Call it jjak Sarang – one sided love by HanaKimi91

Hello Dramajjang readers^^ Hanakimi91 here! Have you ever found yourself in a jjak sarang situation?What is jjak sarang is a one sided love

as lovely Kang Joon-Hee have said  and since many of our k-j drama’s characters have had this kind of love,I will be writing about the ones I found most interesting and heartaching.

-NOTICE- The following post contains Spoilers from dramas Boys over Flowers/Hana Kimi/Reply 1997/Reply 1994 /Summer Nude/Dating Agency Cyrano/You taught me all the great things/God of study/Marry Him if You dare/Monstar , so if you have only seen some of them,just skip the ones you haven’t watched  and come back later when you will hehehehe^^

1.Chu Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) ~Boys over Flowers~ The first Korean drama I saw was BOF and I loved it! I also loved the love line between Chu Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) and So Yi Jung (Kim Bum). The couple that got everyone’s interest although it wasn’t the main one aka Soulmates.

Well Ga Eul,is the typical good girl that falls for the bad guy.I mean what girl haven’t experience that,at some point in their lives?Her interest for him starts,when Yi Jung helps her revenge her crappy ex-boyfriend.Well with Kim Bum’s looks and mysterious charisma,she didn’t need more time to fall for him.She shows her interest,but Yi Jung doesn’t treat her in the best way,since he doesn’t want her to be in love with him.He can’t afford being in a normal relationship and in order to not hurt her later,he decides to make her unlike him beforhand.Wich doesn’t exactly work…She stays loyal to her feelings and to him even at his worst times.One of my favorite scenes in kdrama history is the one, Yi Jung goes on a date with Ga eul just to treat her bad and prove what an idiot he is , they end up meeting with his Dad he offers her to him and she throws a cup of water to his face.Omg I so enjoyed that scene , saw it more times than I can remember.If I were her,I would have done much worse to his pretty face .
Ok I didn’t find the water scene ,but it happens on ep18 definitely worth watching
Well Ga eul turns bad boy Yi Jung with the bad family background and ex-girlfriend issues into the good guy he has always hidden.He comes back to Korea after some years and he goes find her.So her one-sided love paid off and we get a happily ever after for them. —–>

2.Kim Nana (Da hee) ~  Monstar ~

I know many people,are not exactly fans of Dahee right now because of the blackmail scandal,but I’m not here to talk about that.
I loved Kim Nana’s (Da Hee) & Jun Sun Woo’s (Kang Ha Neul) love line in Monstar.All though Nana was a tough bad girl,she had such an innocent one sided love for Sun Woo.I loved how Nana was never the bitchy character who would try to get the attention by any mean,or turn against the main actress because,she had the interest of the boy she liked.So the relationship between the two,was developing swell like,from some point,I watched Monstar just for them.
 Of course Sun Woo suffered from the syndrome
“I want to get what I can’t have”.
He was communicating so much better with Nana,he opened about things when he was with her and vice versa.Sun Woo was the only one Nana could feel comfortable and trust.Still ,h e wanted Min Se yi,cause I mean he is a guy and he liked her first he marked his territory so he couldn’t loose over Yoon Sul Chan.The end we get for this couple,wasn’t too good not to bad either.The jacket he accepts from Nana,to me symbolizes that,He is now making a new start as a person maybe in his love life too…
 I personally made a fanmade video for this couple(not the best I’ve made)

Next stop 3.Nakatsu Shuichi(Ikuta Toma) ~ Hana Kimi ~ (my lovable first drama I ever saw,can’t you tell by my user name :P?)

So Nakatsu in Hana Kimi is cool from the start till the end as his one sided love for Mizuki Ashiya (Horikita Maki).Unlike Sano,he likes her, even though he thinks she is a boy

They are close from the beginning and its the typical close friendship that ends up turning into love.All these feelings confuse Nakatsu,cause he finds himself loving a boy,who is actually a girl and that girl is in love with his best friend.I love allNakatsu’s monologues about his love throughout the drama. Nakatsu can see the tense between Sano and Ashiya but he isn’t bitchy about it.When he finds out he is a she,he is revealed because everything,was so confusing to him.But the fact he wanted to make this love happen,even when he thought she was a boy made him so cool in my eyes.Of course in the end when Sano and Ashiya find each other,Toma is once again cool about it.

4.Gong Min Young(Choi Soo Young) ~Dating Agency Cyrano~

Just because Sooyoung was the lead in Dating agency Cyrano that didn’t save her character Gong Min Young suffer a one-sided love through the drama. Of course,what a surprise for a kdrama , the relationship with the main lead starts with a fight, so they develop the cat-dog relationship.Then Min Young little by little realizes she has more feelings for  Byung Hoon (Lee Jong Hyuk).
The scene where she tries to find him and sees him in his office watching videos of his ex girlfriend,must be one of my favorite one sided love scenes(it starts at 6:36). Min young with her feelings and him stuck in the past…The ex girlfriend makes her appearance and poor Min young looses her confidence.She even tries to help him get her back,as long as he is happy.But maybe the ex girlfriend appearance wasn’t so bad after all…Cause it helps Byung Hoon realize he was clinging to the past and his feelings for her weren’t real anymore.For this couple we get our happily ever after,they so much deserve.

Do you still remember the first time we met? That day, you looked so lost, you didn’t know what to do. You looked so lovely that I couldn’t help but smile at you. It must have been the first time… that you entered my heart. Before I met you, I thought I could live without love. I was living in the past. I was imprisoned in the past. Fortunately, you came to find me first. I didn’t tell you, but I was actually glad that I could see you everyday. Someone I could have not known for the rest of my life… had become more important than myself. If not for Gong Stone, I would not be able to feel that way.

5.Taniyama Hanae (Toda Erika) ~ Summer Nude ~
So if we talk about one-sided loves then we can definitely not leave Toda’s character in Summer Nude.
I admired Hanae’s personality and love about Yamapi. Being friends for years,Hanae has been trapped in a one sided love,which is not exactly unknown Mikuriya Asahi (Yamashita Tomohisa) since its a obvious one.But doesn’t pressure him at all since she respects the fact he is still not over his past and his ex girlfriend.I mean she is always there for him,even when he cries about his ex and he is troubled.
When Asahi  wakes up and realizes that,we finally get some good development cute scenes between them just to get happy and then be disappointed again :P.Suddenly the misunderstandings begin and the new girl(wich besides that I totally liked) gets in the love picture.I wish the show would have ended when Hanae and Asahi get together but NO.Wow I’m still mad about that …How suddenly Hanae changed her heart and Asahi found himself loving the new girl.Well in some,way people could say,its good Hanae  finally gave up the love she was trapped in for so long,since she tried her best too.I still can’t get why they could not end up together since they were perfect for each other…

6.Saeki  Hikari(Takei Emi) ~Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta~ (You taught me all the great things)

A student Saeki Hikari(Takei Emi) wakes up at a guy’s apartment that we find out is her teacher Shuji Kashiwagi (Haruma Miura).

I mean I dont like student teacher relationships but this time was an exception since the development was so good.So Saeki gets a lot of hate in the first episodes.But to me she isn’t hateable at all. I mean she had all these issues and when,she ends up at her teacher’s apartment she doesn’t know he is her teacher who has a fiance.She ends up there because Shuji treated her well,unlike most people,that night and she wanted to spent time by his side. Of course when she doesn’t reveal the truth about not sleeping together,blackmailing him and all,she is at fault.But I can’t totally  blame her,I mean she is too young she can’t think maturely also she wants to hang on to him.

She becomes more likable,when she reveals the truth and risks not only loosing everyone’s appreciation which she did,but loosing Shuji’s trust also.Fortunately Shuji having his own issues decides to find more about her and they become really close.Their love line is not the normal type,not like a teen girls crush.That’s why I never expected they would end up together.Its just that Shuji looked at her for exactly who she was.

When her own family was falling apart and didn’t care at all.That goes the other way too.In a world full of roles and pressure Shuji can find some real feelings and meaningful conversations with Saeki.

It’s because you forced yourself to forget so hard that you lost so much. You don’t need to forget if you don’t want to.” – Saeki Hikari

I wanna be free. Living up to expectations is exhausting.
—  Kashiwagi Shuji, Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta

His time with her make him totally change and realize many things.So many may say otherwise but I think the one who “taught him all the great things” was her.

I will never forget you, because you changed me. I’m really glad that we met.
—  Kashiwagi Shuji, 大切なことはすべて君が教えてくれた (Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta)

Then comes,the unecessary for me Suhuji’s fiance’s pregnancy.Which in my eyes made Shuji feel responsible and decides he has to stay with her.Anyway the train scene at the final episode has to be one of the greatest scenes in the whole drama.

When you wanna see something beautiful, you wanna see it with somebody. See it together, and say things like “Isn’t it beautiful?” “How amazing.” Just those few words are enough. It’s a happier thing to have someone to appreciate it with, than seeing the beautiful thing itself.”-Drunk stranger from Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oishite Kureta
The ending made me confused.Was it that after communicating with Saeki he learned himself and returned to his life as a better person?I don’t know?I wish he had made a new start like Saeki did.Well the baby… yeah for me it was the writer’s fault.At least we see Shuji in the end looking Saeki from afar  and she finally seems happy.I would want the same for Shuji but…I mean for me everything was a life changing experience,for all of them.I wish they all started new.

7.Chil Bong Gi(Yoo Yun Suk) ~Reply 1994~
So Chilbongi must be the ultimate one sided love in a kdrama.Chilbongi ♡♡♡ can I be your girlfriend? hehehe. So Yoo Yun Suk’s character in Reply 1994,Chil Bong Gi is the coolest of  all.An athlete ,A+ face ,A+ body,A+ smile,A+ personality everything about him A+,still he finds himself begging for Na jung’s(Go Ara) love
.   —

I loved how he knew every dorky part of Najung’s personality(I mean she even farted in front of him )still he loved everything about her.He treated her great,he was kind with her,still he couldn’t fight Sseureki’s  and Najung’s strong relationship,no one could break.At first I wanted Chilbongi and Najung together I was like “HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE HIM?” But after that I realised Najung’s love for Sseureki so it made sense.It wasn’t the typical drama love,in which the main leads have to end up together just because they are the main leads.So after realizing all that,I didn’t want Chilbongi to suffer anymore,so I stopped watching the drama…Hahahah just kidding there is no way I would stop watching Reply 1994<3.I loved,how he tried his best.he showed everything that he had without holding nothing back.

In the end I’m glad there is a hint he finds someone new,so Chilbongi doesn’t end up alone.


8.Han Chae Ah(Seo Yoo-Kyung) ~ Marry Him If You Dare ~ Chae’s and Sejoo’s love line isn’t very famous but it really caught my eye, so it has a place in this post.Chae -ah starts as the typical evil kdrama girl.Who is all about the money and has no feelings.But apparently she finds her self in a one-sided love with Park Se Joo (Jung Yong Hwa)There is tension between the two characters even before Chae ah finds out that Sejoo is the head of the company and has tones of money.Of course finding out about that must have been,a factor that made her like him even more.Not necessarily because of the money,but for the mystery of this whole situation.So after knowing his secret,Chae Ah,becomes close with him and realizes what a cool person he is.Also Sejoo gets to know her and sees how many hardships she is been through because of the industry.Of course Sejoo has his own one sided love for Na Mi Ra e and has no eyes for other girls.Chae Ah starts falling even deeper,since she can’t have him (classic girl’s logic I do the same : P). The love Chae Ah develops for Se Joo makes her vulnerable and turns her character into a nicer person,we learn about her life problems and that adds up.From this point of the drama I think she becomes likable. (yeah right) We don’t exactly get a happily ever after for them Se joo lets go of Mi Rae and Chae Ah decides to study away from South Korea.She asks him though “If you had met me first,would you have fallen in love with me?” and his answer is yes he would.

This question makes me thing of the best way to end up this post with one of my favorite busker busker’s songs “love is timing”…So love is complicated,is about time is about place is about many things and it happens a lot to be one-sided 😉

P.S Bonus one-sided loves Na Hyun Jung(Ji Yeon) God of study
Lovable Kang Joon-Hee(Hoya) from ~ Reply 1997 ~ and his one sided love for Yoon Yoon-Je(Seo In Guk)
and Min Se-Kyung(Yoon Seo) ~dating agency cyrano~
her one-sided love for A-rang (Jo Yoon-Woo)
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