Episode 3 Review: Mr. Back (2014)

Mr.-Back-Poster5OK, my head is killing me a bit, but not to the extent of wanting to kill myself. The urge to write down my thoughts on Mr. Back’s episode 3 is stronger, henceforth i will proceed despite the slightly bearable obstacles of a not that great Saturday evening. I have to confess that Mr. Back as a series is so print-screen friendly! The moments that crave a photo of their own are so many that i’m not sure whether i will make it alive or not! So, episode 3, does it live up to the expectations of the foundations that were set during its first airing week? The answer is quite simple, of course it does! Which are the key points of episode 3? The first one and most important has to be the fact that the storyline processes and a circle ends. Another important aspect is the flashback emphasis that is noticeable through the whole duration of the episode. And last but not least, we steadily dive deeper on the temperament of the characters, main or supporting. Are you ready?

Ready, steady, go! Go Bong and Ha Soo manage to escape from the truck and he wants her to give him the black box of her van in order to find out who put the money at the back of his car. Of course he won’t tell her the truth and makes her think that he’s searching for the driver that got involved on a hit and run incident with his grandfather. Ha Soo takes him to the scrapyard to find the van and its black box. As they search for it, it suddenly appears on a carrying vehicle and they try to stop it. Danger feels near, but nothing harmful happens. Their faces right before and right after the vehicle stopped are priceless, you can feel the threat and the relief respectively!

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3Even though Go Bong is in his mid thirties, i’m really glad they didn’t make him feel like a modern man of his age at the present. The old man is still alive deep inside and when it comes to his thoughts, oddities and abilities he’s still living in the past. He didn’t suddenly become a master of current technology when it comes to computers, mobile phones and such. It’s really funny when he interacts with other people asking for their help in things he was supposed to know by their point of view, he looks like an alien to their eyes and such scenes pay you back with welcome amounts of laughter!

10Dae Han and Ji Yoon are desperately searching for Choi Go Bong, but he’s nowhere to be found. Secretary/chauffer Gyung Bae had informed them that he got in touch with him via phone, but he covers him up for obvious reasons by telling them that the number was blocked. At the same time, Go Bong and Ha Soo visit an internet cafe to watch the video from the van’s black box. When he witnesses his brother’s involvement he shouts in anger! Shortly after everyone notices their presence through Go Bong’s wrath and they go to eat. It’s the first time he notices what he’s been missing all these years due to his highly specific meals in order to take good care of his health. Everything he tastes, be it soju or one of many dishes, he cherishes it to the fullest! His reactions are priceless and it feels as if he was tasting everything for the first time!

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8Of course as soon as alcohol keeps flowing they quarrel about Choi Go Bong! Ha Soo’s opinion would never be a good one and Go Bong is trying to defend… Go Bong! The whole scenery is already electrified, but due to a misunderstanding a fight erupts between Go Bong and another customer who soon feels the grandeur of Go Bong’s rejuvenated body! His reflexes are pretty good as well when he grabs Ha Soo and they both avoid a flying chair! Later on he has to pay for everything, whether it’s food/drinks or broken glass for the whole inconvenience at the local restaurant. When the owner of the restaurant hits him on the butt many times it’s desperately funny!

9 11

12I utterly adore Na Ra’s drunken expressions and she’s doing a pretty good job on Ha Soo’s character. She’s almost wasted from the alcohol marathon and the intensity of the conversation and Go Bong presents something innovative for the world of South Korean dramas, piggyback! Just kidding, who doesn’t love piggyback scenes? Well, i guess since it’s almost in every drama there must be people who can’t stand it anymore and i understand them, but to me it’s almost always pleasing to the eye. This piggyback scene is important to the series though, except for being an affectionate and funny, depending on the moment, scene, right before they reach Ha Soo’s home something from the past awakens. Go Bong recalls a specific memory as soon as a specific tailor shop is in sight. We get a glimpse of what this memory might mean. Go Bong doesn’t possess the grandeur he had gotten us used to, he seems poor. In the future episodes we’ll get to know more about this incident and Go Bong’s past in general. You can bet i’m highly looking forward to it. Soon, they arrive at Ha Soo’s home where they both fall asleep. Ha Soo’s mother and brother as expected they are wondering whether this man is her boyfriend or not!

13 14 15

In the meantime, Dae Han is drunk as well and Ji Yoon tries to bring him back to his senses and make him realize the difficult situation his family’s facing at the moment. Instead, he unleashes a classical music assault that echoes all over the place and gets on the table to conduct his imaginary orchestra! His dream to become a demented maestro ends as soon as Ji Yoon shuts down the volume and brings him back to reality.

16 17

The next morning, the whole family and Go Bong are about to eat their breakfast! Questions about his age, his occupation and such there’s no way they could be missing! The overall scene is as awesome as it can get! When asked about his age…

18 19

Yeah, sure you are! And i’m a thousand years old time traveler Ha Soo’s brother must have thought, at least i did so. Ha Soo stops the questioning and it’s time to eat. In the beginning he tries to put the napkin around his neck, but since everyone’s watching in a bizarre way he forfeits the idea. Yet, Go Bong is not easy to please! There’s always something wrong about every dish! His lines one after the other commenced a bombardment of laughter. It took a while to bring back my face to its normal shape.

20 21 22 23 24 25

Right after breakfast they get into the bus in which another comical scene takes place, a grandma enters the bus on another stop and since Go Bong doesn’t intend to get up for the grandma to take a seat, Ha Soo takes charge of the situation.

26 27 28 29

Ji Yoon makes an announcement concerning Choi Go Bong who’s been missing for days, but it doesn’t seem quite pleasing. At the same time, Go Bong forces Gyung Bae to find him a job at the hotel in order to be around during these urgent moments and also be able to make some research on his own. He sends him over to Yoo Nan Hee who hires him as a sweeper. It’s not going to be easy for Gyung Bae when he meets Go Bong under his new job! At the same time, Go Bong meets Ha Soo’s brother who’s working secretly from his sister a part timer at the hotel.

32 33

Go Bong’s brother, Young Dal, and his usual cohort of flunkeys make a scene in front of Dae Han. Apparently all they care about is money and power and with Go Bong missing it’s the right time to take over his inheritance. Director Yi Gun feels such a shady and two-face snake.

30 31

Dae Han will have to struggle a lot to remain in charge of the overall situation. Dae Han asks for Ha Soo’s help on hotel matters and he also wants some answers about this mysterious man, meaning Go Bong’s rejuvenated self, but nothing interesting comes to the surface. Dae Han intends to make her the company’s new model.

34 35

And it won’t be easy to take off the pervert label Ha Soo put on him from the very first moment they met.

37 38

At the same time, Go Bong enjoys the conveniences of spying as an undercover worker.


Afterwards, Go Bong meets Ha Soo and makes excuses for his presence there as a new worker. Soon he rushes to his office in order to secure his documents and search for possible evidence. His task is to appear as a bug exterminator! Inside his office he finds Young Dal and his wife searching around and in a utterly humorous tone he makes them leave!

39 40 41

Then, it’s Dae Han and Ji Yoon’s turn to get spied by commando Go Bong!

42 43

After all he witnessed and heard while working undercover at his hotel, Go Bong surrenders to his thoughts. A bleak moment filled with discomfort and despair. A recent memory recollection strikes relentless upon him.


45 46 47 48 49

The overall scenery’s about to become more than complicated. Scriptwriter’s circumstances will forge a quite intense complex at the same time, at the same place, the Gold House!

1) Dae Han calls Ha Soo to pass by his house to close the windows because it will rain heavily and he worries about water entering the building.


2) Gyung Bae informs Go Bong that his son sent on vacation the staff working at the Gold House, it was about time!

51 52 53

3) Young Dal and his wife are aware of this information and they take advantage of it!


Go Bong’s already there!


Dal Young and In Ja arrive and Go Bong remains hidden, he’s about to be revealed…

56 57 58

…but Ha Soo arrives and the others hide!

59 60

He’s been inside the closet for some time now and a cramp will betray him! Ha Soo at first is scared to death, but she chases him and tries to stop him, his face is almost revealed, but he manages to escape with everything he wanted to take from his safe box. In the meantime, Dae Han and Yi Joon find Choi Go Bong’s arch phone and they get answers from Ha Soo’s brother who witnessed the undercover Go Bong, when answers come to the surface their puzzlement is hilarious!

62 61

64 63 65

Back home, they try to unearth evidence from Ha Soo’s experience with the burglar. When Dae Han takes care of Ha Soo’s wound it wasn’t the most pleasant thing Ji Yoon could witness since we get hints that she cares about him. Both Ha Soo’s help and the assumptions, despite being horrendous, they hold either a comical edge or a sense of black humor of their own!

66 67 68

Ha Soo was pretty helpful dare i say!

69 70 72 71

Sure you did, Ha Soo!


The assumptions.

74 75

A cry breaks the silence of the night!


The only person that could be accused as the kidnapper of Choi Go Bong is.. Go Bong himself! Well, his younger self. Dae Han makes an official statement and Nan Hee tells Ji Yoon that Gyung Bae suggested him to work at the hotel. Things are going to get a bit messed up for poor Gyung Bae, i wonder how things will flow for him! In the meantime, Ha Soo passes by the restaurant the fight had taken place to pay for the damages, etc, but the owner tells her that Go Bong had already taken care of it. Soon enough, she finds out that the police is searching for Go Bong as Go Bong’s kidnapper. Another reminiscence feels omnipresent. I couldn’t help but take a few more screen shots of Jang Na Ra, you have to understand me!

77 78 79

81 83 84 85 82 86

87 88

Go Bong passes by her house and he recalls as well moments they cherished together.

89 90 91

The environment is hostile for Go Bong and he leaves. South Korea, thank you for your beautiful landscapes. Director Sang Yeob, you captured the beauty of the horizon and the landscape the way it deserved, in a captivating way! During an emotionally fortified scene, Go Bong cuts ties with his past in a quite representative way and even though for a moment he would make you think as if he wanted to end his own life…

92 93 94 95 96 97

…instead, he staged his own death with clothes he had taken from his closet. He staged the death of the older Choi Go Bong and devastated, he bid farewell to the man he used to be.

98 99 100 101

102 103 104 105

Everyone’s there, hypocrites and loved ones, workers and high positioned members. Some with their woeful masks, some others with their memories. Everyone’s there, everyone.


Episode 3 signals the end of the first era of Mr. Back. The basic core has been set, now it’s time for the scriptwriter to expand his territory and let the side-stories of the characters unfold. I loved the flashbacks of Ha Soo and Go Bong. A romance is being born, pretty slowly, but its first signals are apparent. We already know about Go Bong’s feelings, he hasn’t expressed them openly, but his thoughts and reactions point towards that direction. This time we also get to notice that something is going on with Ha Soo’s feelings as well. She doesn’t know who he really is, but she believes in his innocence. Choi Go Bong’s second coming will be relentless i presume. Under the moniker of Choi Shin Hyung everything’s going to change!

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