01 Apr 2018

Train to Busan ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers It’s been a very long long long long long time. But YAY it’s Easter holidays now. I really felt the need, to come back for a while and share again, some thoughts with you. So I am using a strong card for the comeback 😛 A movie that

14 Jan 2017

HanaKimi’s Holidays’ movies ^-^!

Hello Dramajjangers It’s been a long time. But I don’t want to start again, with my on and on ranting about my drama school life. The thing is, I had some time off during Christmas Holidays, so I watched some movies and here is my opinion.

03 Jan 2016

Hope / Sowon ~ Review ~ Dramajjang

“The loneliest person is the kindest, The saddest person smiles the brightest, Because they don’t want others to feel the same pain.”

27 Dec 2015

Shoot Me In the Heart ~ Review ~ Dramajjang

“At such a close range, I’ve never seen so many stars; A sea of stars.”

27 Sep 2015

Rabbit and Lizard ~ Review

“You’re always there when i am in pain. And i don’t even know you.”

03 May 2015

Movie Review: Rough Play (2013)

I had already enjoyed Rough Cut where Kang Ji Hwan and So Ji Sub shone in their lethal bromance. As for Rough Play, it felt essential watching it since the highly acclaimed director/screenwriter/producer Kim Ki Duk himself entrusted the leading role to Lee Joon, a fairly new actor at that

31 Dec 2014

Movie Review: My Paparotti (2013)

My Paparotti was my first official review request from a fellow South Korean drama/movie adorer and chingu and this review is my New Year present to her, but also my last writing attempt for 2014. It was a pretty interesting assignment since it was a movie i wasn’t aware of

15 Dec 2014

Movie Review: Innocent Thing (2014)

2014 was a year full of Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk overdose. They both shone through their snail couple interaction in Fated to Love You and we had the chance to treasure the bittersweet aesthetic of Old Goodbye with both of them as the main leads. At this point,

12 Dec 2014

Movie Review: Man on High Heels (2014)

In all honesty, i wanted to watch Man on High Heels for some time now, but i didn’t do so until recently. It’s not that the movie type was something that would attract me in the first place, after all i am not that much into detective/action/crime movies lately. It

11 Dec 2014

Movie Review: Mourning Grave (2014)

Truth be told, i am an avid Asian thriller lover. To be more precise, South Korean and Japanese thrillers always attracted me with their otherworldly aesthetic. There are various types of thrillers, psychological ones, horror, suspense/crime thrillers, etc. My favorite type have to be horror films, you know, the ones