26 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 10 Kwoncap

Dating isn’t always easy, but Soo Ho kept exploring that field in his own quirky way that appeared to be quite straightforward and meaningful. Bo Nui’s growing emotions had reached a crossroad, she should either consider dating a luxury or something she should embrace. In the meantime, Gary and Amy

25 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 9 Kwoncap

Soo Ho is as pure as snow and he treasures each and every second of falling in love. Bo Nui still believes that she’s a bad luck satellite, but she steadily starts re-embracing the joys of life. Along with them, the first sparks have started glimmering in the dark and

24 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 8 Kwoncap

Soo Ho opened up his gates to welcome his feelings to a wider extent even though he kept trying to deny it in his own quirky way, but he couldn’t really hide it. Bo Nui’s talisman and Soo Ho’s lucky charm have yet to meet on one of love’s gracious

16 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 7 Kwoncap

When the absurd substitutes logic, hope can become a dangerous illusion. Even when it comes to faith, one should embrace it in healthy ways.

15 Jun 2016

Vampire Detective Episode 11 Recap

The reunion of two desolate lovers turned to life, but so did the fear of losing loved ones. Everyone’s getting ready for the final confrontation in a world of shadows.

14 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 6 Kwoncap

Blinded by her quest, Bo Nui kept neglecting the dangers that were surrounding her while she was in search of an alternative tiger. However, a guardian angel was always watching over his lucky charm.

12 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 5 Kwoncap

One way or another, Bo Nui sets hearts aflame. She had already conquered Gary’s heart, but at the same time she steadily awakens Soo Ho’s feelings. Tigers, roosters and raccoons are forming their own emotional jungle and things have started becoming more complicated!

12 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 4 Kwoncap

Lucky Romance strengthens its humorous moments and fragile characteristics even more with every passing episode. There’s a golden balance between both sides of the same coin while the past keeps breathing at the present that steadily shapes our characters’ future.

03 Jun 2016

Lucky Romance Episode 3 Kwoncap

Revelations, complications and tons of humor were the ingredients of the third episode’s recipe. The raccoon has shown its teeth inside the tiger’s den and the cyber tiger will have to start programming his next moves.

31 May 2016

Vampire Detective Episode 10 Recap

Neither our squad is done with the past nor the past is done with them. Gradually, the circle reaches completion as we dive deeper into our characters’ backgrounds and the various crossroads upon which they met while the drama is steadily paving the way for the answers and confrontations that