Episode 2 Review: Pinocchio (2014)

1Episode one gave birth to Pinocchio’s airing essence in the most appropriate way. Some basic parts of the story have been set and the background starts building its own tight foundations. The main core of the script is steadily pacing towards a crossroad where every figure’s side-story will make sense. The second episode lends some more light to events we witnessed during the first episode and we get to know better In Ha and Dal Po’s characters and feelings. Shin Hye and Jong Suk are steadily pouring themselves into their roles and that is only the beginning. The past starts pointing its secret arrows towards the present, having its own impact on the future we’ll cherish on the forthcoming episodes.

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Shin Hye’s expressions are utterly adorable, they may appear anytime, anyplace and they don’t even lose a tiny bit of their own magic! Such moments pace really well with Song Juk’s comical seriousness, their unique chemistry starts unfolding shyly, step by step and i’ve got a really good feeling about it. When she receives Chan Soo’s bicycle as a present her reaction was as if she was given the most previous gem! And the painted smiley on the shoe is priceless, one braincell exploded from laughter the moment i laid my eyes on it!

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In Ha’s first bicycle adventure didn’t have the outcome she wanted and she ends up with a mud-soiled career course planning document. Υet, this modern Pinocchio what kind of job could she accomplish given this special characteristic of hers?! A lawyer?

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Hell no! And that’s the moment Jung Woong In appears on a cameo scene that works as an I Hear Your Voice tribute. Then what? Could she become an actress?


No way! And we go back in time to get to know how did Dal Po ended in the student knowledge TV show. Right before the exam that would determine the one and only student that would partake at the show Chan Soo confesses… his intention to confess his feelings to In Ha if he passes on the final round of the TV show. She doesn’t feel the excitement she was supposed to feel during her first love confession. The exam takes place and all the arrows point either on Chan Soo or In Ha for the best score. A bomb explodes, Dal Po’s the only one to reach 100% success. Chan Soo can’t accept that he lost to the school’s worst student and spreads rumors of Dal Po cheating at the exam at first and then stealing the questions in order to achieve the best score.

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Everyone finds him guilty, even his own teacher. He shows his claws in a fight with a classmate when he hears something negative about his father, the rest about stealing the test and such, he can handle, even ignore them, but he can’t step back when it comes to such a fragile topic. The teachers agreed that he will be forgiven if he writes a letter of apology. Some words his teacher uses bring forth bitter memories and he threatens his teacher by using his own words that he would spread a rumor about him having an affair with teacher Yoon. Fight fire with fire, they say.

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Chan Soo has already passed on the final round. He confesses his feelings for In Ha, but as expected she can’t feel the butterflies trespassing the territory of her stomach.

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All these lies she heard about Dal Po cheating on the exam or even stealing it, deep inside she knows that they were lies. The fact that she didn’t stand on Dal Po’s side feels like a colossal lie and her organism is taking control of the situation due to all this injustice. She’s been hiccuping for a few days now and she finally supports Dal Po vividly in front of the students. Chan Soo accepts the bet, if she proves that Dal Po scored 100% on his own he will apologize to him and will give him half the prize money. If she can’t prove it, he will smack her in the face ten times the way Dal Po does. Well, the hiccups stopped, but how can she prove that?

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In the meantime, the past is still haunting Jae Myung, Dal Po’s real brother. The ghosts from the past are still alive and the place that was burnt down five years ago is being considered by some a haunted area.

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Back to what’s happening on the island, Chan Soo is pretty pissed off by In Ha’s behavior and kicks the bicycle he gave to her. Dal Po tries to tell In Ha that her breaks are not working, but she’s not in the mood to listen to anything and she leaves.

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As expected, the lurking danger comes to the surface and Dal Po rushes with his own bike to save her and succeeds in that, but he ends up hurt in the head. The scenes at the ambulance as he’s being transferred to the closest hospital are quite funny even though the situation’s not funny at all!

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Οn the way back home, the scenes with In Ha and Dal Po are quite beautiful in their own way. The beauteous landscape right before the sunset brings in an affectionate aesthetic with its sinking colors. Truth be told, Dal Po was never dumb, he always pretending for grandpa’s sake because the real Dal Po didn’t have the sharpest mind.

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In Ha’s on a quest to prove Dal Po’s innocence and finds out that he must have read all the books at the local library! She collects everything she witnesses as evidence.


Dal Po knows that In Ha can’t prove that he succeeded on his own at the test and takes the situation in his own hands. Automatically, this means Oh Soon’s sudden death…

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He takes the bus to Seoul in order to partake on another test that would define Chan Soo’s opposing force. And that’s how Dal Po entered the TV show! As questions pass by, in the end he’s 30 points ahead of Chan Soo. Everyone in the class can’t believe what’s happening, but the truth was restored by Dal Po himself.

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By this turn of events, In Ha since she cannot lie, finds out her future work as a journalist bound to expose the truth.


God, i love this reporter! She always gets caught on the same awkward situation by being the only one that laughs at her own jokes!


It’s time for the final question, whoever answers it will be the winner. Chan Soo presses first the button, but all he can answer is one quarter of the correct answer, it’s Dal Po’s turn. Dal Po adds the remaining 3 quarters of the answer and lets Chan Soo win on purpose by passing him the victory. A pretty intense and heartfelt scene follows between journalist Gyo Dong and Dal Po.

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Something that brings forth unpleasant memories to Gyo Dong.

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Something that forces him to agree one way or another.

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By the moment Dal Peng watches Dal Po on TV he’s worried about grandpa whether he watched him on the TV or not because this would be an immense crack on his beliefs about who Dal Po really is, something that would probably have an impact upon his health. But the TV’s not the real issue here, since he finds In Ha’s evidence.


It’s pouring down with heavy rain, Dal Po doesn’t have an umbrella with him and In Ha rushes to wait for him. By the time Dal Po arrives, In Ha has fallen asleep under a tent. It’s the moment we find out about Dal Po’s real feelings for her. The director offers a wonderful blending of various scenes and the musical background serves them well. We get to know about Dal Po’s emotions, but also the agony of Jae Myung when it comes to his father and since nothing remains hidden under the rain, the bones of the father start appearing as the mud surrenders. The way scenes blend together of past questions and present answers, even if they’re thoughts, it’s quite delicate.

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Her umbrella is broken though. Dal Po’s got an idea and his thoughts keep echoing amidst the rain drops.

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After two episodes i can confess with the hand on the place of the heart that Pinocchio has earned my trust. The intensity factor that is among my favorites has become more apparent and emotion shyly blossoms. And the second leads haven’t even appeared yet! And there are many side-stories floating around and many crossroads upon which main and supporting characters will meet in the future. How do you find Pinocchio’s course so far?

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