01 Apr 2018

Train to Busan ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers It’s been a very long long long long long time. But YAY it’s Easter holidays now. I really felt the need, to come back for a while and share again, some thoughts with you. So I am using a strong card for the comeback šŸ˜› A movie that

25 Jan 2015

Kwon’s Thoughts: Exams versus Dramas.

Today is the day i enter on a semi-hiatus or almost full-hiatus status up to the 11th of February due to intensifying the studying factor. It’s not that the world of dramas will be poorer without me, but i’ll miss writing about the currently watching dramas i chose to review/recap.

22 Oct 2014

Call it jjak Sarang – one sided love by HanaKimi91

Hello Dramajjang readers^^ Hanakimi91 here! Have you ever found yourself in a jjak sarang situation?What is jjak sarang is a one sided love as lovelyĀ Kang Joon-Hee have saidĀ — and since many of our k-j drama’s characters haveĀ hadĀ this kind of love,I will beĀ writingĀ aboutĀ the ones I found most interesting and heartaching.