02 Jul 2016

Thoughts on Beautiful Gong Shim ~

Hello Dramajjangers Only a few episodes are left until “Beautiful Gong Shim’s” ending. But better now than never for me to write some thoughts on the drama. To be honest beautiful Gong Shim is the kind of drama I like and I would watch it sooner or later.

03 Mar 2016

Come Back Ajusshi Episode 4 Recap

Come Back Mister Ep 4 Synopsis : Hae Joon seems to adjust to his new life better than Hong Nan, who meets a few difficulties and is having second thoughts about coming back.

03 Mar 2016

HanaKimi’s “Cheese in the trap” ending ~ point of view

Hello Dramajjangers There is a lot of talk about “Cheese in the trap” ending. Here I am to express how I felt watching the last two episodes. To be honest unlike most people, I wasn’t that disappointed in general, but definitely there was something missing…

03 Mar 2016

Come Back Ajusshi Episode 3 Recap

Come Back Mister Ep 3 Synopsis : Hong Nan and Hae Joon finally meet again, and find themselves in a very peculiar situation.

25 Feb 2016

Come Back Ajusshi Episode 1 First Look

  Come Back Mister follows the story of Kim Young Soo, an assistant manager of a clothes section in a big department store and Han Gi Tak, an ex-boxer and now a chef; they both happen to die at the exact same time and they find themselves in an unfamiliar position

11 Feb 2016

Remember – War Of The Son Episode 17 Recap [I Walk A Lonely Road]

(the only one that I have ever known.)