27 Dec 2017

2018 better bring Okitegami SP sir!

2018 can’t be as poop as 2017 was..right? Only 360+ days ahead to confirm it! :p Happy Holidays and Happy (early) New Year everyone, let us all be healthy and…well, our well-being is the most important thing, so that pretty much embodies everything else. To those dear readers, that somehow

29 Oct 2016

Dramajjang is Drilling the 2-year Heavens!

So today (sort of) marks the anniversary of dramajjang’s 2 years! It’s sort of lame but this is quite a milestone for us. 

04 Apr 2015

Liebster Award (plus The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award continuation)

-Welcome to Know Kwon Channel News, anchorman Hyung greets you all, ladies and gentlemen! Our detective, drama commando and journalist Know Kwon will deliver the breaking news! Hello Kwon, where are you now? Tell us, what’s going on there?

21 Mar 2015

The Sisterhood of The World Blogger Award

Oh well, it’s a world occupied by women; mostly. And it’s a lovely world, even though i can’t always participate in conversations all the time once the “oppa” parameter pops up, not out of nowhere, but almost everywhere! Oppa: noun 1.Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 2. Just oppa. 3. If you say anything about

25 Jan 2015

Kwon’s Thoughts: Exams versus Dramas.

Today is the day i enter on a semi-hiatus or almost full-hiatus status up to the 11th of February due to intensifying the studying factor. It’s not that the world of dramas will be poorer without me, but i’ll miss writing about the currently watching dramas i chose to review/recap.

10 Oct 2014


Welcome to dramajjang, for the time being we’ re two (edit-three) contributors here, Hana Kimi, Kwon Sang Seung (and kipzizz.) Dramajjang is an attempt flowing through our passion for modern Korean and Japanese culture, which means dramas, movies, music etc. But it won’t be strictly about the aforementioned fields, there