08 Feb 2017

Tori & Suda talk knitwear! [FINEBOYS FEB 2017]

Yep, they do go in extensive lengths to provide a deep insight, regarding the fine clothing they cloak themselves in. They’re pretty dapper, if you hadn’t guessed already! :p

19 May 2016

Yutori Desu ga Nani ka Episode 2 Recap

Recap – Summary : Sakama hurries to the train station where Yamagishi supposedly tried to end his life but he finds that an ambulance had already arrived.

02 May 2016

Yutori Desu ga Nani ka Episode 1 First Look

Kudo Kankuro’s latest series after Gomen ne Seishun! (<–eternal love for this one!) tells of three men’s lives that haven’t much in common, except being born in 1987..and being extremely good-looking too! Oh, and a part of Yutori generation, of course.

30 Apr 2016

Kip’s zzzzings [this is an Adonis post aka Tori’s Photobook is Hot Sauce everyone]

Άδωνης / Adonis – a strikingly beautiful youth loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone blah etc blah etc. Why this Greek mythology character reference you ask? Well, it is a Matsuzaka Tori entry, afterall. :p

11 Dec 2015

Siren Episode # 8 Recap [That’s When I Reach For My Revolver]

(that’s when it all gets blown away.)

05 Dec 2015

Siren Episode # 7 Recap [No Kiss Gave me Release, They Call me The Unkind]

(no kiss gave me fulfillment, I’m simply the unkind.)

27 Nov 2015

Siren Episode # 6 Recap [My Echo is the Only Voice Coming Back]

(my shadow is the only friend that I have.)

21 Nov 2015

Siren Episode # 5 Recap [and if you built a Model Home]

(just burn it to the ground.)

13 Nov 2015

Siren Episode #4 Recap [aka Welcome to the Hotel California]

“such a lovely place, such a lovely face.”