22 Feb 2016

Madame Antoine ~ Episode 10 Review / Thoughts ~ Dramajjang

“If a lot of beans fit into your nose, it’s good.”

20 Feb 2016

Madame Antoine ~ Episode 9 Review / Thoughts ~ Dramajjang

“I believe that people’s feelings are the most accurate when displayed numerically. I’m someone who believes that one’s feelings are located in the brain.”

18 Feb 2016

Madame Antoine ~ Midway Review ~ Dramajjang

“December 26, 10:30 p.m. Finally, sparks began to fly in my mind.”

30 Jan 2016

Madame Antoine ~ Episode 3 Review / Thoughts ~ Dramajjang

“While living life, sometimes you have to do things you’d never want to. Not everything can be solved through brute force, after all.”

24 Jan 2016

Madame Antoine ~ Episode 2 Review / Thoughts ~ Dramajjang

“Draw the image in your head. There’s a starting line, The runaway and the springboard. Take a deep breath and run; fly.”

24 Jan 2016

Madame Antoine ~ Episode 1 Review / Thoughts ~ Dramajjang

“But what is so great about love that it drives a person insane? No matter what you do, all you can think of is that person. You’re so happy it’s as if you owned the whole world. A kind of love that makes the earth move, It’s so powerful it

21 Dec 2015

Awl ~ Review ~ Dramajjang

“There is at least one man who will break through, Break through the fear that there might not be another chance. Driven by the power beyond his control, He will break out of that thick shell of fear and inertia And he will step into the unknown world. A man

06 Dec 2015

D-Day ~ Last Impressions ~ Dramajjang

“Do we need to change too if the world changes? If the buildings collapse because of an earthquake, Do our feelings collapse as well?”

29 Sep 2015

Cruel City ~ Review

“The world is like a mirror. If you curse and spit at it, the world will curse and spit back at you. If you smile, i am sure the world will follow and smile back at you too. So don’t be serious and just smile, You’re pretty when you smile.”

02 Sep 2015

Last ~ Episode 12 Review [TriAngle]

“If you’re willing to help others rise up, you should be willing to get on your knees.”