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10723345_792888080754814_903652756_nHanakimi91 here and today’s post is about nails.

Dramajjang wont only be about K-J dramas and Movies.But about music fashion and random things also.

So when you thing about jpop&kpop fashion one of the first things that comes in mind is nail’s art.Sometimes the styling is simple like Yoon Eun Hye’s  yooneunhye-677x900and sometime it can be Koda Kumi’s level of nail’s art 😛 20101111_kumi1Well…my best friend always says “There is no limit to nail’s art” so I guess Koda really must have exactly the same opinion koda-kumi06

And if you think this article is only about girls then you ‘re wrong,nails art is so popular both in Japan and Korea that guys do their nails too.GD&TOP Ren and other idols.

tumblr_m2jk05gO1Y1qktu3zimages (1)

Hongki has to be he king though,he even has his own Nail Art Book.If you ask personal opinion about guys doing their nails?Its not that I’m against but it’s definitely something that is still kind of weird to me and I mean as long as their short its ok , imagine them having long extended ones hehehe that would be fun.But as long as they like it and they want to do it I think they have the right to.

1011952_621860314505956_755764651_n (2) Lee-Hongki-Nail-Art-Book-2-2xh3xwbt6mu81361euja4q

I remember when I first got into kpop (2006-2007) I loved the colourful nails and the bling bling styling.Back then the rest of the countries had a more conservative style so when I used to have different colours in every nail or glitter etc. people around me would be like “Eww,why?”.But I didn’t care at all.Some might say “Nails whatever…” Like its the last thing someone should care about,but in my opinion the work that Nail’s Artists do is very admirable . First the technique is so hard and second they are so creative like a different type of “painters”.



So as I said in the past I’ve used many colorful styles and I got it out of my system. Now that the edgy and sparkly styling has become popular all over the world and its not considered too much anymore,I have become more conservative and to the minimal side.

My nail’s evolution


Picture 4 is the first time I wa so pleased with the results.Of course this styling was inspired by goddess Yoon Eun Hye in drama Bogoshipda(I miss you,Missing you).Ok that drama had a lot of tears but the times I wasn’t sobbing I would notice Eun Hye’s neat manicure.


Also Ishihara Satomi’s nails in jdrama Shitsuren Chocolatier were400983_pcl

very cute *_* Opposite to her character ,who was really annoying…


So what are your thoughts?

Bright colours and bling bling accesories or pastel and minimal style?

Guys with nails done or guys without nails done?

What’s your opinion?

P.S I’ll leave with one of my favourite jpop songs it’s not exactly new,but since the post its about nail’s art,this is one of the first times,I saw male idols with coloured nails.I guess DBSK couldn’t help themselves since they spent so much time with Nail’s Queen Koda Kumi.

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