20 Aug 2017

Dramas that I didn’t expect to be that good ~ pt1

Hello Dramajjangers Hana Kimi here! Summer is ending, but we still have time for some dramas. I decided to do a post about, dramas that were a beautiful surprise for me. Maybe that way I can inspire or suggest to watch some of these dramas during the last hot days,

28 Jul 2015

Orange Marmalade ~ The End

Hello Dramajjangers Are you spending your summer time well? It has been a really hot summer in Greece and the heat has made me dysfunctional. All I wanna do is lay on the beach and sleep on the water if that makes any sense. But seriously I spent most of

11 Dec 2014

Movie Review: Mourning Grave (2014)

Truth be told, i am an avid Asian thriller lover. To be more precise, South Korean and Japanese thrillers always attracted me with their otherworldly aesthetic. There are various types of thrillers, psychological ones, horror, suspense/crime thrillers, etc. My favorite type have to be horror films, you know, the ones