07 Jun 2016

First experience in Taiwanese movies

Hello Dramajjangers School year is over \o/ and now we have a free summer for movies and dramas yay. I wish all of you have a nice summer, even if you work take some time to relax and throw all your burdens to the sea. Anyway I’m not into Taiwanese

08 May 2016

Shojo Movies of the Holidays

Hello Dramajjangers How have you been? Well I’ve been taking some rest during the Easter holidays and I had time to watch my shojo movies. My “plan to watch list” is huge, but I decided to choose some jmovies to watch.

10 Apr 2016

Flying Colors – Birigyaru 2015 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers It’s been a long time right? Well wait ’till summer comes and I’ll be back with more reviews, don’t worry! In the little time I had, I decided to watch a movie that had my attention for a long time and that movie was “Flying Colors” or else

03 Mar 2016

HanaKimi’s “Cheese in the trap” ending ~ point of view

Hello Dramajjangers There is a lot of talk about “Cheese in the trap” ending. Here I am to express how I felt watching the last two episodes. To be honest unlike most people, I wasn’t that disappointed in general, but definitely there was something missing…

14 Feb 2016

Minami-kun no koibito (My little lover) ~ ep 10 last episode review

Hello Dramajjang babies, today you are my babies because it’s Valentine’s 😛 To be honest I don’t consider this day special, but here is a heart for you ♥  There couldn’t be a better review for this day, other than “My little lover’s” last trolling episode. 

30 Jan 2016

Minami-kun no koibito:My little lover ep 9 – 8 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers as we wait for episode 10  of “My little lover”, let’s review what happened in the last two episodes. The story of the little girl with the mother issues was the main one, on episode 9. After Minami’s grandma was sent to the hospital, a little girl sharing

17 Jan 2016

Minami -kun no Koibito: My little lover ~ ep 6 ~ 7 ~ review

Hello my beloved Dramajjangers I missed you, that is why I have the need to express my love. Here I am again with my review for the latest two episodes of “My little lover”. It took a while for episode 7 to come out and many people were confused, to

30 Dec 2015

Strobe Edge ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers As I’m waiting for episode 7 of “My little lover” to come out. Here is a Christmas present for you, a “Strobe Edge” review. Let’s say goodbye to 2015, with a shojo manga movie. Truth is I’ve read “Strobe Edge” manga and I enjoyed it. It was not

13 Dec 2015

Minami-kun no Koibito ~ My little lover ~ episodes 3-5 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers It’s late at night and it’s the only free time, I have. I want to give you some love. That is why, I’m gonna write some thoughts, on episodes 3, 4, 5 of “Minami-kun no Koibito”.

23 Nov 2015

Minami-kun no Koibito ~ My Little Lover ~ episodes 1- 2 ~ review

Hello Dramajjangers How long has it been? Classes and work are making me feel, like I’m living the idol life and my time is so limited, I’ve really missed posting. I don’t know if it is because of my tireness, but the kdramas I’ve watched lately are not exciting me. I’m so