10 Apr 2016

Page Turner Episode 3 / Series Finale

Page Turner Ep 3 Synopsis : Cha Shik receives surprising news the day of the competition.

03 Apr 2016

Page Turner Episode 2

Page Turner Ep 2 Synopsis : Cha Shik becomes Yoo Seul’s “guide”.

27 Mar 2016

Page Turner Episode 1 First Look

A page turner is a person that aids a soloist (more often than not, a pianist) during a performance by turning sheet music pages for them in the right time. “This is the story of three young people who become page turners to each other.”

14 Nov 2015

Oh Ship! My Ship! Vol.2 : Seo Ha Joon + Kang Yeon Doo | Sassy Go Go / Cheer Up!

(this world’s an ugly place but you’re so beautiful to me.)

11 Nov 2015

Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 12 Recap ~ END ~

“Please remember the time when we were hurting passionately at 18. With you, i became we. Therefore, i was encouraged. Because of you, i got a chance to look at myself. Therefore, i was able to grow up a little bit more. We will continue to fall down at hurdles

10 Nov 2015

Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 11 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“Doing what your heart tells you will give you peace.”

04 Nov 2015

Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 10 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“We’re told to pass up being happy today in order to become happy tomorrow. Don’t forget that you will be happy tomorrow only if you’re happy today.”

03 Nov 2015

Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 9 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“Just let them be. It’ll become a part of their precious memories. These are their school years and they probably have no good memories of them.”

28 Oct 2015

Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 8 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“Bonfire! Your fiery youth and romance! Don’t you get it?”

27 Oct 2015

Sassy Go Go ~ Episode 7 Recap ~ Dramajjang

“There’s no such thing as always being okay in this world.”