27 Dec 2017

2018 better bring Okitegami SP sir!

2018 can’t be as poop as 2017 was..right? Only 360+ days ahead to confirm it! :p Happy Holidays and Happy (early) New Year everyone, let us all be healthy and…well, our well-being is the most important thing, so that pretty much embodies everything else. To those dear readers, that somehow

07 Apr 2016

It’s Friday I’m MV-ing!

Why do I always come up with the lamest titles?

20 Dec 2015

Oh Ship! My Ship! Vol.4 : Kakushidate Yakusuke + Okitegami Kyoko | Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku

(you’re all the things I’ve got to remember.) I’m still on high wings after seeing Okitegami’s finale and since I said that I was fired up to write a specific post about Kyoko/Yakusuke, it’s better to do it while my eyes are still open.

19 Dec 2015

Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku Episode # 10 / Series Finale Recap

The episode starts with Yakusuke’s narration about how time is equal to everyone, even Kyoko; just because her memory resets that doesn’t mean she will get to have multiple lives and wonders what their choices will amount to.

29 Nov 2015

Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku Episode # 7 Review [Because You Saved My Life Once]

(so know I’m gonna stay right here, I’ll sit by your side.)

21 Nov 2015

Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku Episode # 6 Review [All I know is a new found Grace]

(all I know since yesterday, is everything has changed.)

15 Nov 2015

Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku Episode # 5 Review | The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami

(we drew up a landscape, we climbed down a ladder. )

05 Nov 2015

#4th Epi Review : The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami/Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku [aka Won’t Somebody Come Take Me Home]

“It’s a damn cold night, trying to figure out this life;  won’t you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new…or SandGlass, whatever.”