05 Jan 2018

OOC Friday : Love Is Power

I got an email recently, asking where the quote about love, I have in my profile box, comes from.

27 Dec 2017

2018 better bring Okitegami SP sir!

2018 can’t be as poop as 2017 was..right? Only 360+ days ahead to confirm it! :p Happy Holidays and Happy (early) New Year everyone, let us all be healthy and…well, our well-being is the most important thing, so that pretty much embodies everything else. To those dear readers, that somehow

10 Jan 2017

2017 is home! (whether we like it or not!)

Happy New Year guys! (a little late, eer but well, better late than never huh) The most important “resolution” for 2017 :

30 Dec 2015

Dramajjang Pilots Wish You A Happy New Year! 2016 Is (Not) Gonna Rock!

So 2016 is upon us, geez, the years surely do burn fast..! (wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t age a day for a specific time, much like Eva Pilots in the Rebuild? THE DREAM!) Everyone here at Dramajjang (lol, I make it sound like we’re more than the NERV