11 Jul 2017

The liar and his lover (Korean version) ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers Summer is here and really I am not a fun of this season. Well I’m not complaining, since I have time to rest and watch many movies and dramas. One of my first choices, of what to watch as soon as I ended classes, was “the liar and

29 Apr 2016

Moorim School Episode 15 Recap

Gradually, all the secrets get revealed and we find ourselves just one step before a family’s reunion after everything its members had to go through. However, the hunt for the Chintamani isn’t over and Soon Deok will find herself in the eye of the storm. The camps are being formed

02 Mar 2016

Moorim School Episode 14 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“All of our problems are within ourselves. The answer you’re looking for will definitely be inside of you.”

01 Mar 2016

Moorim School Episode 13 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“Knowing, understanding and accepting the truth are different things.”

24 Feb 2016

Moorim School ~ Episode 12 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“Before we are rivals, you’re the person i love.”

23 Feb 2016

Moorim School ~ Episode 11 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“As you live your life, There are things you can’t avoid. It’s something like a colossal fate. “

17 Feb 2016

Moorim School ~ Episode 10 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“I think that a person’s heart is like a butterfly. If you try to catch it by force, it will run away.”

16 Feb 2016

Moorim School ~ Episode 9 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“All people have a burden they have to carry. For some, it could be a responsibility. It could also be an irreversible past. For others, their burden may be relationships.”

12 Feb 2016

Moorim School ~ Episode 8 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“It seems that this powerful energy you can’t control Is inside your body. If you can’t overcome that energy on your own The pain will probably not go away.”

02 Feb 2016

Moorim School ~ Episode 7 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“Traumas exist only to be overcome.”