16 Feb 2016

Kaito Yamaneko Episode 4

Kaitou Tantei Yamaneko Ep 4 Synopsis : Mao decides to help Hosoda’s mother who was swindled out of her land from a sneaky Real Estate Company, as Yamaneko figures out that Yuuki might be related to that.

06 Feb 2016

Kaito Yamaneko Episode 3 Recap

Mysterious Thief Yamaneko 03 : Yamaneko and Shugo follow a lead that might give them further info on Tenmei’s whereabouts.

30 Jan 2016

Kaito Yamaneko Episode 2 Recap

Mysterious Thief Yamaneko 02 : Yamaneko attempts to expose Fine Break, a talent agency that is actually a front for illegal activities, as he tries to track down an archenemy from his past.

20 Jan 2016

Kaito Yamaneko / Mysterious Thief Yamaneko Episode 1 Review

  If there was ever a guide how to draw viewers in from the premiere and get them all excited about the next episode, Kaito Yamaneko wins that category hands down! Don’t let those cat-postures fool you, this is a formidable brigade that can bring down corrupted organizations, expose their evil