27 Jan 2016

Signal ~ Episode 1 & 2 Review / Thoughts ~ Dramajjang

“Do you know why cold cases are the worst? When you know the criminal’s identity and motive Then you know why your family died and how it happened. So even though it’s hard, you can bury it in your heart. When it comes to cold cases, You don’t know why

18 Jan 2016

Answer Me 1988 ~ Episode 1 Diary ~ Dramajjang

“In the end, what helps you overcome obstacles isn’t brains, But someone who will take your hand and won’t let it go. In the end, that’s family.”

23 Aug 2015

Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 16 Recap ~ END

Oh My Ghost closed its curtains with its swansong episode placing everyone inside a cloud of bliss. It bid us farewell with an imperial 7.337% in terms of ratings and the audience was rewarded with a masterpiece of an ending episode. Both the journey and the destination were worth each

22 Aug 2015

Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 15 Recap

The 15th episode was one of these bright examples which resemble perfection to my eyes. It had concrete flow, but most and above everything else, all feels beamed like laser right through my forehead pulverizing my remaining brain cells. The 15th episode achieved Oh My Ghost’s second best ratings to

16 Aug 2015

Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 14 Recap

The ratings only get better and the 14th episode achieved 5.450%, its the Oh My Ghost effect possessing a wider part of the audience every time it airs! We are left with a major cliffhanger as we’re unaware of how the drama’s going to flow during the next episode simply

15 Aug 2015

Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 13 Recap

Just like Yong Pal surpasses itself in terms of ratings with every passing episode, the same applies to Oh My Ghost when it comes to cable channel dramas. The 13th episode surpassed the 5% barrier and the drama found itself in 5.077%. After their emotional trials, all of our main

10 Aug 2015

Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 12 Recap

The 12th episode made the emotional concerns of our characters more specific as the cracks within started broadening to a heartrending extent depending on the character’s progress, interactions, background and emotional world. It made the awakening and redefinition of one’s self more vibrant and this goes towards both Soon Ae

09 Aug 2015

Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 11 Recap

Oh My Ghost managed to surpass the 4% barrier with the last two episodes, the 11th one reached 4.210% and the 12th one presented the drama’s most powerful ratings to date, 4.389%! The 11th episode was the one of sudden realizations for many of our figures, there were instant collisions

07 Aug 2015

Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 10 Recap

Oh My Ghost captivates more and more as time passes by and it follows its threefold road depending on the occasion following the three precious “h” rule; heartwarming, heartbreaking or humorous. At this point we already know a lot about Bong Sun and Sun Woo’s backgrounds, it’s time for Soon

06 Aug 2015

Oh My Ghost ~ Episode 9 Recap

We have already passed the drama’s midway point and Oh My Ghost progresses in a powerful way when it comes to feels and laughter, but ratings as well. It’s quirky as a circus and it’s emotional as a pounding heart can get. Eventually, things will get more serious as the