15 Jan 2016

Descendants of The Sun – Episode 1 Trailer 1/2

Descendants of The Sun’s first episode trailer is out and someone’s feisty! (Kang Mo Yeon, that is!)

11 Jan 2016

Remember – War of The Son Episode 9 Preview

The cliffhanger of the last episode left me reeling so when I saw that the preview came up a bit earlier I couldn’t help but write down a few of my thoughts- the first one being HELLSYEAH Dong Ho!

07 Jan 2016

Remember – War of The Son Episode 7 Recap [Is This The Place We Used To Love]

(is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of.)

27 Dec 2015

Remember – War of The Son : First Impressions Episodes 1-5 [Every Single Word I Say Fades Out]

(I better pick it up before I let it slip away.) Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) is a high schooler living together with his father, after his mother and brother passed away in a car accident; when his father gets wrongly accused of brutally murdering a young woman and subsequently sentenced,

16 Dec 2015

Bubblegum Episode # 16 / Finale Recap [Because I’ll Love You More Than I Need You Now]

(and I can get through the tides with you for better days.)