20 Aug 2017

Dramas that I didn’t expect to be that good ~ pt1

Hello Dramajjangers Hana Kimi here! Summer is ending, but we still have time for some dramas. I decided to do a post about, dramas that were a beautiful surprise for me. Maybe that way I can inspire or suggest to watch some of these dramas during the last hot days,

22 Dec 2015

Kounodori Episode # 10 / Finale Recap [I See Hope Is Here, In A Plastic Box]

(I see it in your eyes, you’ll be alright.)

21 Dec 2015

Kounodori Episode # 9 Review [These Days A Little Bit Longer Than The Last]

(and all of these ways, a little bit stronger than the past.)

19 Dec 2015

Kounodori Episode # 8 Review [To Make A Mountain Of Your Life Is Just A Choice]

(always love, don’t wait till the finish line.)

13 Dec 2015

Kounodori Episode # 7 Review [I Want A Reason For The Way Things Have To Be]

(I need a hand to help build up some kind of hope inside of me.)