08 Dec 2014

HORMONES (2013) the series – season 1 review

For a long time , I had on my “to watch list” two Taiwanese and one Thai drama.I’m only a k-j drama fan , so I was wondering whether , I should take the risk to watch something else. So between “Fall in Love with me” and “Hormones” , I chose

25 Nov 2014

A few thoughts on ” The Greatest Wedding ” ep 11

I wasn’t expecting , much from The Greatest Marriage ep 11. Since the preview ,I knew we were gonna get a transitional episode. Unfortunately I wasn’t wrong.

19 Nov 2014

The Greatest Marriage ep 10 ~ review

-contains spoilers- I was expecting episode 10 like crazy , since the 9th one left us on a turning point for the plot.So we cath up from Gi young giving birth to a healthy boy and Myung Yi’s miscarriage.The episode start with Eun Cha , being by Gi Young’s side when

12 Nov 2014

Birth of a Beauty – first impression (no spoilers)

After Finishing “My lovely Girl” ,I had the great dilemma wich drama to start next…Haven’t yet watched “The Greatest marriage” , which I really want to and with so many good dramas that are airing right now (Incomplete Life , Mr Baek , Modern Farmer , Liar Game etc ).I had

11 Nov 2014

My Lovely Girl review

I’ve been expecting My lovely girl since August when the cast was announce.I dont know why, but I was very excited to see Rain,Krystal Hoya and L in one drama. I know a lot of people are against idols acting but I’m ok with it as long as they try their best

06 Nov 2014

1 Litre of Tears ~ Hours of my life (reviews)


22 Oct 2014

Call it jjak Sarang – one sided love by HanaKimi91

Hello Dramajjang readers^^ Hanakimi91 here! Have you ever found yourself in a jjak sarang situation?What is jjak sarang is a one sided love as lovely Kang Joon-Hee have said — and since many of our k-j drama’s characters have had this kind of love,I will be writing about the ones I found most interesting and heartaching.

16 Oct 2014

Movies Music Dramas and Nails by HanaKimi91

Hello Dramajjang’s readers ^_^ / Hanakimi91 here and today’s post is about nails.

13 Oct 2014

HanaKimi91’s Surplus Princess Review

Hello Dramajjang Readers^^   HanaKimi91 here and today I will be taking on Surplus Princess that I just finished yesterday.