Birth of a Beauty – first impression (no spoilers)


After Finishing “My lovely Girl” ,I had the great dilemma wich drama to start next…Haven’t yet watched “The Greatest marriage” , which I really want to and with so many good dramas that are airing right now (Incomplete Life , Mr Baek , Modern Farmer , Liar Game etc ).I had a tough decision to make but I got to the conclusion, that I should start “Birth of a Beauty”.

“Birth of a beauty” or should I better call it birth of a very promising drama ? When I first read the description of the show, “200 pound of beauty” came to mind.I loved that movie, but I was confused weather a same story line would fit for a drama.So I started watching the first episode at 1:00 am finished watching the 4 episodes that have aired , at dawn.It’s been a long time since I’ve done this for a drama,since I have to wake up early , but it kept me so interested, I couldn’t resist.

The plot – When the first episode began I though, “oh nice a sweet easy going drama” ,  but as it was going , it really made me confused and wondering what is actually happening.The main idea is the girl who transforms through plastic surgery like in ” 200 pounds of beauty “,  but trust me this drama has to deal with, a lot more than that…A mysterious accident gets in the way and families issues make the drama lose the label of the typical romance melodrama.Also its more realistic , about the relationships between women and men , thing I only found in tvn’s dramas.

Not the innocent drama type – credits to birthofabeauty.tumblr

The acting – first of all I have to talk about Ha Jae Suk’s amazing performance, as Sa Geu Ran in the first episode.It was really well done and made you love the main lead from the start.I was wondering where I’ve seen Han Ye Seul before,it was on “Will it snow for Christmas?”(nice drama,you should watch it, now that Christmas are coming and fits the mood).Anyway Han Ye Seul as Sara so far, is doing a very good job , she has this cute charisma but also the weird personality its lovely.Joo Sang Wook as the main lead, is the cherry on top , bizarre guy who you really don’t know what has in mind and acts crazy  a lot of times , is simple a pleasure watching him act.Jung Gyu Woon and Wang Ji Hye as Gang Joon and Chae Yeon couple are very decent actors , I’m  waiting to watch more of them in the future episodes.

I usually start dramas when they have aired most of the episodes so I don’t have to wait week to week.Unfortunately this time I have to be patient but it seems like “Birth of a beauty” its gonna worth the waitting.So if you start the drama you’ll realise how promising it is.I already can imagine future intense scenes between the characters and  heartbreaking performances.I hope the next episodes will be as good as the first ones.

Check it out yourseves and tell me your thoughts^^

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