09 Oct 2015

Golden Rec – Gomenne Seishun! Review

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once wrote: “All are architects of fate, living in these walls of time- all are architects of fate, so look not mournfully into the past; it comes not back again.” This amazing quote above, could be the tagquote for the series and you’ll see later why it captures

02 Oct 2015

Tantei no Tantei / Detective versus Detectives (or Rena the Warrior Princess with a Macgyver mind) Generic Mini-Review {spoiler free}

And yes she gets her own 4combo screencaps cause she’s pretty darn awesome that way. But let us start from the description of the plot which is interesting right from the very start- Sasaki Rena’s sister was being stalked and ultimately murdered by a vicious stalker  who was watching her

04 Sep 2015

Rec Friday : Strawberry on the Shortcake aka Saeki knows what he’s talking about

So these are the two main characters, Yui and Manato and they sure do like lovers from the screencaps right? Well, they’re siblings. But wait, let me start from the beginning. [btw my generic reviews/recs will always be spoiler-free unless otherwise stated]

01 Sep 2015

Star In My Heart Generic Review [or how Cha In Pyo brought swag before swag was a thing!]

*one line introduction – you could say I’m a party crasher here; HanaKimi is my sis (literally) & Kwon is a neighbor (literallyx2) friend so the more to post here the merrier right? the rest can be seen in the “about” anyway, so I guess that’s enough for now…darn that was more than one