discussion. The overall scenery must have rang a bell inside Dae Han, deep inside he feels that Shin Hyung’s situation just doesn’t feel right, although he doesn’t want to accept it.


bscap0163Gyung Bae’s talking with Go Bong and they discuss the latest events of the charity and such, but Go Bong’s starving to death and asks for some more food, but then Ha Soo appears and he starts accusing Gyung Bae in order not to look so miserable in her eyes while he’s doing face signals to Gyung Bae to not forget the extra food! His pride is not to be taken that lightly. She lets him know that his suit is fixed and that she’s got his phone that was forgotten inside his suit.

bscap0164bscap0165 bscap0166bscap0167bscap0168bscap0169 bscap0170bscap0171bscap0172bscap0173 bscap0174bscap0175bscap0177bscap0178 bscap0179bscap0180

Sadly enough, even if Ji Yoon tried to hide in the shadows the news about Shin Hyung being homeless, she couldn’t do it. The meeting about the successor to the company’s throne is taking place and Dae Han offers his position to Young Dal. It’s something Young Dal and his wife were desperately craving for, Mi Hye though doesn’t seem quite happy about Dae Han’s decision. Such people would conspire even against themselves, they would never trust trust their reflection in the mirror! Dae Han can’t help but always disappoint Ji Yoon, i really feel sorry for her, she doesn’t deserve anything like that, dedicated and caring as she is, she must be cracking inside, one piece at a time.

bscap0181bscap0002bscap0183bscap0184 bscap0185bscap0186bscap0187bscap0188 bscap0189bscap0190bscap0191bscap0192 bscap0193

bscap0194Go Bong went at the tailor’s shop to get back his suit and his cellphone, an awakening moment for Go Bong since Ha Soo’s words ring a bell, it’s about time to know when he needs help and how to receive it from people when he really needs it, there’s no shame in asking for help, especially from people that care for you. Even though he tried to avoid receiving the scarf, he definitely enjoyed Ha Soo’s move, it was something he really needed. I like Ha Soo’s unfinished sentenced in the end of their conversation, it makes you question her caring in one hand, on the other hand it could just mean that he could call anytime and stay at her place since he has nowhere else to go, anyway, i liked the unfinished sentence!

bscap0195bscap0196 bscap0197bscap0198 bscap0199bscap0200 bscap0201

I kind of despise Ki Chan (Go Yoon), he feels like a quite a two-faced minion, during the day a worker at the hotel and a colleague of Ha Soo, Nan Hee and Woo Young, at night director Yi Gun’s minion. Go Bong goes to visit Yi Gun at the hospital along with Gyung Bae, who notices something weird about the man in black, Ki Chan. Go Bong expresses his thoughts on the company and tries to find out how to fasten his pace in a situation like this, he even proposes Yi Gun to buy the company, i’m pretty sure he’s got a reason behind this suggestion and i don’t think his trust towards Yi Gun is blind.

bscap0202bscap0203bscap0204bscap0205 bscap0206bscap0207bscap0208bscap0209 bscap0210bscap0211bscap0212bscap0213 bscap0214bscap0215bscap0216bscap0217

Gyung Bae feels worried about Go Bong’s proposition and Go Bong explains to him why a family member would never suit the lead of the company, it gets quite funny when Gyung Bae asks him if he should buy the company!

bscap0218bscap0219 bscap0220bscap0221bscap0222bscap0223 bscap0224bscap0225

bscap0227Later on, a mysterious woman pays a visit to Yi Gun at the hospital as well, Yi Gun’s real personality and ambition start unveiling through the misty trust he had forged with Go Bong. That woman is Mi Hye, that’s what i think. It could be In Ja as well, but they wouldn’t go that far in such a violent plan to get the documents stolen. Unless they wanted to go that far and make it look as realistic as possible. The reference to Young Dal stands both for In Ja and Mi Hye because In Ja even though she’s his wife, she’s already plotting behind her husband’s back with the stocks and her family in Germany. My arrows point towards Mi Hye though, the silly-looking sister of Go Bong that could be wearing the perfect mask so far alongside Yi Gun.


Young Dal’s inauguration day ceremony has arrived and his grandiose yet so greasy, due to his personality, speech feels so disgusting from his corrupted lips.

bscap0230bscap0231 bscap0232bscap0233bscap0234bscap0235 bscap0236bscap0237bscap0239bscap0240

Ha Soo finds Go Bong who’s watching the ceremony on a screen outside the ceremonial chamber and she’s aware that he’s not at his finest. She tries to cheer him up and give him courage by introducing to him the koong koong da psychology choreography! These are things Go Bong can’t comprehend, but she’s still trying, i’m already loving this koong koong da comfort mechanism! The positive vibrations on Ha Soo’s face are always beautiful!

bscap0241bscap0242 bscap0243bscap0245bscap0246bscap0247 bscap0248bscap0249bscap0250bscap0251

Young Dal and In Ja have established themselves at Choi Go Bong’s office! Their happiness doesn’t last long since Go Bong appears to… congratulate them! He sends more signals towards Young Dal to see the fire In Ja has set behind his back.

bscap0252bscap0253 bscap0254bscap0255 bscap0256bscap0257

It’s Ha Soo’s turn to present to Dae Han her thoughts on Red Day. It’s something related to her visuals and memories when she was a child, it’s how she imagines the world of hotels ever since she can remember her younger self and that’s what she desires to turn to life through her idea.

bscap0258bscap0259 bscap0260bscap0261

Go Bong meets with Gyung Bae and they have one of those deep… conversations! Hilarious thoughts flow on the cafeteria’s air and things get more serious when they start discussing about Go Bong’s health since he got younger by 36 years. He realizes the cardiac arrest pains he gets from time to time, but what’s more magical is that Ha Soo’s presence during these urgent times restores his health. Mi Hye’s reference implies that she could be the one working with Yi Gun if we take into consideration the mysterious woman’s visit at the hospital as well. Ha Soo’s brother is working there and after a sudden friendly move towards Go Bong things get critical. Cardiac arrest pains appear once again, but Ha Soo who was already on her way there, appears and places her hand on his own and for one more time she saves his life.

bscap0262bscap0263 bscap0264bscap0265bscap0266bscap0267 bscap0268bscap0269bscap0270bscap0271 bscap0272bscap0273 bscap0274bscap0275 bscap0276bscap0277bscap0278bscap0279bscap0280bscap0281 bscap0282bscap0283bscap0284bscap0285 bscap0286bscap0287bscap0288bscap0289bscap0290bscap0291 bscap0292bscap0293bscap0294bscap0295 bscap0296

They take him at Ha Soo’s place and Gyung Bae would like him to stay there and be safe and he’s willing to pay lots of money, although Ha Soo was never after money, she wants to earn by herself the money she requires to live. Although her brother would definitely feel touched by the presence of a more than welcome amount of money! I really like it when Go Bong or Gyung Bae forget about his real identity and refer to him as if he was 70 years old because no one can comprehend it! Go Bong’s baby face and kiddo attitude is priceless!

bscap0298bscap0299 bscap0300bscap0301bscap0304bscap0305 bscap0306bscap0307 bscap0308

bscap0309Later on Go Bong and Ha Soo spend some time together and we get to hear the thoughts of both of them on existential matters. Her loud thoughts and his silent thoughts as a reply to hers is quite a funny contrast! We get to see that Go Bong’s point of view starts changing steadily on things a human being should cherish, although when Ha Soo completes his thoughts she definitely hit a nerve.

bscap0310bscap0311 bscap0312bscap0313 bscap0314bscap0315bscap0316bscap0317 bscap0318bscap0320 bscap0321bscap0322 bscap0323bscap0324  bscap0326bscap0327

His thoughts won’t let him rest that easily. There are important questions he needs to answer in order to keep on living, an answer that has a connection to the blue pendant.

bscap0329bscap0330 bscap0331

On the next morning, after a bizarre water scene Ha Soo’s working on the project, Go Bong tries to comprehend what’s on with that mysterious thing called laptop and he starts talking about whatever comes to his mind. He doesn’t seem ready to leave Ha Soo’s side and she gives him the “are you going to keep watching what i’m doing?” stare.

bscap0332bscap0333 bscap0334bscap0335 bscap0336

Ha Soo wants to go shopping for lunch and she needs pancakes, Go Bong recalls a great place and they leave the house. The bicycling scene is hilarious! Ha Soo’s bicycling and Go Bong is holding on tight!

bscap0339bscap0340 bscap0341bscap0342bscap0343bscap0344 bscap0345

bscap0346Back at work, Yi Gun’s minion, Ki Chan, spreads poison towards Dae Han while talking to Ha Soo. He keeps the rumors alive, still, we don’t know if these rumors are true or not, but they are still floating in the air and Dae Han is pretty much aware of them. He appears and asks Ha Soo to work with him later on at night, Ki Chan’s words seem to echo in her mind and even though she doesn’t want to believe them, she can’t be at ease, especially after the pervert smile Dae Han offered to her wholeheartedly. The pervert definition is not something he can take off Ha Soo’s mind that easily! At the wine cellar, even though it’s dark, afraid of the rumors she won’t accept Dae Han’s help! In the end, he just wanted her by his side to choose together the red wine for the Red Night event!

bscap0347bscap0348 bscap0349bscap0350bscap0351bscap0352 bscap0353bscap0355bscap0356bscap0357 bscap0358bscap0359bscap0361bscap0362 bscap0363

bscap0364Ιn the meantime Go Bong doesn’t know what to do, he’s worried about Ha Soo and can’t reach her on the phone. Truth is, he just wants some moments with her! He stays outdoors until she appears and he’s being quite creative in the middle of the night. At first, he starts walking all over the place! Then, he recalls the koong koong da heart-soothing choreography and as time passes by he’s doing faster and louder until everyone in the house wakes up! Go Bong’s everywhere and he’s going completely nuts and second by second his situation worsens! He feels like a little kid trapped inside the body of a 34 years old man with the brain of a 70 years old grandpa and he stops only when it starts to hurt!

bscap0365bscap0366 bscap0367bscap0368bscap0369bscap0370 bscap0373bscap0375bscap0377bscap0378 bscap0379bscap0380bscap0376bscap0381bscap0382bscap0383 bscap0384bscap0385bscap0387bscap0388 bscap0389bscap0390 bscap0391

Once Ha Soo arrives back home, she finds Go Bong waiting for her outdoors. Dae Han left her right before the stairs that lead back home and since she forgot her envelope at the car he followed her. He witnesses Go Bong and Ha Soo entering her house together!

bscap0392bscap0393 bscap0394

The scene that follows is quite awesome. Dae Han just reached his room but he can’t believe what he had seen! He calls Ha Soo. Go Bong gets aware of the phone call and starts shouting and making noise all over the place so that the phone call will reach its end as soon as possible, but also to send a message to Dae Han that someone’s around there! Since Gyung Bae is not there to get beaten black and blue by Go Bong, Ha Soo’s brother is his next victim in line!

bscap0395bscap0396bscap0397bscap0398 bscap0399bscap0400bscap0401bscap0402 bscap0403bscap0404bscap0405bscap0406bscap0407bscap0408 bscap0409

As the episode reaches its end, Go Bong is in great misconception. Some questions torment his mind. Does it feel right for him to have those feelings? How could a man like him feel? Is it this thing called love? He closes his eyes before the mirror and once he opens them up the shadow of the old man appears.

bscap0410 bscap0411 bscap0412 bscap0413

The ending was quite intriguing, could it be the shadows of the past that still haunt him and won’t let him move forward that easily? Or is it Choi Go Bong on the role of a modern Dorian Gray who made a pact with the Devil in order to remain young forever while his portrait was rotting instead of his own body? The mysterious essence of the series keeps going on and on, not everything’s yet known about Go Bong’s condition and there are many things yet to come to the surface. Episode 6 was quite Go Bong and Ha Soo centered, we get to know their chemistry from a closer perspective that has two sides, Ha Soo’s caring and Go Bong’s emotions that keep blooming as he’s in a spring-time state for the first time in his life. It’s not that the rest of the characters remained behind, but they served their purpose in order for Go Bong’s character to develop himself even more since he’s the main figure of the story. The mysterious factor is not only about Go Bong’s condition, but also about the various plots going on behind his back and behind many people’s backs, even those considered to be allies in this domination game. Steadily we cherish each one’s character and we get to see behind their motives and/or masks, but also the faces that are pure, they keep on evolving on their own, through calm and through storm, through humor and emotion. I’m highly looking forward to the next episode, as for now, i will end my thoughts with Ha Soo’s diary’s words.

I want to make you happy because seeing you smiling makes me happy!

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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. November 26, 2014 at 1:06 pm — Reply

    The end was so dubious! I need some soju to overcome the anxiety. xD
    Oh yes, the cycling scene, bwahaha, how did Jang Na Ra even paddle? She’s so…Fragile! Hang on, was that the chincha-bike?! -.- Also, the Go Bong dance + the Homeless organisation was hilarious. There are so many tones of emotions in this drama. :’)
    Aww, I feel for Dae Han. I’ll rescue you, Dae Han, do not fret! ;_;

    • November 26, 2014 at 7:22 pm — Reply

      Yeah! The ending appeared out of nowhere and i was like O.O Daphax just happened? o.O Yes!! I was wandering that myself and she had that mucho youngster Go Bong xD It could be indeed the chincha bike XD Yes, laughed so hard with the Go Bong dance xD And the homeless organization was the only thing that was coming to mind from the very first moment i watched it xD You will steal Dae Han, i will steal Ha Soo, but Go bong will chase us both XDDD

  2. December 1, 2014 at 10:05 am — Reply

    Can you give some info on Jang Sung Bum who plays Jan Na Ra’s brother? I can’t find anything about him anywhere online except that he plays Eun Byung Soo, the brother of Eun Ha Soo. Is this his first time to act in a Kdrama? He’s doing a great job with the few lines he’s had up to Episode 8. He’s also quite good eye candy 🙂 It was just weird that there’s nothing anywhere about him. Can you help?! Thanks!!!

    • December 1, 2014 at 11:43 am — Reply

      He’s like a ghost on the net, the only thing that is findable on the net is that he’s Jang Na Ra’s brother on mr. Back, but that’s something we already know 😛 He’s doing pretty well indeed, he doesn’t appear much, but when he does he plays his own part and leaves his own impact on the scene. But judging from this: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3382257833 and a poor translation he must be totally a newcomer! I don’t know if i helped, probably not much or not at all, i tried though, it’s like trying to solve a mystery 😛

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