10 Dec 2015

5-Ji Kara 9-Ji Made Episode 8 Recap | From Five to Nine (I Knew When We Collided)

(you’re the one I have decided, who’s one of my kind.)

05 Dec 2015

Siren Episode # 7 Recap [No Kiss Gave me Release, They Call me The Unkind]

(no kiss gave me fulfillment, I’m simply the unkind.)

04 Dec 2015

Golden Rec – I’m Home Review [My Song is Love, is Love Unknown]

(and I’ve got to get that message home.) Ieji Hisashi (Kimura Takuya) is a higher up in a securities company who gets into a severe accident before he returns home from a solo assignment. After he recovers, his memory of the past 5 years is hazy and he can’t recognize his wife,

30 Nov 2015

Golden Rec – One Million Stars Falling from the Sky Review [This World Is Only Gonna Break Your Heart]

Second stop of my Kimutaku re-marathon is One Million Stars Falling From The Sky; a suspenseful, mysterious drama written by the brilliant Kitagawa Eriko, who never fails to deliver a commanding-attention script, be it a simple story or a much more complex one; in this case, it is a mix

29 Nov 2015

Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku Episode # 7 Review [Because You Saved My Life Once]

(so know I’m gonna stay right here, I’ll sit by your side.)

27 Nov 2015

Siren Episode # 6 Recap [My Echo is the Only Voice Coming Back]

(my shadow is the only friend that I have.)