25 Nov 2014

Episode 3 Review: Gomen ne Seishun! (2014)

There’s always one thing bothering me when it comes to Japanese dramas. Truth be told, they possess their own aesthetic, but, there’s always one “but” that ruins the overall magic. In this occasion it’s not the dramas’ fault, the problem is ergonomic. The Japanese audience can cherish their dramas right

24 Nov 2014

Episode 6 Review: Mr. Back (2014)

You can call me Bruce Printscreen from now on. I could easily blame Mr. Back for presenting all these beautiful visuals and expressive close-ups. I could blame the actors for depicting their roles in such an utterly representative way. I could blame the scriptwriter for the humorous and emotionally charged

23 Nov 2014

Episode 5 Review: Mr. Back (2014)

Sometimes i consider 24 hours per day being not enough, especially when you are a proud citizen of drama land or drama asylum’s inmate. It would have been better if days were consisting of 72 hours, then you’d have plenty of time to deal with pretty much everything. Let’s say,

22 Nov 2014

Episode 3 Review: Pinocchio (2014)

Ah, life can be so cruel sometimes. There was a birthday party last night and there was booze floating like rivers and we were like fish flowing through the currents. And you wake up the next morning, you wake up early and until you raise your head from the pillow

19 Nov 2014

The Greatest Marriage ep 10 ~ review

-contains spoilers- I was expecting episode 10 like crazy , since the 9th one left us on a turning point for the plot.So we cath up from Gi young giving birth to a healthy boy and Myung Yi’s miscarriage.The episode start with Eun Cha , being by Gi Young’s side when

17 Nov 2014

Episode 4 Review: Mr. Back (2014)

The fourth episode of Mr. Back works as a bridge between the end of the third episode and the next phase of the series. It explains the background behind Choi Go Bong’s imaginary suicide and funeral and connects Choi Shin Hyung at the present as a concrete figure and not

16 Nov 2014

Episode 3 Review: Mr. Back (2014)

OK, my head is killing me a bit, but not to the extent of wanting to kill myself. The urge to write down my thoughts on Mr. Back’s episode 3 is stronger, henceforth i will proceed despite the slightly bearable obstacles of a not that great Saturday evening. I have

14 Nov 2014

Episode 2 Review: Pinocchio (2014)

Episode one gave birth to Pinocchio’s airing essence in the most appropriate way. Some basic parts of the story have been set and the background starts building its own tight foundations. The main core of the script is steadily pacing towards a crossroad where every figure’s side-story will make sense.

14 Nov 2014

Episode 1 Review: Pinocchio (2014)

Nothing’s better than a rainy evening while every single sound of the storm feels distinctive and invigorating; the wind, the sonorous thunderbolts, the rain. Especially when you treasure the moments with the first episode of one of the most anticipated South Korean dramas this year. I’m referring to SBS’ Pinocchio

12 Nov 2014

Birth of a Beauty – first impression (no spoilers)

After Finishing “My lovely Girl” ,I had the great dilemma wich drama to start next…Haven’t yet watched “The Greatest marriage” , which I really want to and with so many good dramas that are airing right now (Incomplete Life , Mr Baek , Modern Farmer , Liar Game etc ).I had