05 Mar 2016

Dramajjang will be off for some time, we’re migrating!

However, we are looking forward to being back with all of you wonderful people in a couple of hours (or days)! Just be a bit patient because…

14 Jan 2016

Date / Deto – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira SP – 2015 Natsu Hitou ~ Review ~ Dramajjang

“It’s an anecdote by Natsume Sōseki, He said that the Japanese translation of “i love you” is “The moon is beautiful tonight.” The translation may be wrong, But Japanese people don’t say “i love you” face to face, right? “The moon is beautiful tonight,” You put that feeling into those

10 Jan 2016

Please Love The Useless Me / Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Preview

  Michio (Kyoko Fukada) loses her job after her previous employer went bankrupt- in order to keep supporting her younger boyfriend and with all of her savings almost gone, she’s forced to accept a part time job at a teamroom which is run by a former boss of hers, Ayumu, (Dean

10 Jan 2016

Soredemo, Ikite Yuku / Still, Life Goes On ~ Review ~ Dramajjang

“I hope that, When the feelings i held in my hand reach you, You will be on the other side of sadness. And you will move forward.”

02 Jan 2016

January’s J-Drama Watch : A Brief Look At (3) Upcoming Series

There are many dramas to look forward to (is there any time when there aren’t though? ;p ) in January but in particular, these are three that picked my interest the most, and they’re likely gonna be the ones I will recap weekly :

25 Nov 2015

Golden Rec – Pride Review [I Get Up and Nothing Gets Me Down]

Pride follows the story of Haru (Halu) Satonaka, captain and star player of Blue Scorpions Hockey Team, as he tries to cope with the sport’s demands, friendship, love and his constant craving for lollipops.

20 Nov 2015

Oh Ship! My Ship! Vol.3 : Satonaka Halu + Murase Aki | Pride

(I was born to love you, with every single beat of my heart.) First of all, shame on you Kwon and Hakakimi for not having made an entry about Kimutaku yet!? How can there be no tag for him guys? This atrocity needs to be changed; by the time I

31 Oct 2015

Teddy Go! ~ Episode 2 Review ~ Dramajjang

“How can you protect me when you can’t even dodge tissues?”

24 Oct 2015

Teddy Go! ~ Episode 1 Review ~ Dramajjang

“I wouldn’t have thought someone your age would kiss a teddy bear.”

20 Apr 2015

Review: Date – Koi to wa Donna Mono Kashira (2015)

Date was lurking in my plan to watch list for some time now and i am really glad i decided to start it after some fellow drama addicts’ tempting voices made the urge to watch it even greater. I’ve been dwelling inside the world of South Korean dramas for way