09 Jan 2019

BTS – EXO – Wanna One ~ Strength through Unity

I wasn’t certain whether I wanted to write about this or not, because it’s not among the reasons why I love writing, but then again, maybe it is. Not only because a certain culture I adore was heavily insulted and was made fun of in a gruesome way, but also

30 May 2015

EXO Next Door ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers It’s a tough period for UNI people, both for me and Kwon. This review might be the only one I write for this month, although I hope I can find some time for “My Unfortunate’s Boyfriend” finale. Many people that heard EXO are going to do a web drama

08 Mar 2015

Somewhere Only We Know (You yi ge di fang zhi you wo men zhi dao) 2015 review

I have to admit I wouldn’t know this movie if it wasn’t for Kris or else Wu Yi Fan. My guilty pleasure used to be EXO during “Wolf” and “Growl” era but after all the drama the group went through, I’m not very attached to them anymore. Still looking forward to

26 Dec 2014

The Greatest Wedding ep 14 – 15 reviews / HanaKimi91’s Christma’s vers

Hello Dramajjangers and Happy Holidays^^ HanaKimi91 here : D First of all , I’m sorry , I haven’t been uploading lately , but I was too busy.I hope all of you , had a great time at Christmas and now I wish for a GREAT NEW YEAR.Finally I had some