23 Feb 2016

Descendants of the Sun ~ Expectations / Preview ~ Dramajjang

“I solemnly swear, I’ll devote my life to serving human beings. Regardless of their race, religion, nationality or social status I’ll carry out my duty to my patients.”

24 Jan 2016

Moorim School ~ Episode 5 Preview ~ Dramajjang

“Things happen in life.”

15 Jan 2016

Moorim School ~ Episode 3 Preview ~ Dramajjang

“He may have grief that no one knows about. He may have reasons that no one knows about.”

11 Jan 2016

Moorim School ~ Expectations/Preview ~ Dramajjang

“Let’s go back to those days When you were underneath the lights.”

03 Jan 2016

Oh My Venus ~ Episode 15 Preview ~ Dramajjang

“I would like today to be comfortable and warm.”

03 Dec 2015

Because It’s the First Time ~ Episode 8 Recap ~ END ~ Dramajjang

“Being 20 wasn’t any different from being 19 years old. As always, it was hard and there was nothing. But there was one miracle. The miracle of us being together. The miracle of being friends.”

21 Nov 2015

Because It’s the First Time ~ Episode 7 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“Two women invaded my heart in one day. My sensitive heart.”

06 Mar 2015

Episode 5 Preview: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

Plan B(itch) is dead, long live plan B(itch)! The masterfully crafted ambitious plan of attorney Han failed to establish its territorial reign and In Sang’s parents were caught off guard. Instead of paving the way they’re dancing to In Sang’s tune now that the wedding has been confirmed. At this

25 Jan 2015

Episode 7 Preview: Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

Kill Me, Heal Me never ceases impressing and the 6th episode was the natural continuation of the 5th one, leaving the best of impressions and tightening the ever-growing bonds with its audience. The moment Yo Sub appeared wasn’t random, in fact, it was the perfect moment. Do Hyun had found