24 Jan 2016

Fragile Episode 2 Review

  フラジャイル  Fragile  02 Synopsis : Miyazaki’s first day at Pathology proves a harder feat than she thought, as it’s vastly different than what she was accustomed to her previous department.

20 Jan 2016

Kaito Yamaneko / Mysterious Thief Yamaneko Episode 1 Review

  If there was ever a guide how to draw viewers in from the premiere and get them all excited about the next episode, Kaito Yamaneko wins that category hands down! Don’t let those cat-postures fool you, this is a formidable brigade that can bring down corrupted organizations, expose their evil

17 Jan 2016

Fragile フラジャイル Episode 1 Review / First Glance

  Keichiiro Kishi (Tomoya Nagase) is a brilliant pathologist that never makes a wrong diagnosis, won’t sugar-coat his words if he stumbles upon something he dislikes, and always looks dapper. His small-team consists of Hisashi Morii, (Shuhei Nomura) a pathologist technician and Chihiro Miyazaki (Emi Takei) who quit the neurologist

10 Jan 2016

Please Love The Useless Me / Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai Preview

  Michio (Kyoko Fukada) loses her job after her previous employer went bankrupt- in order to keep supporting her younger boyfriend and with all of her savings almost gone, she’s forced to accept a part time job at a teamroom which is run by a former boss of hers, Ayumu, (Dean

02 Jan 2016

January’s J-Drama Watch : A Brief Look At (3) Upcoming Series

There are many dramas to look forward to (is there any time when there aren’t though? ;p ) in January but in particular, these are three that picked my interest the most, and they’re likely gonna be the ones I will recap weekly :

28 Dec 2015

Golden Rec – Okashi No Ie / Candy House Review [Accidently Kelly Street Where Friends And Strangers Sometimes Meet]

(accidently Kelly Street I never thought life could be so sweet.) Okashi no Ie, revolves around the daily lives of people hanging around the Sakuraya candy store; the owner, Taro, (Joe Odagiri) who has taken over the shop from his grandparents, spends most of his time in the store’s backyard

22 Dec 2015

Kounodori Episode # 10 / Finale Recap [I See Hope Is Here, In A Plastic Box]

(I see it in your eyes, you’ll be alright.)

21 Dec 2015

Kounodori Episode # 9 Review [These Days A Little Bit Longer Than The Last]

(and all of these ways, a little bit stronger than the past.)

20 Dec 2015

Oh Ship! My Ship! Vol.4 : Kakushidate Yakusuke + Okitegami Kyoko | Okitegami Kyoko No Biboroku

(you’re all the things I’ve got to remember.) I’m still on high wings after seeing Okitegami’s finale and since I said that I was fired up to write a specific post about Kyoko/Yakusuke, it’s better to do it while my eyes are still open.