20 Aug 2017

Dramas that I didn’t expect to be that good ~ pt1

Hello Dramajjangers Hana Kimi here! Summer is ending, but we still have time for some dramas. I decided to do a post about, dramas that were a beautiful surprise for me. Maybe that way I can inspire or suggest to watch some of these dramas during the last hot days,

01 Aug 2015

The High Society ending

Hello Dramajjangers Unfortunately, although I liked the beginning,I have to include “High Society” to my “not worthy of your time” summer’s dramas list. That list is not short, I have to say and either I choose the wrong dramas to watch or lately there really hasn’t been a drama that

14 Apr 2015

Ho Goo’s love – review

Hello Dramajjangers Easter holidays are coming to an end and I’m pretty sure you are tired of my “I have to study” talk so I’ll leave it here. I’m a bit late for “Ho Goo’s love” review but for me this drama is one of the best of this year, I