12 Aug 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 16 Recap ~ END

My Beautiful Bride closed its curtains by achieving its greatest ratings to date, 1.287%. It was a humble drama apocalypse all along the way and it’s just sad that not many people honored its blissful gloom. I don’t regret a single second i invested in My Beautiful Bride and if

11 Aug 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 15 Recap

One episode before the end, My Beautiful Bride reached 1.094% in terms of ratings and the way the storyline progresses points towards an open ending. I guess it will be the best option since all this darkness could never be concealed within an hour’s time. Our characters have constructed a

05 Aug 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 14 Recap

The 14th one was as important as the 13th episode. It beheld aspects that made us love the drama in the first place since we got to recall specific figures’ characteristics through the way they progressed throughout the episodes, but we also got to dwell deeper in the psyche of

04 Aug 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 13 Recap

Alright, we’re talking about the perfect episode. The 13th one was utter bliss reaching higher and higher climaxing peaks; scene by scene. It had both types of feels, the silent ones lurking in the background, but it also possessed the volcanic ones that can’t be held anymore on the inside.

01 Aug 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 12 Recap

The 12th one was the 11th episode’s natural continuation in story-progressing terms as the pieces of the puzzle gradually come together to form a more visible picture with My Beautiful Bride’s best ratings to date, 1.146%. It was also shyly re-introducing the action factor to prepare us of what will

30 Jul 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 11 Recap

My Beautiful Bride’s 11th episode may not have appeared as the drama’s most exciting one and it’s the drama’s fault partially. We had gotten used to tremendous amounts of feels, a form of extreme yet well-expressed tension and an intriguing sense of action that were taking My Beautiful Bride to

26 Jul 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 10 Recap

Alright, Do Hyung’s the Birdman and the real Rooftop Prince; literally. Who needs wings when you have Do Hyung’s leap and parachute arms? If he starts wearing a helmet he’s going to be the ultimate killing machine in the form of a one man army that doesn’t surrender, doesn’t negotiate,

26 Jul 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 9 Recap

The trails of the underworld start gradually coming to the surface and the more our main figures keep searching for Joo Young the more the pieces of the shady puzzle come together one after the other. Do Hyung has found himself in the middle of the storm as he’s surrounded

17 Jul 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 8 Recap

The 8th episode closed My Beautiful Bride’s first circle as it reached its midway point and the second half of the drama is about to begin. As episodes pass by all these questions that were quite many start to lessen and the time for answers to gradually start coming to

15 Jul 2015

My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 7 Recap

Alright, this 5-minute revision of the previous episodes wasn’t that necessary, not to that extent, but when it comes to recapping it can be considered as a temporary time life jacket. The 7th episode was dedicated to a wide variety of villainous excursions at the present and the way they