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HanaKimi91 here and today I will be taking on Surplus Princess that I just finished yesterday.

-Spoiler Free for now-

Starting writing about this drama I’m thinking,did I ever pay attention to the story or was I always mesmerized by On Joo-Wan’s eye smile *_*?

hehehe just kidding…No that Song Jae Rim is less attractive

or Nam Ju Hyuck

adaijdsfjsiofjsiof ok I’m gonna stop here.

So the thing is,watching Surplus Princess was never in my “plan to watch” list but I kept seeing articles about the show being cut down to episodes more and more so it made me curious to find out why was this happening .Also 10 episodes seemed nothing for a dramaholic person like myself.

Before I start the spoiler section for those who are thinking about watching the drama I’m saying a big “YES”.It’s definitely not a masterpiece but it’s totally fun to watch and leaves you with a sweet feeling .Also aside the supernatural theme the rest of the story the characters and the relationships are very realistic.Forget the poor main leads and the dreamy chaebols this story is about a mermaid and everyday people.

The rest of the post is about those who have seen the series,I meanSPOILER ALERT-

At the first episode I was like “hmmm what’s with the low budget mermaid?”.I mean its a kdrama and I was expecting more like seeing Kim Ha Ni’s life underwater a palace or her underwater friends bling bling things,well maybe I’ve watched to much “Ariel-The Little Mermaid”.But at this part I felt the drama was lacking a bit,no about the designs etc but about Kim Ha Ni’s background,except that one episode with her brother she never seemed to miss her underwater family and also,ok sure Kwon Shi-ssi is hot and I would want to be human for him too,but she seemed to want to get rid of her mermaid life so bad,like I dont know that part seemed rushed to me.

On the other hand I immediately liked Ha-ni from ep1 ,sometimes she was too loud but she was like a devoted fangirl so she was cute.
About Lee Hyun-Myung,was it that the writers planned to show more of his character at the episdoes that were cut?was it the fact that the first episodes were more focused on Ha-ni and her love for Shi-Kyung sii?I felt like I needed more time with Lee Hyun-Myung’s character.

Shi Kyung sii,at first I thought he was the typical snob rich guy,but after we got to know about his health problems he became a totally likable character in my opinion.
There were many interested characters like Ahn Ma nyo,Hong Myung-Hee,Kim Woo-Sun,Deputy Section Chief So…but it would be too tiring for you guys if I covered them all,so I’m sticking to those who personally made me the biggest impression.

Do Ji-Yong He,seemed very whiny at first but getting to know him more and more,I felt sympathetic towards him (Also I was glad he got a happy ending).

Big,his amount of cuteness^___^Actually I first saw Nam Ju-Hyuck in Akdong Musician’s mvs and I thought another model-actor,I didnt have much expectations but he did a very very good job.I never found his acting awkward and I loved his dialect.
Lee Sun-Kyu the pop-ahjussi,I laughed so bad when I found out he was a Crayon Pop fan,Still I’m like lol every time I think about it.

An Hye-Young what I can I say about her?Or what can I say Kim Seul Gi??I thought she would never to her performance in “Flower boy next door” as webtoon company’s manager.But she did a great job here as well.I found Kim Seulgi soooo talented,I would totally watch a drama just for her even though she is a supporting role.Btw Ha-ni and Hye-young’s friendship was really cool.

Last AND least Yoon Jin-A.I’m against violence but I would gladly slap her face.So so so annoying,at least other kdrama evil characters know their evil.She always tried to pretend to be the victim when in reality she was a total bitch .Some might say <> and that <>.I dont care first she hurt cutie pie Hyun-Myung,because he didnt have money and then,she tried to do everythign to get Shi Kyung.Well girl bad news “He doesn’t like you!!!”(ecxept from the ending wich I dont consider reliable I’ll write about it later) So pathetic with all her sns scams etc ts ts ts…

Anyway we all know the beginning of the story and how it happened lets now focus on the most important things.
The Ingyeo House house seemed like a cool place with cool people and Ha ni a supernatural being became a part of it.A nice combination between the realistic and dreamy parts of the show.I love how the everyday people were portrayed and I think many people in their plus twenties would sympathize with their worries for life and their stress for finding a job.

The job hunting and the importance of jobs in society was really well portrayed ,but its a Kdrama and love is the main thing.Ha ni tries to find her true love which she thinks its Shi kyung sii.Who actually gets to know her and likes her also.Lee Hyun-Myung ,who thank god breaks up with Yoon Jin-A or actually Yoon Jin-A breaks up with him,he unnecessarily mourns for a while about her and after a dog-cat relationship with Ha-ni they become close and ta-dah! we have our main love triangle.
Wich I have to say made me a bit confused .Lee Shin Kyun was not the typical kdrama third wheel you always feel bad about him cause he is never gonna get out of the friend zone.

He had the main lead vibes also his love story with Ha-ni was actually very believable and I wouldn’t mind at all if they ended up together.

No that I had a problem with Lee Hyun-Myung whom I also liked a lot. And although the episodes weren’t enough for him and Ha-ni to develop a proper relationship well I liked them as a couple too.They way he protected her and he wasn’t freaked out about her being A MERMAID hahaha!(He got over this issue pretty fast btw ,I mean come on we only have 10 episodes :P)Yeah well he accepted her for exactly who she was unlike Shi Kyung who was only seeing a side of her .So living together and getting to know each other,made sense on how they developed feelings for one and other and how their love overshadowed Kwon Shi-Kyung.

The other love lines,were really fun,An Hye-Young’s crush for Lee Sun-Kyu was so entertaining and then when Big came in the picture I was totally rooting for them.

An Ma-Nyeo and the company lady were cute too.I would want for Yoon Jin-A to end up alone,cause she so worth it but in the last episode hints for her and Shi-kyung developing a love line were given.Which for me doesn’t count,cause I mean the last episode was the biggest fault of this drama but I wont be too hard about it since it wasn’t the writers mistake.Thinking about the fact that they had to put 6 episodes that were cut into one well maybe it wasn’t such a crappy job afterall.

So in the last ep Lee Hyun-Myung and Ha ni become a couple (what a surprise) ,although yeah it was cool how he protected her and also the hospital scene so cute. Despite the fact Ha-ni finds her true love she disappears exactly at the point were she first met Hyun-Myung (lol at the first ep were she wasn’t wearing underwear and a fish covered the critical points : P ). We get a “one year later”, Lee Hyun-Myung is still thinking about Ha-ni,An Hye-Young and Big become a couple,Do Ji-Yong finds a job and a girlfriend,An Ma-Nyeo and company lady ride a motorcycle,lastly Yoon Jin-A and Kwon Shi-Kyung plan to leave Korea together for work (-_-).

And while they are all drinking at the Ingyeo House,being nostalgic about Ha-ni suddenly a comet fell out of the sky and Hani appears with a “I’m gonna kill you all ” look and THE END….Me? I’m like WHATTTT?
The ending was definitely not the best,but the ride was a nice one, so 7 out of 10 for “Surplus Princess” from me.

What are your thoughts^^?

p.s Let’s all enjoy Nam Ju Hyuck in one of my favourites Akdong Musician’s songs 

and remember no person is “Surplus”

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    “.I mean its a kdrama and I was expecting more like seeing Kim Ha Ni’s life underwater a palace or her underwater friends bling bling things,well maybe I’ve watched to much “Ariel-The Little Mermaid”.”

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh you crack me up. This is oh so true. No castle, where are the hundreds or thousands of other mermaids, the king and the queen? Where was her crown???? And I never thought about what you said about her not missing her family but that is so true, she seemed not to care about her world at all. Come to think of it, that didnt make much sense.

    This drama had enormous potential, it’s a pity they had to cut it to 10 episodes, but indeed we cant blame the writers. Sometimes good dramas aren’t popular, and the most popular ones aren’t always the best. This is life. Good review, it was a pleasure to read. You did make me laugh with the “where’s my palace????” part LOL!

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      I’m SOOO glad you liked it 😀 Even if just one person , that is entertained by me reviews its enough ^___^ Yeah , there were many things , that weren’t in place but yeah it was rushed anyway :/ So true your comments about , good dramas being overrated and vice versa.Its too early to tell, but seems to me we have the same taste in dramas 😛

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