20 Aug 2017

Dramas that I didn’t expect to be that good ~ pt1

Hello Dramajjangers Hana Kimi here! Summer is ending, but we still have time for some dramas. I decided to do a post about, dramas that were a beautiful surprise for me. Maybe that way I can inspire or suggest to watch some of these dramas during the last hot days,

03 Mar 2016

HanaKimi’s “Cheese in the trap” ending ~ point of view

Hello Dramajjangers There is a lot of talk about “Cheese in the trap” ending. Here I am to express how I felt watching the last two episodes. To be honest unlike most people, I wasn’t that disappointed in general, but definitely there was something missing…

17 Jun 2015

School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 16 Recap ~ END

It neither appeared in the first place nor it managed to achieve double-digit ratings back home during its last airing week as i deeply desired, but School 2015 found shelter within the first place of many international fans and it was embraced with love regardless of the various shipping parameters

16 Jun 2015

School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 15 Recap

The hardest thing to do while finding yourself between the 15th and the 16th episode of a drama reaching the end is to hide from spoilers. At this point i found myself in spoiler crossfire but i was rapid enough to turn a blind eye on them and kind of

10 Jun 2015

School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 14 Recap

It’s official, we are just a few days away before School 2015 reaches the end and with the hand placed there where the heart lies i can assure you that i am not ready for a journey’s end. It was such a heartfelt and exceptional ride so far it’s a

09 Jun 2015

School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 13 Recap

School 2015 is something i can’t explain, it’s more than addiction, it’s probably the drama afterlife where good drama addicts see the light at the end of the tunnel after a relentless dramarathon. At first it simply makes you just keep watching, before realizing it you have already been devoured

03 Jun 2015

School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 12 Recap

You know the rest of the week is going to become a personal dramartyrdom the moment you realize that you have already watched Tuesday’s School 2015 episode and you have to hang in there for the rest of the days until it’s Monday again and the world will start spinning

02 Jun 2015

School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 11 Recap

Patience is a non-existent word in my drama dictionary, but it’s also a virtue for the same reason! Between virtue and non-existence there’s a thin red line upon which School 2015 walks every week and us, the audience, blindly follow! Every time Monday-Tuesday’s episodes reach an end we enter a

27 May 2015

School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 10 Recap

After the emotionally fortified cliffhangers paved the way up to the 9th episode, the 10th one left us with an emotionally rewarding yet highly intriguing cliffhanger which waited for us right in the corner for the right moment to make its appearance! Was it a bit expected? Kind of, but

26 May 2015

School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 9 Recap

Major emotional cliffhangers strike us down even more than intriguing cliffhangers with mystery. We can stand the mystery, kind of, but we can’t stand waiting to find out how all this emotional grandeur will process its ever-floating aura in the surrounding ambiance which was quite powerful with Eun Bi finding