23 Feb 2016

Descendants of the Sun ~ Expectations / Preview ~ Dramajjang

“I solemnly swear, I’ll devote my life to serving human beings. Regardless of their race, religion, nationality or social status I’ll carry out my duty to my patients.”

11 Jan 2016

Moorim School ~ Expectations/Preview ~ Dramajjang

“Let’s go back to those days When you were underneath the lights.”

06 Oct 2015

Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 1 Recap

“You all became competitors rather than friends.”

06 Sep 2015

What Is The Ghost Doing? ~ Recap [TriAngle]

“That day, I erased you out of my life, But you still remain in my memory And I keep you with me in this picture.”

15 Oct 2014

First Impressions: Tomorrow Cantabile (2014)

Ever since KBS2 announced the intention to work on the remake of the highly acclaimed Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile which was an adaptation of the same-titled Tomoko Ninomiya’s manga there have been many talks around and it became a hot topic in the drama world. Many camps of opinions were