18 Jun 2016

Love Song Episode 10 Recap / Series Finale

Recap – Summary : It’s Mami’s wedding, and Kohei and Sakura have fun by the dock waiting for the time where Sakura has to deliver her speech.

11 Jun 2016

Love Song Episode 9 Recap

Recap  – Summary : Kohei tells Cheryl he will write the song for her, but in exchange he wants her to recommend Sakura’s song to her fans through social media.

03 Jun 2016

Love Song Episode 8 Recap

Recap – Summary : Masamura wants to schedule a full examination for Sakura as things are not looking good, while Kohei reminds Tsurumaki of their deal.

27 May 2016

Love Song Episode 7 Recap

Recap – Summary : Kohei talks with Natsuki about using the old tune he originally created for Haruno, and she doesn’t seem to mind that he did.

20 May 2016

Love Song Episode 6 Recap

Recap – Summary : Mami thinks that Sakura is still at odds with Soraichi and wants to reconcile them, but Sakura tells her they patched up things already and she’s planning to record a demo song with Kohei.

13 May 2016

Love Song Episode 5 Recap

Recap – Summary : Sakura breaks off the kiss by pushing Soraichi away and when he tries to talk to her, she pretends to point out he’s drunk and leads him out of the apartment.

07 May 2016

Love Song Episode 4 Recap

Recap – Summary : Kohei finally moves into his own apartment and treats Soraichi for helping him; in the bar, where everyone’s gathered, Soraichi is surprised to find out that Kohei and Natsuki never dated.

29 Apr 2016

Love Song Episode 3

Recap – Summary : Sakura and Kohei practice together in the bar, but she feels out of her depth- Kohei picks up that she’s nervous and manages to make her feel relaxed, after they discuss about various topics, such as where Sakura was born, her favorite baseball team and about Mami.

21 Apr 2016

Love Song Episode 2

Love Song Ep 2 Synopsis : An open mic event gives the opportunity to Sakura and Kohei to work closer together.

18 Apr 2016

Love Song Episode 1 First Look

So, Love Song (ラヴソング) replaced my very much beloved Itsukoi- I’ve gotta admit, while I was planning to watch it, I have set my expectations really low for some reason, unlike with other drama series this season.