14 May 2015

My Unfortunate Boyfriend ~ episodes 9 -10 review

Hello Dramajjangers I haven’t written anything for my ” Unfortunate boyfriend ” since the first episodes review. The timing couldn’t be better, I found some free time to watch and write about what I consider the most interesting episodes of this drama.  Everything is getting clear, to where Mr. Unfortunate comes from. Although I

19 Apr 2015

My Unfortunate Boyfriend ~ first impression ~

Hello Dramajjangers I started my spring dramas with ” My Unfortunate Boyfriend “, when I read the story I wasn’t really excited about a dorky boyfriend since I’m used to the mean chaebol type but after watching ” Ho Goo’s love ” I started liking the naive lead type and

05 Jan 2015

The Greatest Wedding ep – 16 , finale review

Concluding the journey “The Greatest Wedding” was ,I  have to say , it was the most interesting drama , of this year , in my opinion.It might not have been a masterpiece or a drama that’s gonna full you with emotions. But its something new and daring that if you

26 Dec 2014

The Greatest Wedding ep 14 – 15 reviews / HanaKimi91’s Christma’s vers

Hello Dramajjangers and Happy Holidays^^ HanaKimi91 here : D First of all , I’m sorry , I haven’t been uploading lately , but I was too busy.I hope all of you , had a great time at Christmas and now I wish for a GREAT NEW YEAR.Finally I had some

12 Dec 2014

“The Greatest Wedding” eps 12 & 13 review

Is the Greatest Marriage turning into the “Greatest soap opera” ? I really had so much expectations for this drama , because of his strong storyline and actors. But as good as it started , that’s how bad it’s slowly ending. And it’s not about the things that are happening ,

25 Nov 2014

A few thoughts on ” The Greatest Wedding ” ep 11

I wasn’t expecting , much from The Greatest Marriage ep 11. Since the preview ,I knew we were gonna get a transitional episode. Unfortunately I wasn’t wrong.

19 Nov 2014

The Greatest Marriage ep 10 ~ review

-contains spoilers- I was expecting episode 10 like crazy , since the 9th one left us on a turning point for the plot.So we cath up from Gi young giving birth to a healthy boy and Myung Yi’s miscarriage.The episode start with Eun Cha , being by Gi Young’s side when