08 Feb 2017

Tori & Suda talk knitwear! [FINEBOYS FEB 2017]

Yep, they do go in extensive lengths to provide a deep insight, regarding the fine clothing they cloak themselves in. They’re pretty dapper, if you hadn’t guessed already! :p

18 Jun 2016

Love Song Episode 10 Recap / Series Finale

Recap – Summary : It’s Mami’s wedding, and Kohei and Sakura have fun by the dock waiting for the time where Sakura has to deliver her speech.

11 Jun 2016

Love Song Episode 9 Recap

Recap  – Summary : Kohei tells Cheryl he will write the song for her, but in exchange he wants her to recommend Sakura’s song to her fans through social media.

03 Jun 2016

Love Song Episode 8 Recap

Recap – Summary : Masamura wants to schedule a full examination for Sakura as things are not looking good, while Kohei reminds Tsurumaki of their deal.