06 Jan 2016

Oh My Venus ~ Episode 16 Recap ~ END ~ Dramajjang

“Nothing is certain in life. We could even stumble while walking. In fear of becoming unhappy in the future We shouldn’t choose to be unhappy at the present. Don’t you think?”

05 Jan 2016

Oh My Venus ~ Episode 15 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“It’s possible that you might get hurt a little bit. It’s possible that it may be a bit difficult for you. But still, i want to live with you; forever.”

03 Jan 2016

Oh My Venus ~ Episode 15 Preview ~ Dramajjang

“I would like today to be comfortable and warm.”

30 Dec 2015

Oh My Venus ~ Episode 14 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“I don’t know if you know. The process and the time it took for me to get to you, People call it a miracle. But to me, you, who is in front of me, You, who is looking at me, is the miracle. I can’t tell you in words how

29 Dec 2015

Oh My Venus ~ Episode 13 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“If you’re hanging in there, You haven’t reached your limit.”

27 Dec 2015

Shoot Me In the Heart ~ Review ~ Dramajjang

“At such a close range, I’ve never seen so many stars; A sea of stars.”

23 Dec 2015

Oh My Venus ~ Episode 12 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“On the day when everybody is supposed to be happy It’s true that not everyone is happy. Because everybody’s happy, someone feels even lonelier. Even if that someone is lonely he/she pretends to be okay. There is someone who can’t go over to see the other one for a reason.

22 Dec 2015

Oh My Venus ~ Episode 11 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“I am someone who has a soft spot for weak people And an even softer spot for people in danger. It’s not pity, it’s empathy.”

16 Dec 2015

Oh My Venus ~ Episode 10 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“To outside of your world; Boarding. Departure.”

15 Dec 2015

Oh My Venus ~ Episode 9 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“When you’re a long-term patient at a hospital You realize that there are so many people in this world who are in pain. Everyone is in pain, either a lot or a little, in their own way. So, don’t cry. Everyone lives on through enduring their own burdens.”