10 Feb 2017

Kuzu no Honkai : Congrats on being a scum!

Hanabi loves Kanai but is going out with Mugi who really wants Akane who likes to trick everyone including Kanai who doesn’t know about Hanabi’s feelings who’s also going out with Ecchan but is confused with everything and so is Mugi and so is Ecchan and so will be Kanai but doesn’t

12 Feb 2015

Shojo Movies Marathon – Say “I love you” (Sukitte Ii nayo) 2014 review

The shojo movies marathon continues. Today’s post is about Say “I love you”. To be honest, there hasn’t been a Japanese movie, that I’ve considered hard to watch (except “Kamikazi Girls” I saw that one with my best friend it had some fun parts, but omg I should have watched