09 Oct 2015

Golden Rec – Gomenne Seishun! Review

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once wrote: “All are architects of fate, living in these walls of time- all are architects of fate, so look not mournfully into the past; it comes not back again.” This amazing quote above, could be the tagquote for the series and you’ll see later why it captures

25 Sep 2015

Koinaka episode 9 ~ last episode ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers hisashiiburi, but exams period is over and here I am. Koinaka’s ending and like the whole dramas has been, was average.

14 Sep 2015

Koinaka episode 8 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers after the exciting seventh episode of “Koinaka”, here comes episode 8 to take us back to reality, specifically back to the cliches. During the festival at the hospital Shota proposes to Akari, he tells her to meet him at the fireworks in their town and give him her answer.

06 Sep 2015

Koinaka ep 7 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers  I have to admit the last episodes of “Koinaka” had many cliches and made me feel like I would only continue watching it, just to write about it, not because I would actually like it. But hopefully episode 7 came along. A cute episode that refreshed my boost

04 Sep 2015

Rec Friday : Strawberry on the Shortcake aka Saeki knows what he’s talking about

So these are the two main characters, Yui and Manato and they sure do like lovers from the screencaps right? Well, they’re siblings. But wait, let me start from the beginning. [btw my generic reviews/recs will always be spoiler-free unless otherwise stated]

03 Sep 2015

Koinaka ep 6 ~ review

Hello Dramajjaners I know I’m a bit late for this, but here you have it, “Koinaka’s” episode 6 review.

26 Aug 2015

Koinaka episode 5 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers there are two things, that the fifth episode of Koinaka made us wonder “Why does life have to be this complicated?” and “Why do things have to be complicated?”

24 Aug 2015

Death Note episode 6 ~ review.

Hello Dramajjangers I was waiting for episode 7 of Death Note to come out, that way I could do a review for both episodes 6 and 7, but it seems like the subs are not out yet. You are only getting episode 6 now guys.

20 Aug 2015

Koinaka episodes 3-4 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers This summer was so hot, it even gave me fever, literally. Coming back from the beach and having my bones hurt, was not expected. But when you try to make the good out of the bad. I have to say I slept really well, during the days I

12 Aug 2015

Death Note ~ episode 5 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers I’m a bit late, but here is the review for “Death Note’s” fifth episode. Things are developing fast and to those who have watched the movies this episode will feel familiar, as the preview of episode six does.